How to Make an App Like Uber? (Features +Estimate Time + Cost + Uber for X Businesses)

Uber like App Development

Wondering how to create an app like Uber? Planning to build an Uber alternative but fear the stacks of investments? Recently, we met one of our Uber like app experts, who shares a complete guide on developing an app like Uber. This blog will clear all your doubts. Breaking down the features, estimated time, how much does uber cost, and other successful Uber for X business models for you.

Home is where the heart is, but today, the phone is where the heart is! – Cabral

Smartphones have changed the way people perceive products and services. With the advent of Uber for X business models, the acute functionality is making them an inseparable part of the digital world. The trend of mobile app development services has become a channel for brand awareness, rather than the business of its own. Small or large, each enterprise is looking to make it’s a business more relevant and apparently best, at least, to consumers through mobile apps.

Now, what is the point of developing a poor mobile app experience when you have a fantastic app idea like Uber? We, at Space-O Technologies, have a dedicated Uber like app development team, who has so far developed over 50 Uber like apps. They found the necessity to keep you all updated with the native app development benefits. The main focus of native apps is to provide users with a flawless user experience, which in turn leads to successful app development in this technologically prone world.

Before you decide to choose a technical partner for your Uber clone app idea, make sure you ask this question to yourself, are you interested in quickly developing a feature-rich application with seamless user experience? If the answer is Yes, go for native app development.

World of Native Mobile App Development

The native application is a software program specifically designed to run on a particular platform, which may be iOS or Android. This application gives the best performance and has the benefits of new technologies such as GPS, compared to web apps across many systems. Native mobile apps can access the built-in features of mobile phones as the camera and microphone by default. Native mobile apps are written in platform-specific languages like Java, Swift, Object-C.

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The best option for on-demand apps like Uber to make money is native app development. Now let’s move on to the functionality of a taxi app through a native user interface. As we know, this app has 3 sides, driver-side, rider-side, and admin-side. Herein we have discussed necessary features of these apps to calculate how much to build an app like uber. 

Basic Features for an App Like Uber Development

  1. Admin Dashboard (Desktop Panel) Features

    On-demand Uber like App Development

    1. Trip allotment: The admin can manually assign a trip request sent by a rider to the driver. In the low network areas, the admin can help riders reach their drivers by assigning trip in the area having high request rates.

    2. Driver transaction: Admins can easily manage weekly reports, which consist of total revenue earned by a driver, commission, total payable amount after deduction. This can be done for all the drivers. You can also call it as a timely ledger which has all the financial accounting of the drivers.

    3. Driver commission: You can set different commission rates as per their performance for a group of drivers. With this feature, check their commission rates and change as and when you like.

    4. User interactive dashboard: This feature helps the admin panel of a taxi app to track down the activity that is completed, pending, and canceled trips on the dashboard. Thus, everything can be managed on one screen.

  2. Uber for Drivers

    Here are some basic features that a driver’s Uber like app should inculcate during developing taxi app.

    Uber for Drivers App Development

    1. Real-time request: Taxi drivers get real-time requests from the riders. They have limited time to accept or cancel the request before sending it to another driver. Such a taxi app feature helps drivers to pick their preferred riders. And thus they, give their best customer service possible because that’s what counts for your goodwill generation.

    2. Route optimization: Route optimization works two ways:

    • It shows the fastest and efficient route to the drivers so that they can reach the destination on time. They can reroute and navigate the entire journey.
    • The drivers can opt for “my destination” under this feature. This allows taxi drivers to enter predefined routes at the time of heading back. Drivers will only get those requests from users that come in that route.

    3. Daily report: Daily driver’s report consists of all minute details regarding rides, performance, rider’s experience. Thus, if a company or a driver himself wants to see a performance summary, they can easily keep track of it from the ride hailing app.

    4. Extra earnings: If you are planning to have an app like Uber, you will have to think of extra quests for the drivers. The drivers need to complete the predefined number of rides to earn some extra income and win additional referral codes too.

  3. Uber for Riders

    Here are some basic features of rider’s Uber like app to inculcate during developing taxi app.

    Uber for Riders App Development

    1. Advanced booking: Allow your riders to book a cab in advance for office, home or any other place. This feature gives leverage to the ride sharing app as the users will never get late with the “ride scheduling” feature. Make the user navigation easy where he has to manually add the time, date, and destination.

    2. Map view: This is a trustworthy feature and the most accurate one for the users. Every Uber alternative must have this feature as it allows users to constantly track their ride and check the route availabilities. They can calculate the approximate pick-up and drop time by the distance shown in the GPS location map.

    3. Special request: With your taxi application, make sure that you give the best riding experience to your users. Small requests like a seat for newborn baby, special arrangement for elderly, disabled kids. Your app can also spread a gesture of “special care” and add one more quality service to your fleet management solution.  

