What Does it Take To Make An Instagram Clone App Go Gangnam Style?

instagram app clone

People love the idea of sharing visual content and this is the reason why Instagram got massive success and achieved its present status. Looking at the success of Instagram, you also might have thought of developing a similar but an enhanced Instagram app clone.

So what stopped you?

Lack of technical skills?

Nah.. that’s not a valid excuse! Because you can always hire programmers to convert your idea into an app.

Or was it because you thought you wouldn’t be able to market your app well enough?

Nope, that’s not a valid excuse – either!

Because there are thousands of tips, tactics, strategies and what not available on the internet. And you can always contact influencers of the same niche who can help you promote your app.

Also, you can read on and find the most important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to make your Instagram Clone App go Gangnam style.

But before we move on that, first, take a good look at the present photo sharing app market and understand their KPIs.

Characteristics of Photo Sharing Apps


Since we’re talking about Instagram app, the following are its three distinctive characteristics.

  • The Social Aspects (followers, shares, likes, comments, profiles).
  • Photo Editing Tools (filters, stickers, frames, crops, collages).
  • Discovery Functions (popular posts, hashtags, locations, usernames).

Even though the title of this article is ‘What Does it Take To Make An Instagram Clone App Go Gangnam Style’, you don’t necessarily have to follow the same exact path for marketing your Instagram like app.

In fact, many popular photo sharing apps, like Photogrid, are photo editing tools that include an option for instant sharing on other social platforms. Now if you think that success of any app depends on knowing the market, it’s true and we agree. But it also depends on setting proper goals for an app. And the right way to set proper goal is to tie those goals to KPIs.

KPIs For Instagram Clone App

Key performance indicators basically quantify an app’s performance to allow developers for measuring app’s success. For an app like Instagram for Android or iPhone, there are 3 important KPIs to watch.
#1: Number of Active Users
Ask Yourself:
How can you get more people to use your app?

Instagram has monthly 400 million active users and that number stopped rising since September 2015. But before then, the Instagram witnessed a rapid growth, as much as doubling active user base from 2014 – 2015.

But what was the key ingredient behind Instagram app success?

It was actually none other than the word-of-mouth. In order to gain active users, you need to make people talk about your app.

Here’s what you should do:

Social Media Marketing: Create a dedicated page for your Instagram clone on social networking platforms and start communicating with people on this page before you launch the app. Social media platforms are the best tool to create a potential user base. Therefore, register social media accounts on all platforms 3-6 months before the launch of your app.

Now you need to determine your audience. Are they millennials or professional sort of people? Because if most part of your audience is millennials, then you should share memes or funny videos to interact with them. For the professional group, you need to create captivating content. All in all, offer in a style that speaks to your target audience.

Referral Program: Once you have few users, you can start reward program for inviting your existing users’ friends to use your app. Rewards can be like special photo effects, additional filters or you can offer coupon codes for free.

Take Clear for an example. Their reward system allows its users to unlock secret backgrounds through invite friends and completing promotional tasks.

Invite Influencers: Influencers are the people who have popular accounts and good PR (Public relations) in their industry.

So how do you get such influencers to download and try out your app?

One solution is you can feature them in the discovery pages of your app. This is just an idea. Contact them and ask what they prefer.

PR (Public Relation) Strategy: this is another way to introduce your app to a huge amount of audience. Contact journalists, popular bloggers, and media sites that write reviews for tech startups.

This can get a lot of attention and make people aware of your app.

#2: Engagement

Ask Yourself: How can you get people to interact with your app?

For apps like Instagram, the engagement is measured by how much users are spending time on your app. Particularly on Instagram, the average time is three minutes. Also, 35% of the U.S. Instagram users check several times a day, according to Statista.

Besides photo editing tool, what actually boosts the engagement in Instagram is its social features. Now we can’t provide a list of social features you could add, but we’ll give you a few examples or you can say alternative ways to engage your users.

For one thing, you could provide the highest quality photo editing tool. Of course building photo editing tool like Instagram is technically challenging, but high-quality photo editing tools create high-quality content. Which actually motivates people to use your app. We know that lot of apps already offer magnificent photography tools, but what we recommend is giving people something original.

Features Instagram Lack

To offer a unique product, take a different approach than the competition. After all, it doesn’t make sense to completely copy Instagram, since its popularity makes Instagram everyone’s first choice.

  • Albums: in Instagram, your profile is your only album. So why not include multiple albums in your Instagram clone? You can add albums like private, shared with family, and public.
  • On-Demand Photos: this is another idea of combining the photo editing apps with on-demand delivery. For instance, you can make an album, get it printed and send it through mail. Check Parabo Press for reference. It allows users to print photos in different sizes, materials, and shapes and sends them via mail.

If you don’t know anything about On-demand marketplace, you can check our recent article on how on-demand services are disrupting traditional businesses.

  • Exclusiveness: If something is exclusive, it automatically makes people wanna-be-part of it. So what you can do is, create an environment that caters a specific category of audience. This will certainly make your audience fall in love with your app.

#3: User Retention

Ask Yourself: How can you make users keep coming back?

Hearing about your app’s exciting features, you might get people to download your app, but even the most creative app are likely to lose their modernity over time. Your audience might start forgetting about your app.

To avoid this issue, you can schedule notifications in your app. Schedule at a time when most of your audience has spare time. Suppose you’re making an app that is specifically targeted to millennials. Now most millennials are college students, so perfect time for sending scheduled notification would be around 8 AM. Because at this time, assuming most of them might be taking a bus to school or college.

Another reminder you can schedule a push notification is around holidays and celebrations. For instance, you can send a push notification to encourage them for sharing their Valentine’s day or New year day pictures. Additionally, try adding holiday-special filters and stickers, this can make your users curious to experiment with your app.

What About Cost?

Now that you know what it takes, but have you ever wondered how much does it actually cost to create an Instagram clone app? Well, we already took the time for it and made an estimation. If you want to create an app like Instagram, you can check our page.

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