Health and Fitness App Development: 3 Tips for Fitness App Startups to Become Successful Like Strava and Lose It!

health and fitness app development

A fitness app is a great startup idea, especially for those who have expertise in this field. This blog is a complete guide on why to opt for a health and fitness app development and 3 tips to improve your app.

Health and fitness users are the most loyal in the app industry. For healthier living, people are inclining more towards the vital usage of fitness apps. From the past three years, health and fitness app usage grew by over 330%. Users are continuously tracking their workouts, signing up for virtual classes, and keeping in touch with their overall health.

Why are people relying more on fitness apps rather than going to a gym?

Nowadays, wanting a healthy lifestyle has become a common trend, especially for youngsters. Despite tight work schedules, they can monitor their body fitness through fitness tracking apps. The data obtained from flurry shows the maximum active users.

  • 96% are using only one health and fitness app.
  • 75% of active users open the health and fitness app at least two times a week
  • There is also a 25% section of fitness app addicts who access their fitness apps more than 10 times a week.

Fitness apps majorly give access to time convenience, in addition to providing a set of exercises, some workout apps create training plans which are easily adapted by the users. And the most newer trend is to sync fitness apps with fitness trackers such as Fitbit, to collect accurate body details.

Now, as a fitness startup or entrepreneur, it is very important to know the full potential of the health and fitness market before learning the tips for successful mobile app development.

3 Reasons to Build Yet Another Health and Fitness App Development

1. The high market growth rate

The volume of the Health and fitness app genre was $1.778bn in 2016, which is expecting a growth of $4.1bn by 2021. The market of wearables is also raging with watches, bracelets, smart clothes and trackers in a large volume than the fitness app market. The latter is thus, projected to match the pace of the physical device market in 2021.

We have collected a stat from of different fitness apps with their worldwide revenue. This stats are just to make you understand that if you make an app with the intention to solve serious health issues faced by people it will make its way to the top.

Health and fitness app development


Herein there are meditation apps, nutrition apps, diet apps, fitness apps, calorie counter apps, as well as fitness tracking apps too. All are earning their share of goodwill, even when they are traveling on the same train.

2. User engagement and prepared to pay for apps

The only app genre where people are loyally visiting and are purchasing willingly for their healthy lifestyle. The in-app purchases are also done in the free health apps to avail advance fitness plans, nutrition plans, diet charts, or in some apps to talk with the experts online.

Here the user engagement is increasing as there are more perks available than the gym. In-app discounts, free downloads, no time constraints, goal setting as per one’s wish, and flexible exercises according to individual work schedules.

3. The appealing market potential for new health and fitness apps

The winners cannot have it all. In the app world, every app has some of the other benefits. Take, for instance, the calorie counter, My FitnessPal app, is earning an overall revenue of $10,68,738 whereas in the same genre Geocaching app also has its potential market with $1,93,472. Unlike the social marketing sites, where key players dominate the genre, apps do not work that way. Every app has its specific usability and usage audience, which take it further to generate the most revenue.

So our conclusion is: Yes, there are already a number of health and fitness apps in Android & iOS app stores. But the market is big enough and still growing, making enough room for new players to secure a piece of revenue cake.

Thus, there is an audience for every fitness app development. Now let us go towards the tips. From out of the many top fitness apps, we have chosen Strava and Lose it to help you in your health app development.

health and fitness app development

Recently these two apps have made it to the top grossing health and fitness apps. Strava is a fitness tracker app that proficiently records swimming, cycling, & running. This app is divided into three parts.

  • Smart training (recording, mapping route, setting a challenge)
  • Tracking distance and mile counter
  • Connect and share with friends

Another one Lose It! is a calorie counter app development which helps in setting goals, track food, and exercise to lose weight. Since the launch of weight loss app development in 2008, it has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, CNN, Shape, Good Morning America. App has over 80 million pounds of weight loss members and still counting. This app is divided into four parts.

  • Nutrients tracker
  • Fitness app sync
  • Food library database and challenges
  • Meal planning and targets

After having a small insight into the best health and fitness app development, let’s dive into the tips to attain a more potential app for the lifestyle and health genre.

3 Tips from Strava & Lose It App for Fitness Startups for Successful Health and Fitness App Development

Tip 1: Connectability to a wearable device is a must

Whether you are making an Android app or iOS, make sure you add the functionality of “fitness app sync”. As we discussed earlier the physical device market is increasing rapidly. Think of it as if you are invited to a party with free booze.

health and fitness app development

By doing such an integration, your health tracker app can avail a healthy partnership with some of the other watch and bracelets brand. This automatically gives you a legit hype into your app genre and will take you ahead of your competition.

Tip 2: Make 360­° tracking possible

There are apps to track nutrients, fitness, nutrients, to collect data directly from the health and fitness machines. But what if users get all these facilities in one app? Wouldn’t it be great to have such an app? With smooth navigation and seamless UI/UX experience, your app can be very easy to use.

health and fitness app development

Image Credit: Strava

With the Strava app, they have integrated running maps via GPS, and also sharing of photos, and analysis of performance through graphical representations. The app does not look chaotic and has the clearest user-interface.

Tip 3: Smart training sessions with a huge database

A huge database has two benefits; it gives every available option to choose from for every user, another is every information related to fitness is available at the user disposal. By expanding your database, you will be able to retain customers and increase engagement. It will be their “Mini Fitness Wikipedia” which has every small thing starting from what to wear during an exercise to what to eat, and how much to eat, which exercise to perform and how many times to perform.

Your app will a full package of fitness from training sessions to nutritional habits to tracking and analysis. So what are you thinking of? Take your idea forward and invest in flawless health and fitness app development.

Are you ready to create a health and fitness app?

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