5 Best iOS App Development Languages for Aspiring App Developers

Did you hear that Apple has paid more than $200 billion to iOS app developers for selling goods and services through the Apple App Store, according to the latest Statista report?

Apple App Store earnings

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This report is enough to lure many aspiring iOS app developers. If you are also one of them who has decided to achieve your dream of becoming an iOS developer, then you have made the right decision.

But wait, do you know which iOS development language you need to know and learn? Not sure? Don’t worry. Being a leading iOS application development company, we have shared the top iOS app development languages with their features, pros, and cons, along with the best sources to learn these programming languages. Shall we start?

Best Languages for Native iOS App Development

Here are the best programming languages for iOS app development to adopt if you want to develop native iOS apps. We have compared these native iOS and iPhone development languages on factors like type, active developers, IDE, and current version.

Major FactorsSwiftObjective-C
Developed In20101984
Developed ByApple Inc.Tom Love & Brad Cox
TypeGeneral Purpose,Multi-paradigmObject-oriented programming language
Influenced ByObjective-C, Rust, Ruby, PythonC and Smalltalk
LicenseApache-licensed Open SourceGeneral Public License
Active Developers2.3 million1.4 million
Current VersionSwift 5.3Objective-C 2.0
  1. Swift

  2. Stack Overflow conducted a survey of 65,000 developers and asked them about the favorite iOS development language. Result? Swift is one of the most popular programming language to develop native iOS applications. It has easy-to-use syntax and is also concise. Check how Swift programming language is easy compared to Objective-C in terms of syntax.

    // Objective-C Code
    NSString *playerName = @"Ronaldo";
    int counts = 20;
    NSString *s = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@ have %d cars.", playerName, counts];
    // Swift code
    let playerName = "Ronaldo"
    let counts = 20
    let s = "\(playerName) have \(counts) cars"

    Swift offers fast coding style and safety with data storage. This way, it automatically removes unsafe code for a highly secure coding environment.


    Image Source: Swift

    Key Features of Swift

    • Follows functional programming patterns, such as map and filter
    • Offers quick access to existing Cocoa frameworks
    • Fast and to the point iteration over a range or collection
    • Requires no separate library import to support functionalities
    • Offers tuples to store multiple items in a single variable and multiple return values

    Pros and Cons of Using Swift

    • Easy to read and write as it has simplified syntax
    • Can extend the functionalities when new features are required
    • Easy to integrate with Objective-C and add new features
    • Strong typing and error handling functions help to prevent code crashes and errors
    • Cannot call C++ code directly; you need to wrap the functionality
    • Lack of support for earlier iOS versions (below iOS7)

    Applications Developed Using Swift

    Applications Developed Using Swift

    Best Source to Learn Swift

    Here, we have classified sources to learn Swift programming language into three different categories. Check all the categories one-by-one to pick a suitable source.

  3. Objective-C

  4. It is an object-oriented programming language and the first programming language to build applications for Apple platforms, such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. It is a matured and developed programming language for iOS that you can rely on to build heavy apps.

    objective c

    Image Source: Objective-C

    Key Features of Objective-C

    • Meta class automatically gets created and easy to manage during run time
    • Dynamic typing helps to declare a variable that holds a reference to an object
    • Offers Smalltalk style messaging, making it easy to understand the language
    • Provides the automatic garbage collector

    Pros and Cons of Using Objective-C

    • Easy to connect and use the private APIs
    • Compatible with C++ and C++ libraries
    • More stable than Swift and doesn’t have regular version updates
    • Its memory management is complex to understand, and therefore, it has to be understood by C and Smalltalk
    • Not support dynamic libraries because they are big in size

    Applications Developed Using Objective-C

    Applications Developed Using Objective-C

    Best Source to Learn Objective-C

    We have classified the sources to learn Objective-C into 3 categories. Make sure you choose an appropriate course for you.

We have discussed native iOS app development languages, so now we will move ahead to know the best programming languages for hybrid/cross-platform iOS app development.

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Best Languages for Hybrid iOS App Development

Here are the best programming languages to adopt if you want to develop hybrid/cross-platform iOS apps. We have compared these hybrid iOS and iPhone development languages on many factors, like type, active developers, IDE, and current version.

