13 Website to Hire Freelance App Developers (+How to Select The Best Developers)

Are you planning to hire the best freelance app developers for your app development project? This would be quite an intimidating process because there are various things that you need to keep in mind.

Searching for the right app developer will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. You need to consider various things while hiring freelance developers. It is not so easy as it might look like.

However, we have found the simplest way to hire the best freelancers. So, without further ado, let’s discuss this complete guide to find and hire freelancers for your project.

Top 13 Websites to Hire Mobile App Developers

Check these top 13 websites to find the best app developers. We have discussed and classified all the job boards and compared them with their price range and features.

WebsitePrice RangeFeatures
$500.00 Initial Deposit $120-$160/hour
  • A list of experienced developers
  • Vetted freelancers
  • Flexible invoicing
  • IP protection
  • Quote-based pricing
  • Zero risk
  • Refund guarantee
  • Connect fast with developers
$100-$150/hour (the US)
  • Check clients’ references and reviews
  • More than 7000 companies to offer developers
  • Unbiased and verified information
  • Easy to navigate option
  • Job posting
  • Chat scheduling
  • Global payments
  • Invoicing and reporting
$100-$150/hour (the US)
  • Feedback and rating system
  • Reliable source
  • Hiring process is 100% safe
  • 60K+ software and services companies
  • Centralized dashboard to manage everything
  • Transact business in multiple languages and currencies
  • Easily connects to external system and applications
People Per Hour
  • No-cost for job posting
  • Local freelance directory
  • Fixed price freelancers
  • Two-way messaging
  • Easy to find local developers
  • Advanced hiring analytics with special tools
  • Flexible software solutions & customized services
  • Flexible contract with monthly billing
  • A team of trusted developers
  • Freelance screening
  • Multi-currency payments
  • Allow messaging freelancers
  • Profiles of freelancers with relevant information
  • Google-like search engine algorithms
  • Free job postings
  • Easy to navigate and find candidates
  • Large scale hiring
Authentic Jobs
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or you get your money back
  • Bifurcated job listings
  • Job listing is visible for 30 days
  • A resume dashboard view
  • Job postings via API
  • Get test-drives and demo
  • Single click multiple recipients mass email

Now, we know all the top 13 job sites to find and hire the best mobile app developers, let’s have a closer look at each website.

  1. Toptal

    Initially, when the Toptal website was launched, it used to host only tech-based freelancers on their platform.

    Later, it expanded, and now the services include many talented designers who have the best design skills, UI/UX experts, and also finance professionals.

    Toptal is one of the best job boards that has a talented and elite group of developers who have gone through various stages of screening and vetting. This makes it easy to hire developers directly without investing much time.

    Not only vetted and experienced freelancers, but Toptal also offers flexible invoicing with complete IP protection. This makes it safe to hire and rely on the application developers for any project work.

    If you are looking for a competent mobile app developer who has an impressive portfolio, then Toptal is the right choice for you. They offer high-quality work for mobile development solutions.

  2. Gun.io

    Like Toptal, Gun.io also allows a very talented pool of developers on their platform who have a strong portfolio and experience of working with many industries.

    Gun.io is known for ensuring the commitment which they feature to every project by actively tracking the individual’s performance. The process becomes easy to hire app developers.

    You will be connected to a higher authority, who will help you to pick the right candidate for your project. They also have a 100% money-back guarantee policy, which will minimize the risk.

    So, Gun.io is a perfect choice if you are looking for highly efficient developers with the complete safety of your payment.

  3. Clutch

    Clutch gives you an option to hire freelancers as well as app developers through an agency. Like a B2B directory, you can check the information, reviews, and ratings given by the customers.

    With more than 7000 companies listed on the Clutch platform, you get high exposure to find the right app developer for your project.

    Moreover, Clutch focuses on verified client reviews and feedback, so you get to choose the developers unbiasedly. Space-O Technologies is also listed on Clutch and has received 4.8 stars with 39 reviews.

    We have developed a successful app Glovo. An app that has earned funding of $1.2B and has 30+ million installs.

    Clutch Space-O Technologies

  4. Upwork

    Upwork is the biggest portal for freelancers in the world. On this platform, clients and freelancers come together from a wide variety of industries, such as software development, web design, and accounting.

    Their algorithm to find the exact match will help you to sort amongst the millions of profiles. Moreover, you can also check their project completion score and performance.

    The only challenge with Upwork is that it doesn’t have a detailed vetting process. So, you may need to take an interview with each candidate.

    If you are looking for any specific skill set, then Upwork is the right choice for you. On UpWork, we have 100%. Check this image.

