Whole Foods (Grocery Shopping App) Mastered The Art of Convincing Customers: 3 Strategies to Look Upon While Developing On-Demand Grocery Delivery App


This blog is for grocery delivery startups and entrepreneurs, who want to create a successful on-demand grocery delivery app. Herein we have 3 winning strategies by Whole Foods, which you need to consider for your grocery shopping app development.

The grocery app is a win-win solution for customers and businesses alike.

There was a time when people used to make a grocery list and cross-checked several times in the kitchen. People were scheduling a day to buy the required things and lastly returned home exhausted. And if they tend to forget an item, it demanded another trip to the grocery market.

The blend of internet and app development has changed the whole scenario. A convenient resource in the form of online grocery shopping apps has made groceries delivered at the doorsteps. One of the commendable online grocery shopping apps is Whole Foods. This grocery shopping app has successfully made to the top download grocery app chart published by SensorTower for the United States.


Whole Foods is a very reliable organic grocery delivery app that is an Amazon subsidiary from 2017. This app makes sure to satisfy their online users by all different online perks possible. It gives an online checklist facility as the modern version of the grocery list. Certain gift cards, sale perks, special savings, and recipes of different dishes. It has highly satisfied customers and will continue to do so with strategic planning.

Let us discuss 3 major strategies that made Amazon Whole Foods online grocery delivery giant.

So, if you want to develop a grocery shopping app for your grocery startup, do not ignore these strategies from Whole Foods app to enhance your apps’ consumer shopping experience.

3 Winning Strategies By Whole Foods App to Consider During While  On-Demand Grocery Shopping App Development

1. Curbside Pickup

Buying groceries online has now become a “Goldilocks” for online users.

Instead of thinking about how much does a grocery app development will cost, think about the customer satisfaction perks that your app will provide. Recently, Whole Foods has been taken over by Amazon and known as “Amazon Whole Foods.”

For your grocery app, exclusive membership benefits through effective mergers like these can have a  good impact on grocery market share and can persuade consumers to buy more perishable products.


This successful collaboration with Amazon gave a commendable hype to the organic grocery delivery app. The Whole Foods near me was the most Googled as it provided 3 effective buying online grocery perks.

  • Free two-hour grocery delivery
  • Everyday discounts
  • Cash back on credit cards

It has been a benefit for both Amazon and Whole Foods app. The online Prime customers only had this perk’s facility. So users started signing up to Prime for availing the discounts on whole foods application. Thus it was named as curbside pickup and intricate feature on Prime as Prime Now Pickup. So, if you are planning to develop a grocery delivery app, consider such a strategy in mind to attract more customers.

2.  Experts Just A Touch Away

Employees at Whole Foods are not just for cash records or stocking shelves, delivery services. The employees are excellent speakers, having profound knowledge of every product available on their organic grocery delivery app.


It is not just about developing a grocery app, it is about how to continuously grow grocery business through grocery shopping app. With efficient employees, who are available 24/7 in the help centre, answering the queries of new buyers and providing the necessary information will result in a fast purchase decision. And you will provide satisfactory customer shopping experience on your grocery app.

3. Reducing Prices

The Whole Foods online grocery shopping app drops the prices to capture the audience who is seeking out lower cost organic options elsewhere. It has taken this reevaluation challenge to reach more users for the grocery app.

If you are thinking to develop an online grocery shopping app, challenges of the online grocery app have to be met by reviewing the audience and creating a new campaign which resonates your brand image as organic food mainstream application.


Reduction in prices has to be shown as discounts and cashback deals in the app as pop-ups. Also, send a notification to the end user as a sale alert which creates curiosity in the mind of customers.

Our Concluding Note

The category of “order food online apps” is huge eCommerce business success. In addition, according to Statista report, a promising figure for the future of e-grocery retail in the U.S. is expected. In 2018, online grocery sales amounted to about 17.5 billion U.S. dollars. By 2021, it is expected to rise nearly 30 billion U.S. dollars. So, there is a big opportunity for grocery startups to flourish and get huge success in the online grocery market with grocery shopping app development.

If you have any query like:

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