Want to Outsource Mobile App Development? Save Your Time and Money by Avoiding These 6 Silly Mistakes

App Outsourcing Mistakes

If you are thinking how to outsource app development? This blog is a must read for you. There are many outsourcing app companies which can help you with creating an app, but there are some common mistakes that you are likely to make into outsource process. Herein we have curated 6 silly mistakes that you can avoid during an outsource mobile app development.

Imagine you have a brilliant idea for an application that could potentially save the world from global warming. But you don’t know anything about developing apps, so how will you make it? By outsourcing it, of course.

Now to do that, you spend time to hire mobile app developers or top mobile app development companies who have expertise in creating apps for your genre. How to trust in an outsource app development? By signing a professional agreement. The mobile app development outsourcing commences after the NDAs are completely secured. Never hand over your valuable ideas and information before signups between both the parties.  

In case, you start an outsource mobile app development, without signups, what could possibly happen?

  • The outsource company might not fininsh your app development on time.
  • Your confidential information can be misused.
  • There is no proof of your app development taking place with the firm.
  • The app may not turn out to be what you envisioned, and you have nothing to hold accountable against the company. 

Did that make you cringe? To ensure that this little imagination doesn’t turn into reality, we’ve compiled a list of 6 common outsourcing mistakes that ruin the best mobile app development ideas.

You might have understood the points roughly, but let’s take a deeper dive into the application development outsourcing. 

Avoid These 6 Silly Mistakes, for a Successful Outsource Mobile App Development

1) Vague app idea 

Have you researched whether such an idea is needed in the app world? Or is just something that you think is a good app idea?

The one thing that matters the most is that you should be able to explain what you have actually visioned to the outsourced app company. Don’t just make an app because others are making one. Understand the purpose of your app, do some research about the technologies and the current trends, the functionalities that you will require, mobile app development cost, and its market demand.

For Einstein, it was not easy to convert his just a mere “apple falling from a tree” idea into the major “Theory of Relativity.” Same goes with your idea, you find your idea to be the “Next big app idea” but what if it turns out to be a big mistake? 

If you don’t have a clear idea about the app you want, then it will be difficult for app development companies to understand the same and to deliver it according to your expectations.

2) Lack of Research

Did you spend 5 minutes on Google and decided to outsource your mobile app development to the first company you came across? That will end in nothing but catastrophe.

When you are planning to oursource an app development, there are two major concerns.

  • App idea research
  • App development company research

Since you’ll be spending so much time, energy and money for your mobile app outsourcing, it is crucial that you invest enough time for research. Start with creating an outline, on how you want to portray your app for users. 

Once you are through with it, look for the companies that are proficient in the technologies that you are looking for. Go through their portfolios, understand their past work, talk to their previous clients if possible and then select the one that best fits your requirements. Do your homework nicely so that you don’t face any issues later on.

3) Communication issues

No one gets dreams about your needs and requirements. Communication is essential. 

For instance,

Do you want a particular feature in your app? Did you communicate that to your developers? Will you get to talk to the developers directly or will there be a project manager in between? Will the team test the product? What will be the deadline for the project?

These are just some of the questions that you need to ask in advance to the outsourcing company. If you don’t have the answers to such questions, it can lead to confusion and miscommunication for the duration of the project.

Effective communication can makes the outsource mobile app development precise and clear from both the ends. Clear all the details in the beginning, for a smoother mobile development outsourcing and result in a better end project.

4) Budget vs quality

What if the builders of the Empire State Building in New York had compromised the foundation of the building by skimping on the costs?

It would still be pretty tall but it probably wouldn’t be standing till date.

Outsource App Development

This holds true for everything else too. If you find an outsourcing company that is good and has a volley of completed projects like us, then we suggest that you don’t waste time haggling over the cost of outsourcing app development.

Of course, not all overpriced things are better. But make sure that you do not lose the right mobile app development agency as a potential outsourcing partner just because you were too busy fretting over the cost.

5) Time zone differences

This is one of the major reason why do apps fail, during their development stages.

When outsourcing your work, it’s great to look outside your region and hire someone who is both good and fits your budget. But don’t venture too far out or you will face the risk of the dreaded time zone difference.

A difference of some hours can be worked around but completely clashing time zones could result in a delay of the project, miscommunication, improper support, resulting in app failure.

6) Not reading between the lines

So you find a great company, work out a deal that is good for both of you and outsource mobile app development project. Wait, did they make you sign a contract? If yes, then did you read the terms and conditions carefully?

It is crucial that you read the contract line by line so that you don’t get cheated from the deal. There are many companies who don’t make you the owner of the code, others who demand extra money when you give them some changes or don’t give you the promised deliverables. To ensure that you do not fall in a trap, pore over the contract before signing it.

In conclusion

To outsource mobile app development is a challenging task and you will face many challenges during the process. It is not always possible to avoid all problems but you can mitigate these 6 risks to ensure that a brilliant app development idea does not go to waste.

We are a leading mobile app development company which has over its 9 years of course has able to achieve an insane figure of developing 3500 apps. We have every web-based and app-based solution with our experienced developer’s team. For a consistent developing of intriguing app development, we guess you will need a technological partner like us.

In case, if you have query or confusion regarding outsource app development cost, mobile app development cost breakdown, outsource app developer, just fill up our contact us form. Our sales representatives will explain to you the process with utmost mobile app solutions. Consultation is free of cost.

This blog is written with the help of our senior app developer, having an experience of 10 years in the mobile app genre. 

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