Telemedicine App Development: Check Out These 5 Powerful Features of The Best Telemedicine Apps While Developing Doctor Appointment App


This blog includes information for digital-centric health startups & entrepreneurs. Here is a round of five powerful features of the best telemedicine apps, which you can consider during telemedicine app development.

There is no room for doubt that physicians are overworked and emergency rooms are overloaded. And, all top of it, the cost of healthcare has been rising continuously. After the emergence of telemedicine, the change of telemedicine is at pace. The cause of this drastic change in this industry is due to the makeover of mobile applications or better to say ‘telemedicine apps’.

Being a digital-centric digital health startup or entrepreneur, if you want to develop a telemedicine app or telemedicine solution, then let’s check out a few powerful features of the best telemedicine mobile apps that you can consider.


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5 Powerful Features of The Best Telemedicine Apps to Consider While Developing a Doctor Appointment App

1. Book Appointments With Doctors, Practitioners or Therapists

Let’s start with what is telemedicine app? A telemedicine app enables app users (patients) to book medical treatment to combat disease or disorder at their fingertips. Being a leading digital healthcare app development company, we’re going to tell you more about one of the basic yet powerful features, which is important. Undoubtedly, telemedicine app has changed the way people access and manage their health. Telemedicine app provides a blend of convenience and medical care mobility.


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With this feature, your app users (patients) can book appointments from a wide range of doctors, physicians, nurses or practitioners as per their requirements. By including this feature, you can make their things easier in order to find doctors on-demand. An online platform for digital health can connect patients in minutes with senior doctors as per their needs.

2. Video Consultation With Doctors, Nurses or Practitioners

Telemedicine app provides a convenient and quick way to the patients. With two-way communication, patients or users can easily connect with experienced doctors, nurses, and practitioners. If you are planning to develop a successful virtual clinic app for your customers, then the schedule live session feature is important in order to connect with patient and physicians.


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The virtual medical care app brings all care professionals and connects patients and doctors virtually. Instead of going to the urgent medical treatment provider, mHealth (mobile health) app can help patients at a great extent. With a doctor on demand app, patients can consult for a wide range of diseases like acne, allergies, cold/flu, sinus infections, ear problems, severe headaches or any other concerns of behavioral health.

3. In-App Chat

The mHealth (mobile health) app provides every medical treatment virtually as per the convenience of your users. There would be no hurdle in the way of virtual medical treatment; in-app chat feature is another powerful feature, which can easily connect your users (patients) to experienced ones. Those patients who could not connect in video consultation to doctors, you can give the in-app messaging option for consultation.


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When the patient is having a cough or just cold or flu, then they can go with the in-app chat option. Also, you can also provide a wide number of options in the in-app messaging chat like recording a video, take a photo, and record a video message. In addition, patients can also get their prescriptions through in-app messaging option.

4. Organize & Track Health Information in One Convenient Place

The next important feature is to allow users to organize and track health information of themselves. For patients who have long treatment, then assembling medical records is essential for them. So, such feature comes from there. However, first, it looks basic feature, but it actually plays an important role in the lives of patients.


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By providing such online digital health platform where they can organize and track their medical records, you can simplify their lives. If you have not yet included such features, then there’s still time to include it.

5. Prescriptions Sent Automatically to Nearby Pharmacy

Another important feature, which can make your telemedicine app stand out is to make things seamless to every age group of users. Once the patient is done with a consultation to the doctor, then you can prescribe medicine to the nearby pharmacy and get it delivered to their places.


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If you are all set to develop a virtual medical app, make sure to embrace such features while developing doctor appointment app.

As a digital health startup or entrepreneur, if you want to add these features or any other important features like

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Queue Management
  • Online billing
  • Online payment
  • ePrescription
  • HIPAA-compliance

into your telemedicine app solution, discuss it with an experienced full stack developer. Now, let’s check out the top 5 telemedicine apps that are performing well in the market.

Top 5 Best Telemedicine Apps

These best telemedicine apps are creating a buzz for the past few years.

Sr. No.Top 5 Telemedicine Apps
1Doctor On Demand
3TalkSpace Online Therapy
4Babylon Health


Healthcare is a trillion-dollar industry, which will be continually rising in the near future. However, telemedicine software is also contributing to the healthcare sector. In 2017, the global telemedicine market generated $21.5 billion in revenue.

According to the report from P&S Intelligence, “The global telemedicine market is projected to attain a size of $48.8 billion by 2023.” In addition, tele-home is one of the expected faster-growing categories during the forecast period, with a CAGR of 17.1%.


Source: p&s intelligence

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