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We do have an experienced Ruby on Rails developer team, which has already developed over 50 Ruby on Rails applications with an exclusive range of features and functionalities.

Ruby on Rails Development – Do more with Less Code

Mobile App Development with RoR

Mobile App Development with RoR

In today’s times, mobile communication is considered as the fastest form of communication. At Space-O Technologies, we design and develop both mobile and web-based apps using HTML5, CSS and use cross-platform development with latest technologies like Ruby on Rails. We connect the simplicity of Ruby on Rails development services in order to develop dynamic, secure and scalable mobile apps for your business.

Web Development with RoR

Web Development with RoR

Web application is the essence of software development. This is the reason Space-O Technologies takes time to develop rich web applications for its clients worldwide. We make use of web technologies like Ruby on Rails, Padrino, Node.js, Redis, and Sinatra. Our Ruby on Rails developer team has capabilities in the Rails ecosystem that enables our team to develop your project to meet and even exceed your expectations.

Our Ruby on Rails Developer Team Has Expertise in These Technologies

  • Web and Application servers
  • Agile Practices (Mainly Test-Driven Development)
  • Ruby on Rails Ajax, Testing, Web 2.0 App
  • Ruby on Rails 6.0.0.rc1
  • Payment Gateway Integration in Rails
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle
  • HTML5/CSS3, XHTML Publishing Skills
  • JavaScript & Libraries: Jquery, MooTools, Prototype
  • Active Record, Merb Datamapper Frameworks
  • Mootools, Lucene, Solr Technologies

Benefits of Leveraging RoR Development

Rapid Development

Rapid Development

Ruby on Rails is known for more less code and more work. It makes it easily possible to develop projects rapidly with less coding. It tracks your projects instantly.

Time Efficient

Time Efficient

Ruby on Rails comes with a lot of ready-made plugins and modules, allowing our RoR developers to save time on writing boilerplate code. So, our developers develop 30 to 40% faster on RoR, saving your project time and cost.

Bug-free Development

Bug-free Development

Ruby on Rails promises to develop bug-free mobile and web-based applications as Rails comes with in-built Minitest tool. With this complete testing suite, our team delivers bug-free and smoothly running applications.

Secure Development

Secure Development

Ruby on Rails framework has in-built security features that allow our team of Ruby on Rails developers to develop safe and secure web and mobile apps. Using RoR development framework means following the secure development lifecycle that is a complex security assurance process.

Why Hire Ruby on Rails Developers from Space-O Technologies?

  • A team of Experienced RoR Developers
  • Flexible Hiring Models
  • Maintaining 100% Transparency with Clients
  • Clean and Efficient Coding
  • Single Point of Contact


We are working with the best new technology that is available. At the time of writing, we are using Rails 6.0.0.rc1 and Ruby 2.6.3 for ruby on rails application development.

We are using SQL database like PostgreSQL, MySQL. We also developed projects with NOSQL database like MongoDB, DynamoDB.

Yes, we have developed web service API for our iOS and Android application using ROR as in the backend language.

Here, we are using devise and oauth to provide authentication and security to API endpoints.

Yes, we have integrated payment gateway in many mobile and web applications. We have expertise in using Stripe, Braintree, PayPal and many other payment gateways for our client projects.

We make use of different tools to manage the development process. For source code revision control, we prefer to make use of Git. Our company maintains a https://bitbucket.org/account for repository hosting. We use Basecamp for project management, which we share with you.

Our team is experienced in working with an open source software stack. For development libraries, we use code that is licensed under a BSD license or LGPL. For client projects, we will not link a GNU Public License (GPL) library into an application so that your project would have to be itself licensed under GPL without your explicit written permission.

Yes, of course! Our team knows the requirements of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) and can help your company comply with it.

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