    4. Payment gateway integration: Do not make your riders worry if they ran out of cash. Provide your users with multiple payment options like a debit card, credit card, e-wallet. With a secured payment gateway integration feature, you can securely give them online transaction option which makes you more convenient than others.

Recommended Features from Our Taxi App Experts

Uber Clone App Development

As a specialized Uber clone app development company, we developed over 50 Uber like apps so far. From our experience, these are the 4 features that will fit for any Uber alternative development and can engage more audience.

  1. Out-station booking

    The alternative to Uber and Lyft must have an out-station booking feature. This gives leverage to the users to book through your taxi app anywhere they go. You can also keep an “advanced scheduling” option followed by some in-app discount.

  2. Car-rental

    With the car rental app development in the taxi genre, there is an outrageous demand of self-driving. By including this feature in your app, you will be able to target the other driving niche too. The users can avail taxi as well as rental cars both at disposal by just installing one app. It also saves their inbuilt mobile space.

  3. Bidding

    The riders, should get bidding or say sought of bargaining feature in the taxi app. They are attracted more to such features. Let’s say their fare prices are estimated at $30, but they can request the driver to take them in $20. It absolutely depends on the driver whether to take up the ride for the quoted price or not. 

  4. Gender preference

    This feature avoids the awkwardness of the user as well as the drivers. The users who are uncomfortable with the driver, assigned for the ride, can choose their gender preference. For instance, a female rider can book a female driver. This way unemployment can also be eradicated. 

    Also, you must read a detailed post on Uber features where we have covered a list of top 10 Uber features.

How Long Does it Take to Make an App Like Uber?

To have an app like Uber, a lot of input is required. It highly depends upon the resources and technology you want to incorporate in your online taxi booking app. The complexity of an on demand taxi app depends on the feature that you wish to emulate. 

An experienced taxi app development company can guide you inculcate engaging features, user interface, and flawless navigation. But it all takes time, approximately more than 8 weeks to architect a well-processed app for your business.

How Much Does the Uber App Cost?

Now, what we can do is help you out in calculating the Uber app development cost to answer the most basic question that is how much does an app like uber cost.

Apply a simple formula.

Estimated Development Hours * Developer’s Hourly Cost = Total Mobile App Development Cost

Here is a detailed table that tells you how much does the Uber app or Uber software cost.

Calculate Uber-like App Development Cost

Looking at this table, you might have got the answer to the average cost of uber like taxi app development. Now, let’s move ahead and talk about other categories to develop Uber like app.

Some Other Categories to Build an App Like Uber

Uber for Beauty- Who does not want a one-on-one yoga lesson, followed by a massage, nail clean up, and other beauty services. With apps like Glamsquad, Soothe, Priv, the on-demand beauty apps are raging need for a salon at home service. The U.S. based beauty industry is forecasted at $90billion by 2020. This opens a lot of horizon for businesses like you who want a similar model like Uber for beauty. 

Uber for Trucking- There is a lot of scope for the logistics and transport industry to capture the market with a successful freight management app. Every other business is eyeing effortless on-demand delivery service, which increases the business opportunities for the fleet businesses. The global freight trucking market is expected to reach the U.S. $6,252.81billion by 2025. Thus, if you want to capture the market efficiently, go for an app like Uber development.

Uber for Doctors-  Now people no longer call or walk-in doctor’s clinic, apps for doctor appointments, have made easy to book and consult from home.  The mHealth market size is expected to increase to $58.8billion in 2020. Today apps are saving the hassle of doctors and patients both through doctor on demand app development. You can also strive for this concept as it is a successful Uber for X model.

Uber for Laundry- “On Demand” is the most convenient word for users. Without making efforts, people can book dry cleaning service, just a few clicks away. Popular apps like Cleanly, Rinse, Laundrapp have made their mark. The retail and dry clean segment in the U.S. is amounted to $14.5billion by 2025. Apart from taxi app like Uber, these are the segments in which you can flourish your business effortlessly.

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Developing an app like Uber or we can say app similar to uber comes with bigger responsibilities. Think about it. If you are choosing any random taxi app development company, will you get the confidence that your app can handle wide traffic or stand the existing competition? 

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We, at Space-O Technologies, develop fully-integrated custom Uber Clone App, including drivers’ and passengers’ app along with admin panel, taking care of the dispatches and bookings. Our dedicated team of Uber developers knows exactly what it requires to develop an app like Uber. So, whether you run a small or big-scale taxi startup company, developing your own taxi booking app solution by our taxi app experts uplifts your taxi business. Impress with our dedicated taxi app developer team, one of our clients has shared his satisfying experience that you can below:

Client Testimonial

In case, if you have any queries related to Uber clone script, building an app like Uber, or features of Uber like app, taxi app solutions, cross-verify your ideas with us. Fill our contact us form and we will talk over a call or through chat. The consultation is absolutely free of cost. 

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