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Why Popular Apps Focus on iMessage App Development and Integration

iOS 10 App Development Features pushed more with iMessage App Development and Integration – it’s a completely new experience for developers and app owners.

And, the promising improvements comes with a huge opportunity of App Store for iMessage that lets you download three types of iMessage Apps – games, apps, and stickers.

iMessage similar to the Facebook chat bots craze.

There are more traditional app integrations as Fandango or Venmo. It facilitates to access app features in Messages, saving time from swapping Messages to another app. Second a sticker apps, the full of fun stuff.

Evernote, Yelp, OpenTable like ZibZab Popular Apps Focusing on iMessage App Development and Integration

Nowadays many popular apps focus on iOS’s native messaging client and iMessage app store. With add-ons that enable you to access some features (or even the whole damn app!) within iMessage chats.

  • Enjoy game
  • Make an e-payment
  • Suggestion for Restaurant
  • Confirm reservation

All these functions are available within an iMessage app so that you can continue your chat smoothly. Though you can find a lot of new app integration options through iMessage app store that you can access through tapping an App Store icon beside the text box. Then tap the four-dot icon in the bottom left corner and hit the + Store icon.

iMessage App Store

iOS’s native messaging – iMessage

We would like you to have a glance at Apple’s new third-party iMessage integration in iOS 10 with these apps:

1) Evernote iMessage App Integration and Features

Evernote iMessage App Integration Screenshot

Extension of Evernote to iMessage. Users can now organize personal as well as professional projects within an app, and can share a note with contacts without leaving iMessages.

Evernote strictly relies on in-app subscriptions and purchases, in spite of an app itself being free.

2) OpenTable – Get Booked your table with iMessage

OpenTable iMessage Integration App Development

The OpenTable app is integrated supporting Maps, and displayed in the iMessage demonstration, and now it’s here.

Employing an iMessage and App, users can search, reserve, and manage restaurant bookings free and directly, anywhere and anytime. Moreover, iMessage members can vote on restaurants in a group chat.

3) Yelp iMessage App Integration and Features

Yelp iMessage App Example

Yelp is also now compatible with iMessage. Thus users can share recently viewed locations immediately in iMessage with dear ones in chat.

4) ESPN iMessage App – Share Scores via iMessage

Share Scores with ESPN iMessage App

ESPN has been leading sports channel since decades. The latest update to the app, supporting iMessage permits users to share scores with friends and utilizing iOS 10 rich messaging, watch game directly highlights from iMessage.

5) Square Cash – Do Payments through iMessage

Square Cash - Send Payments through iMessage

With an extension of Siri support, Square Cash has added a special function that helps to send money to a friend’s bank straightly from iMessage. Users can attach money to a message, and can transfer money as a virtual gift to keep the amount as surprise til the user “unwraps” the gift.

Square Cash in iMessage has all the similar features as the complete app, inclusive of money requesting, money sending, and the Cash Virtual Card.

Some of Apps only developed for iMessage

6) Confide – iMessage Private Communication

Confide - Private Communication through iMessage

Confide began its life as a standalone messaging app that delivers secure transmission, reading and destruction of private correspondence. The integration of iMessage augments Apple’s messaging app with a choice to send obscured, encrypted, and self-destructing notes to another user of Confide app.

Being the standalone version, Confide messages display in iMessage with orange blocks text covered. Wanding or Swiping, as Confide calls it, down the text block reveals text line by line. Once the picture or message is viewed, it disappears forever. Messages cannot be archived, saved, printed or forwarded.

Die With Me App

Die With Me – A Chat app for Android & iPhone Users that will only work when your mobile’s power is below 5% & about to die.

If you’re always running shorter on your smartphone’s battery, then this app might be the best way to connect with new people.

Developed by Dries Depoorter, Die With Me is a unique chat app that will recognize when your mobile’s battery is below 5% and would give you an access to a chat room which will be having other users who are suffering from the same problem.

Once your phone’s battery reached 4% or lower, the app will ask you to provide a name that you’d like to share with others in order to identify you.

iMessage as a productivity platform

People now focus on iMessage as a platform of productivity and move toward practicing as a centralized communication platform.

With this iMessage integration, well-known apps can utilize their app features with apple users and enlarge their app usage. For an example general information about the weather – the weather channel app comes with an amazing idea that if you want to pull up the day’s highs and lows directly within a chat.

We recently published one of an app named “Stickers & Emojis Stock for iMessage app” that enables the device access to high-quality stickers and emojis of famous Smiley emoticons characters.

The app developed by us aids to communicate with your friends to decorate your chat and make it funnier than ever. Stickers & Emojis Stock are exclusive for iMessage Sticker App.

How much it cost to develop an iMessage app and what duration it takes to iMessage integration with existing app features?

As it did with Siri, Apple has permitted developer access to the Messages API in iOS 10, opening the door for unique app integrations.

According to messages, there are no limitations. Sure, an application can still be rejected during the App Store review. But, if you wish to technical integration of any regular iOS application as an iMessage application. Even things alike in-app purchases. It’s amazing because it opens up an entirely new market.

We are sure you are excited to integrate your app in iMessage and want to know more about iMessage app development and integration.

If you are looking to develop sticker pack application – Apple has launched sticker pack application for iMessage.

In this, you can easily create your sticker pack application just drag and drop your sticker to project without any line of code and also it is customizable as well. Here, you can create your own sticker or GIF through this app. Also when you create this application at that time you can also give dynamic animation duration for GIF play. This sticker type of app integration and creation will be live within a week.

We have used and explore the new message framework in iOS 10 to create an app extension that users interact with app directly within iMessages. We would love to see your app extension soon to be in iMessage, let’s start a conversation and make the ballpark estimation.


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