Laundry App Development: 4 Core Features to Integrate

laundry app development

The on demand services have become an inseparable part of our lives, as they are meant for our busy schedules. There are many on demand services available in the market from grocery delivery to alcohol delivery, one of such industry we are going to talk about is laundry industry. Recently, we came across the increasing growth of the online laundry service market which is expected to be US$ 52,688.90 Mn by 2022. If you are a laundromat owner, consider the on demand laundry app solution to make your daily orders, client queries, all in the sink to meet an apt growth for your business. Herein we have curated 4 important features that you need to know when investing in laundry app development.

Who had thought that Gen Z would want a laundry app development? Who had thought that washing dirty clothes can generate revenue? 

With our hectic and busy lifestyle, it is not possible to wash clothes every day. Thus, each day the laundry bag gets bigger and bigger, forming a heap of dirty clothes. Doing laundry is considered as annoying domestic chores. People are more interested in outsourcing such work and save time for other activities.

With such an approach and perception, people are demanding more laundry apps like Washio, Cleanly, Zipjet. Thus, being a commercial laundry service provider, if you want to provide your clients with fast and systematic laundry delivery, manage washing time with accurate batch timings, employee management, then a one-stop solution for all the problems in laundry app development.

Being in the on demand app solution services, we have developed over 40 on demand service apps. Our team of developers is all set to bring the on-demand apps revolution in different industries that need immediate provisioning of goods and services. Thus, we had a very close look at the laundry service market. 

  • The countries like UAE, the U.K., the U.S.A, Philippines, Canada are using the laundry services to the fullest.

laundry app development

  • According to a recent news article, the global dry-cleaning and laundry service is said to increase at a CAGR of more than 4% during the forecast period of 2019-2023.
  • Rising awareness of healthy and hygienic has led to strong demand for mobile laundry service as of 2015.

laundry market statistics

So, if you’re wondering how to grow your laundry business, it’s time that you tap mobile technology and reinvent your business model in terms of the on-demand sector. Companies like Washio, Cleanly, and others have already realized the potential of an on-demand laundry app and have been successful since. 

Now, let’s dive into the important features that you need to consider before developing an on-demand laundry app. 

Consider These 4 Advanced Features During On-demand Laundry App Development for Your Laundromat Business

#1 Categorized listing of services

The most important feature of your laundry app is to provide your users with a range of categorized services. If you provide more choices to your users, app retainment chances are high. 

Pro Tip: Give your users an option to customize their “laundry service near me” services. It can be a selection of water temperature, detergent, ironed laundry, drycleaning, folded laundry.

laundry app development

Such customization and pivotal details make a client feel special and it also helps spread word-of-mouth for your on-demand laundry service. It also gives a smooth navigation facility to the user which leads him to easy order placement and confirmation procedure in the app.

#2 Scheduled pick-up and delivery tracking

Gen Z is attracted to apps providing a full-cycle service. Your user is probably a busy workaholic, student, or a housewife who is having her hands full with other chores. For them, your app has to have a convenient pick-up feature.

laundry app

Such feature integration with an in-app calendar and time slot makes a user’s life easy and for drivers, it becomes easy to remember the pick-up time and date. Then to avail the trust and loyalty of your customers, a real-time tracker can help your user to track his belongings and its status.

laundry app development

Image Credit: Zipjet

#3 Special offers and reward points

A penny for two…is what we as humans usually love to hear.

Whether your online user is a mediocre or a millionaire, everyone likes discounts, referral points, and special offers. Being in the laundry business, make sure your on-demand laundry app consists of such exciting and wonderful offers in terms of feature. 

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Such perks also make a user retain the app to avail benefits from it. This feature also works as an affordable option for some users. The online users are attracted more towards such discounts. 

#4 Payment gateway integration and feedbacks

Payment gateway integration is a must when it comes to online delivery services. There are many popular gateways like Stripe, Paypal which allow making secure transactions. By integrating online money transaction facility, you will eliminate your payment hassles and the clients will also pay on time.

Feedbacks and reviews are important for the app to grow. You can find out the loopholes easily by conversing with the clients through the comments. Thus, it is also known as part of customer service. 

Bonus: Advanced Technologies To Use in Laundry App Development

  • Cloud Technology

The cloud-server is known for its storing capacity and scalability. All the important details related to payments, orders, clientele database, regular users, on these servers. It manages all the communication through secured servers. Thus, maintains the confidentiality and integrity of the business.

  • GPS Tracking

GPS plays a major role in all the on-demand apps and the last-minute laundry app is no exception. It provides constant guidance to the laundryman and shows the distance to cover to reach the destination. With this tracking facility, the customer also stays in the loop and is updated by showing accurate ETAs.

  • Analytics 

To strive forward a business needs to know its weaknesses and loopholes on time. Here, in your same-day delivery laundry app, insightful stats about user visits, sales, running price standards.

Final Words

Instead of thinking about how to start a laundry business through laundry app development, focus on curating niche features which will make your app stand out from other laundry apps. Remember, technology is already changing the world around us. And, even to this day, laundry is still a manual process that has not been automated as other things in society. So, if you can find such opportunities, tap into them with your brand new on-demand laundry app, just get started already.

So, if you have laundry app development requirements in mind, discuss those requirements with us. We are a leading mobile app development company with expertise in iPhone and Android app development services. 

Here, we have also developed various successful on-demand delivery apps, including Glovo, Ninja Delivery, Bevyand these apps are covered by many top websites like TechCrunch.

For any further query on On demand laundry app development cost, laundry app like Washio, how to make an app for iOS, Indian app developer cost, just fill up our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will connect to you in a short while, with the apt solution for your business. The consultation is absolutely free.

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