    UpWork Space-O Technologies

  5. GoodFirms

    GoodFirms is a platform that provides a categorized directory, client reviews, and company resources to find the perfect match. This way, software vendors can exhibit themselves to this platform, and clients can find and hire developers through software vendors.

    Clients can research and check reviews of software products and service providers. GoodFirms also claims to help over 160K+ customers to find a suitable choice for their project.

    They get to choose services from various options, such as iOS development, Android development, web apps development, and software development. Moreover, Space-O Technologies is also ranked amongst the top app development companies on GoodFirms.

    GoodFirms Space-O

  6. Hired

    Hired offers the best developers when it comes to having a minimum of 2 years of experience. This is the platform where clients are able to find developers near their location.

    The intelligent search algorithm helps clients to connect to their ideal preferences of candidates for the project. They can request the shortlisted candidates for the interviews and hire the best one.

    The benefit of using Hired is that you can transact business in multiple languages and multiple currencies. You get a centralized dashboard to manage everything.

    If you have a preference of ‘I want freelance app developers near me’, then Hired is the best choice for you. You can find developers near your location and also communicate with them meeting each other.

  7. People Per Hour

    People Per Hour is open to all kinds of professionals who want to work as a freelancer. Moreover, they can post their own job postings that help businesses to easily select app developers according to their requirements.

    People Per Hour also offers a launching pad for the entrepreneurs who have started as fresh on this platform. Moreover, being an employer, you can contact a freelance app developer and also post as a job employer.

    You can take an interview with the candidates and select them based on your requirements. This will make the process easier for you to find freelancers for your project.

  8. Dice

    This is another website where you can find a large pool of freelancers who hold good working experience. They have a pool of elite developers, and therefore, Dice is more expensive than some of the other job platforms.

    They have a list of ideal mobile application developers for Android and iOS with more experience and a lot of industry knowledge. You will end up finding highly skilled developers who have successful software projects in their repertoire.

    If you are looking for an ideal mobile developer, then Dice is the perfect platform for your needs. Dice is also continuously helping people to find the local developers with hiring analytics with special tools.

  9. X-Team

    The best thing about the X-Team platform is the screening and vetting process of the application developers. This process makes it easy to find the right iOS developer or Android app developer for your project.

    This site manages the teams of mobile app and web developers really well compared to other platforms. You also get a flexible contract with a monthly billing system.

    If you are looking for a team of developers who can perfectly fill the skills gaps for each other, then this is the ideal platform for your mobile application needs.

  10. Freelancer

    More than 25 million freelancers are registered on this giant platform from different industries. This site makes it easy to find freelance developers for each tech-related job.

    However, finding an app developer with a specific skill set will be more challenging because there will be thousands of profiles. It could add a significant advantage if you just need some basic work to get done for your app.

    Here, on this platform, you will find freelancers at lower prices. So, if you have budget constraints, or you are a startup, then Freelancer is a perfect place to find freelance developers for your project.

  11. Indeed

    Indeed is one of the best employment websites where millions of job seekers look for the best career opportunity. It is available in more than 60 countries and 28 languages. Earlier it has also surpassed Monster.com to become the highest-traffic website for offering jobs in the USA.

    It also allows job seekers to apply directly for the jobs on its platform so that more developers can post on the site to get a job.

    In a single search, you get access to thousands of potential developers who can be the best fit for your project requirement. If you are looking for the best bunch of developers, then Indeed can surely help in finding the best freelancer.

    Connect with them and communicate your requirements. Indeed will definitely offer you the best developer for your complex needs.

  12. Authentic Jobs

    Authentic Jobs is trusted by many big companies, like Apple, Twitter, and Facebook, only for one reason that they offer the quality of developers. Whether you wish to hire full-time app developers, part-time, or freelancers, you get the exact match from the millions of profiles.

    Moreover, you can contact potential developers and also post about your job openings. Once they apply for the position, you can arrange their interviews and shortlist the candidates.

    Moreover, you get high exposure to find the right candidate for your project. Authentic Jobs have helped thousands of people to find a suitable candidate, and next can be you.

    They have always aimed for a profitable, honorable, successful business. Authentic Jobs is the right choice for you, if you want the best team of developers in your team.

  13. TechFetch

    Until now TechFetch has served more than 2.5 million users. Therefore, TechFetch is one of the trusted websites when it comes to finding app developers. Its search algorithm will help you to find the ideal candidate for your project work. You can interview them and hire the best of all.

    The benefit of using the TechFetch website is that you can search candidates from thousands of options. You can also manage your work in one place so it becomes easy for you to hire the right candidate. It offers consulting as well as business enterprise offerings to increase your work efficiency.

