A Complete Guide to Meal Planner App Development Like Pepperplate & BigOven: Key Features and Tips

meal planner app development

This blog includes information for food tech startups & entrepreneurs, who are planning to develop a meal planner app. Herein we have curated 4 features of BigOven & Pepperplate that you can consider during meal planner app development.

Meal Planning means to avail new food 365 Days.

Let’s face it: smartphones are no longer for playing PUBG or Angry Birds. The mobile app development industry has been growing quickly and is been looked upon as solving different problems in numerous area of life. One of the major aspect touched by the advent of this technology in healthcare. Health and fitness industry comprises of a healthy lifestyle which is fulfilled by fitness apps, health and wellness apps, and meal planning apps.

Meal planner apps is a balanced act of nurturing the cravings of our body and at the same time to keep it healthy. It’s really easy to get lost in Pinterest board with countless recipes and still no real plan on how to execute. As a food tech startup and entrepreneur, a meal planner app development can be a bliss to grow your profession and to cater the mass with satisfying recipes, methods, and health plans as per the body requirements. This will automatically help you reach more masses and generate effective revenue from the apps at the same time.

Percentage of U.S. adults who would use an app to track their diet and nutrition

To opt for better results, we studied the diet and nutrition market to know the meal planner app success ratio. The data that we came across was one from statista.com, which showcase about 26% of Americans regularly use an app to track their diet and nutrition, whereas 27% use the app occasionally. Your meal planning app for weight loss can actually be a part of their diet routine.

meal planner app development

Image Credit: statista.com

Let us now have a glance at the top meal planner apps Pepperplate and BigOven to help you into the decision making the process for the app development.

BigOven Meal Planner App: Recipes, Grocery List, Menu Planner

  • The app was founded in 2002. It enables users to create a grocery list, access, and import recipes. Apart from this, it analyzes the nutritional levels of recipes.
  • The app has a massive engagement of active users over 32,402. With over 350,000 recipes, the app makes cooking a walk in the park.
  • It is very popular in Seattle, Washington, and the United States.
  • The food planner app has been featured in the 25th Anniversary issue of Martha Stewart Living, Instyle, Buzzfeed, and AllYou Magazine.
  • The top meal planner app provides inspiration recipe from their personal favorites family, friends, as well as bloggers.

Pepperplate Meal Planner App: Menu & Cooking Planner

  • The app was founded in 2010, New York. The diet app is available for iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Tablets, Kindle Fire, Nook Devices.
  • The diet and nutrition app is all about managing recipes, menus, and shopping lists on the web, Android tablet, and Android phone.
  • It allows users to organize their own recipes and provides them with unlimited categories.
  • Allows users to take their entire recipe collection to the grocery store or while traveling, no Internet connection required.

After, knowing a bit about these best meal planning apps, let’s understand their features. As the diet and nutrition app, are serving different target audience being in the same meal planner app development genre. Food-tech startups should bear in mind these ideas in order to attract more users.

4 Key Features of BigOven & Pepperplate Meal Planner App Development

1. Collection of Recipes

We often are in a dilemma of cooking food or ordering from outside or takeaways. What if we had access to easy and quick to make nutritional food? Probably, we will reduce ordering and cook interesting fusions. As a food tech startup and entrepreneur, your meal planner can be a good option for searching good healthy food. With attractive menu options to search from, you can definitely grab more attention of your users.

meal planner app development

Image Credit: Pepperplate

A collection of recipes can be the most intriguing feature of your healthy meal planning app. We all have cravings for food, but going outside daily is not an option instead of making healthy nutritious food at home is preferred by most of the households across the globe.

Who will not be pleased by getting so many recipes, just a few taps away? Your meal planner app can be someone’s nutrition tracker app, diet app, and a recipe manager app too.

2. Plan Meals for a Week

With the help of such healthy meal planner app developments, instead of writing in a whiteboard or putting chits on the kitchen refrigerator, they can make use of the diet apps. This benefits them in two ways, first they can easily access information and do changes whenever and wherever they like. Second is, users can escape the daily discussion of what to make today, as pre-decisions have been taken using the food planner app.

meal planner app development

Image Credit: BigOven

This effective meal planner feature can give your users the time to think of something more productive then deciding on the food menu. By generating their own chart all under one scroll, they can actually keep a track of their daily nutritional intake from the list.

3. Share Recipes With Friends & Families

No restaurants, chefs and food trucks will ever tell their recipes, but here you and users both can share recipes online with friends, families, bloggers. It can be a great platform just for sharing famous recipes. This feature can make you stand out from the competitors.

Make the app an open platform for recipes and food tutorials. Your targeted niche will engage in your app just to learn more dishes and maybe add a new fusion dish and post the recipe again. This is an endless cycle, as we live in the food lover era, where people love to eat all kinds of food and experiment more on the nutrition side. Your app can actually do wonders in the food industry market.

4. No Internet Accessibility

In today’s time, this feature is a must, while traveling people tend to experiment food or make one for themselves. Thus, it is very important to give them offline access to all their collected and saved recipes. They can easily shop with a saved list in the meal planner app development.

There are some more recommended features for your meal planner app development

  • Notification Alert
  • Trademark on user-generated recipes
  • Curated recipes as per the allergic and diabetic patient requirements
  • Commenting and questioning below the recipe to obtain reviews from other users
  • Food lover community, where people can internally share recipes apart from other followers

How much does it cost to create a meal planner app?

Remember that the diet and nutrition industry is no longer limited to recipe information only. Therefore, you need to consider the top features of best meal planner apps before developing your own.

When you decide to build a mobile app, keep in mind that you should be very specific in providing solutions through the features of your app. For a meal planner app development search for a profound full stack developer who can easily understand your requirements and create a user-friendly app. The cost of a meal planner app development majorly depends on the features and the app design that you want to make user navigation easy.

meal planner app development

We are a professional mobile app development firm, with dedicated developers in iOS and Android. With more than 200 experienced developers, we have developed over 3500 apps in different genres. We strive to make such food apps and nutrition apps with some more features like including time trackers in making a recipe, update recipe list as per the country special ingredients.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion on how to create a nutrition tracker app development, or want to know the cost to develop an app like BigOven and Pepperplate, create a supportive meal planner app for iPad, we are just a call away. Simply fill our contact us form and our sales representatives will get back to you shortly. Consultation is free of cost.

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