Major FactorsC++JavaScriptHTML
Developed In198519951993
Developed ByBjarne StroustrupBrandan EichW3C
TypeGeneral PurposeMulti-paradigmHypertext Markup
Influenced ByC# and JavaJava
Active Developers6.3 million12.4 million1.3 million
Current VersionC++ 20ECMAScript 2020HTML5
  1. C++

  2. It is an extension of the C programming language and a great programming language for iOS to learn. C++ is a flexible language that makes it easy to develop different operating systems, browsers, and game development. Moreover, you can efficiently control overusing system resources and memory for an easy iOS app development process.


    Image Source: C++

    Key Features of C++

    • Offers a library full of in-built functions accessed by suitable header files
    • C++ is a high-level programming language
    • Platform independent and allows to use of the same piece of code in varied environments
    • Supports dynamic memory allocation and provides dynamic memory management techniques

    Pros and Cons of Using C++

    • Platform independence and allows to run the same program on a different operating system or interface
    • Have total control over memory management
    • Capable of running on both a small scale and a large scale of data
    • Multi-paradigm programming language includes logic, structure, and procedure of the program
    • Misuse of pointers may cause the system to crash
    • Security issues exist due to global variables and pointers
    • No garbage collector to automatically filter out unnecessary data
    • Doesn’t support built-in threads

    Applications Developed Using C++

    Applications Developed Using C++

    Best Source to Learn C++

    Check all the mentioned sources to learn C++, and then choose a suitable source wisely.

  3. JavaScript

  4. The best part of JavaScript is that it runs seamlessly in different environments and also outside of browsers. This way, you have full control and manage the mobile app development process efficiently. This language is highly recommended to build apps for various platforms, including iOS and Android.


    Image Source: JavaScript

    Key Features of JavaScript

    • A lightweight scripting language and made for data handling at the browser
    • Quickly validates user input for errors to save time
    • Offers browsers with additional functionalities to reduce server load and network traffic
    • Platform-independent to write the script once and run it anywhere and anytime
    • Offers arrow functions to simplify the syntax and tamp down the lines of codes

    Pros and Cons of Using JavaScript

    • Speed up the execution of the program as it easily connects to the server
    • The structure is simple and feasible to implement, saves a lot of money
    • All modern browsers support JavaScript
    • JavaScript code can be viewed and cause malicious activities
    • Supports only single inheritance
    • Lack of debugging facility to detect the problem

    Applications Developed Using JavaScript

    Applications Developed Using JavaScript

    Best Source to Learn JavaScript

    Here is the list of the best sources to learn JavaScript. Check mentioned websites, courses, and books to pick an appropriate course.

  5. HTML

    HTML is a hypertext markup language that helps with the structure and presenting content on the world wide web. HTML could be the right choice if you have planned to build location-based apps. With multi-platform functionality and agile market deployment features, you can manage the app development process efficiently.


    Image Source: HTML

    Key Features of HTML

    • A great feature of HTML helps to add images, video, and audio to a web page
    • Easy to display HTML documents on any platforms, such as Windows and Linux
    • Add links to the web pages to help the readers to browse more information
    • The best learning curve for beginners as it is easy to learn

    Pros and Cons of Using HTML

    • Use many tags to build an app as it is a tag-based language
    • Easy to use wide ranges of colors, objects, and layouts
    • Every browser supports HTML programming language
    • Easy to edit and fast to download as the text is compressible
    • Need to write a lot of code
    • Not centralized, and all the webpages must be edited separately
    • Requires a browser to interpret it correctly

    Applications Developed Using HTML

    Applications Developed Using HTML

    Best Source to Learn HTML

    The following mentioned list is the best source if you want to learn HTML. Please take a look at each source one-by-one.

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Want to know which programming language for iOS is the best, Swift or Objective-C? Or one can create iOS apps with Python or not, then check answers in the next FAQs section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you create iOS apps with Python?

Yes, you can create iOS apps with Python as it is used to build hybrid apps. You can create iOS apps, Android, and web apps. Using Python tools like Kivy and BeeWare, it is easy to build iOS and Android apps, and it is also popular amongst machine learning programming languages. To know more about Python for iOS mobile app development, refer to this blog.

Which is the best iOS app development language? Swift or Objective-C?

When it comes to performance, Apple claims that Swift is upto 2.6X faster than Objective-C. However, both programming languages use the same iOS, SDK, and the low-level virtual machine compiler. Other than performance, Swift requires less maintenance and is more secure because it is a memory-safe and type-safe language.

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To sum up this blog, you get to know about the best programming languages for native and hybrid iOS application development. Now, begin your journey to become a successful iOS app developer.

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