Top 3 Reasons Why Your Pizza Delivery Startup Needs a Mobile App


This post includes information for Pizza-related startups or pizza delivery startup entrepreneurs. Here are a few reasons, which are important to check out why you need a mobile app for your pizza delivery business.

Without leaving our comfort zones, we get what we want. Thanks to mobile applications, especially those apps, which are based on the on-demand. And, we can say that technology has transformed everything for us. Talking about food delivery, pizza is one of the favorite cuisines among people. And, it is one of the popular cuisines, which is most probably order online. There’s no room for doubt in that online food delivery is already a billion-dollar market.

According to the report from Statista, “It is expected that the U.S. market will grow to nearly $40 billion in annual revenue by 2021, up from $13 billion in the year 2016.”


On the other hand, there’s also a rise in pizza delivery robot manager. As per the report from Crunchbase, “The pizza delivery startup, Kiwi Campus, which offers food delivery with robots for last-mile delivery.”

As per the 2016 report from McKinsey & Company “The market of food delivery was valued at €83 billion, which was 1% of the total food market and 4% of food sold restaurants and fast-food chains.” The food market is going to flourish in the near future. Due to the fact that the rise of digital technology is reforming the food sector. When it comes to talking about the pizza industry, the market is flourishing.

According to the latest news from, pizza-related startups are heavenly raising seed funding through growth funding in the past two years. In this image, you can see top startups that have raised money in the funding successfully:


Here’re Top 3 Reasons Why Pizza Delivery Startup Needs a Mobile App

1. Get Volume on Order. In Short, Boost Sales

When it comes to business, the primary focus is to increase sales. So, if you are among those pizza startups, who want to grow, then it is important to consider a pizza delivery app.

Furthermore, by considering a mobile application for your online pizza delivery business, you can maximize the visibility of your pizza delivery business. Creating a mobile app is one of the key factors to get maximum visibility of your brand.

You can also make your brand popular by considering an app as you will get one platform, where you can target the maximum numbers of audience. Thus, the maximum number of targeted audience can reach to your store through a mobile application.

Bottom Line
A mobile application simplifies the digital ordering, enhances the customers’ engagement, and grow sales. Additionally, it also provides complete insights into the working of your business.

2. Makes Business Less Painful

An online pizza delivery app does not only make things smooth for customers, but it makes businesses less painful for startups, too. It also provides startups with an effective and convenient method to manage the pizza delivery business. Because of getting things online, you as a startup will have less paperwork. Plus, the entire data can be easily managed and accessed at any time and anywhere. To create one of the best pizza ordering apps, you can make your business less painful along with no paperwork.


Image Source: postmates

Being a food delivery startup, a mobile app can save your time and money as compared to the traditional method of running your pizza delivery business. Apart from managing the documents of your pizza delivery business, you can also make most of your business with the following benefits:

  • Quick & Live Tracking
  • Real-time GPS Tracking
  • Vehicle Movement and the Staff Activity can be Monitored
  • Logs of Travel Distance and Time Period
  • Enhance Revenue & Sales

Bringing your business online can make things easier for you in order to manage your business effectively. If you are still in dilemma regarding create an online pizza delivery app, then don’t forget that an online platform allows you to manage seamlessly your business.

3. Online Pizza Ordering & Delivery is in High-demand

The next important reason to consider pizza delivery app is, online pizza ordering and delivering are in high demand. The North America market value of the pizza industry was approximately 50.07 billion U.S. dollars in 2017. Pizza is one of the popular cuisines among consumers in the United States.

According to the report from Statista, “No one would argue with the statement that pizza is American’s #1 dinner choice.” Well, this one of the greatest reason to consider an online platform for online pizza delivery business.


Image Source: papa john’s pizza

Furthermore, the pizza was unsurprisingly labeled as one of the fastest-growing segments in 2017. According to the report from PMQ, “In 2017, the worldwide pizza market was valued at $134 billion.

Talking about the United States, the pizza market was valued at $45.1 billion. On top of that, with the pizza delivery app, you can make most out of your pizza delivery business. To get a number of benefits from your delivery business, you can check out effectual solutions of the on-demand delivery app, Postmates.

Closing Thoughts

If you have not yet planned to create an on-demand pizza delivery app for your pizza startup, consider these reasons that can help you to boom in this industry.

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