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Apps Helping
The Medical Industry In Maintaining EHR

Mobile Apps for Healthcare Sector: The Beginning

The worst supply chain in our society is the health information supply chain making the healthcare system highly disconnected.

Understanding this, the medical apps development and other healthcare applications, that can make the process mainstream and organized, have been pumped in.

About 80% of the physicians are now using an app in their daily routine. – Manhattan Research

About 80% of Physicians using Smartphones For Work
Healthcare providers and mobile apps are finally being married in a real and powerful way

mHealth is one of the hottest field when it comes to this newly found friendship between healthcare industry and mobile apps, especially since the doctors, patients, and administrators realize the potential of healthcare app development.

With the announcement of Apple Watch App for healthcare providers – AirStrip, it unites clinicians and patients across the geography providing patient-centered care anytime, anywhere.

The Rising Popularity of mobile
health apps

1 out of 2 US physicians rely on medical reference app, Epocrates

Study has found Epocrates to be the most utilized mobile drug app—with more than 80 percent of smartphone owning physicians, using it on an average of 12 times per week.

Epocrates consistently tops the list as the most preferred medical reference app for healthcare professionals with convenient access to drug information – dosing, interactions, health plan coverage and much more.

Mobile App Technologies for Healthcare Providers enhancing Point of Care

Bringing in patient engagement apps to healthcare – especially to the clinical care operations – has proved to be an innovative way of benefitting many areas such as; data keeping, patient care, reducing complexity and empowering healthcare decision makers with great insights at the point of care.

Space-O offers customized healthcare apps and solutions with:

  • Open and Flexible mobile platform
  • Improved healthcare delivery without boundaries
  • Efficient, protected and Encrypted Data Transmissions
  • World Class applications that can be created and used across OSs, if the need be
  • Increase simplicity to accelerate the healthcare decision making process
  • Decide upon the best treatment and care provided, anywhere and anytime
  • Instantly receive and respond to vital patient information, monitor health status or
  • Update care plans
  • Peer-to-peer communication support
  • Compliance with FDA and HIPAA guidelines
  • Wearables & Device Integrations
  • App Integration to integrate data (billing, registration and scheduling system)

 We’re moving from healthcare to health. And we’re moving from the (doctor’s) office to the home and, actually, anywhere. That’s the power of mHealth apps and wearables.

– Daniel Sands, Conversa Health

Health Care App Development Case Study: Developing Conduet – Med

Proving this true, Conduet-Med is an e-visit app for healthcare providers developed by Space-O Technologies, to help the physicians and patients meet with each other, anytime; anywhere. Using this app, one can basically contact the doctor of his/her own choice, tell them the symptoms, get the synopsis and the prescription so that the cure can be done in time.

What unique features we Provided:

Touch ID biometric authentication option as an extra level of security on offering Apple devices.

Contact your Patient or Physician 24/7

Interactive Video Consulting with your physicians.

Push notifications to alert physicians of messages

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Hire Space-O! The entire team, especially Ankit, were responsive to our requests, their turnaround time on changes was very fast and they stayed to the budget we had settled on in the beginning. Due to some issues on our end of the project it looked like we might miss a deadline. However, Space-O was able to adjust to our needs and because of their flexibility and hard work ethic we stayed right on schedule. Shakespeare300 was our first app and although we were, at first, very intimidated by the process, the team at Space-O made it a smooth, fun and a very professional process. We are very confident in recommending Space-O for any project!James & Patricia
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