    You get to choose from various options, such as web developers and app developers. Making it one of the reasons to rely on TechFetch and find expert app developers.

When to Hire Freelance Developers?

There are different scenarios when you might have a need to hire freelance application developers for your project.

You must know your business requirements before you plan to find and hire the best freelance iOS app developers and Android app developers.

Let’s discuss all those scenarios:

Case 1: You need developers for a short period or particular hours.

Let’s say you have a project in which you require a freelance developer to perform the particular task. At the moment, you don’t need in-house professionals because it is a short-term task.

Here, depending on the requirements and scope of the project, you can hire freelancers. You may also hire developers through an agency, but this process will take a longer time.

Moreover, hiring an in-house professional will cost you more as they will be hired on a full-time salary whereas freelance developers are available on an hourly basis.

Case 2: You want an app developer with a specific skill set for the time being.

For example, let’s say you want to work on Swift, Full Stack, or any other latest technology like Artificial Intelligence for one of the projects. You want to implement that technology in your project.

Here, you have two options – hire developers through an app development company, or you can hire a freelance Swift or Full Stack developer within a short time.

Both the developers can be hired at an hourly rate; however, a freelancer is a more accurate option than a software developer through an agency.

Case 3: You have developed an app. Now, you want to integrate some features into your existing app.

If you have decided to integrate some features in your app, then you can choose between freelance developers or app agencies to get your work done.

You can hire developers on an hourly basis. This way, you can save money and time as integrating features into your existing app will not take much time.


Case 4: You have a startup business and do not want to hire an in-house team because of a low budget.

Again, you have 2 options, either you can hire app developers through an app agency, or you can hire freelancers. Here are the benefits to hire freelance developers.

benefits to hire freelance developers

The startups may have budget constraints, and because of that, the startups mostly opt for one of the options. In most cases, freelancers charge less amount than an app agency.

Want To Hire App Developers?

Hire the best mobile app developers now.

How to Hire Freelance Developers?

Here is the optimum step-by-step process that you can consider to hire freelancers.

how to hire app developers

  1. Evaluate Your Requirements

    Your first task would be knowing your requirements such as:

    • Your mobile application development plans
    • The problems that you want to solve
    • Service you want to offer
    • The purpose that you want to serve
    • Choose a device or platform for your app

    If you know your requirements, then it will be easy for you to define your project. If it is for the Apple App Store, then Objective-C and Swift will be a key requirement.

    Know about the requirement of database skills, security, UI/UX and graphic design, and all other specifications that you want to incorporate in your app. This will also give a clear idea to the iOS or Android developer.

  2. Describe Your Project Plan

    Developers might face challenges initially to understand your project requirements. Therefore, project managers need to communicate transparently and keep the project outline clear to set the requirements.

    Your project outline will ensure what to expect from the Android or iOS app developer.

    Also, ensure to add notes and schedule updates, and then you are ready to publish the job specification on any freelance website to hire developers.

  3. Invite Job Seekers

    Once you are ready with your project outline, publish the job specification on any freelance website to hire developers.

    Make sure you take out some time to answer queries and assess candidates every day. The first stage assessment will make it easier for you to finalize the expert developer for the last stage.

    • Ensure they have the required skill sets
    • Validate their portfolio, reviews, work experience, and feedback from their previous clients
    • Check their overall experience in the mobile application development industry
    • Ask questions to ensure that they match all the requirements
    • Dig deeper and try to find them on LinkedIn, GitHub, or any other platforms where developers might hang out
  4. Start With A Small Project

    Many startups believe in setting a sample project first. This may not be possible every time, but if you have some time in your hands, then you may consider this option for low-risk.

    Moreover, you can also start with a small mobile application development project. This way, you will get an idea that the freelance iOS or Android app developer is a good fit for your project requirements or not.

    A sample project or small project may not be always beneficial. However, this will ensure you have low risks. So, start with a small project which doesn’t cost you high.

  5. Hire The App Developer

    Once you have published the mobile app, you can not reverse the process of mobile app development. Therefore, make sure you hire the right app developer for your project.


    However, no iOS app developer and Android app developer wants to go through a dozen screening processes to get hired. You will need to balance the process to make the app developer comfortable and effectively hire them.

    After the screening process and identifying the ideal mobile app developer, don’t waste time to schedule the task.

    Start the process as soon as possible because freelancers may have other projects in their hands. And other projects may hamper the deadline for delivery.

    Discuss and sign an NDA to keep your application idea safe and give the mobile app developer the information which they are going to implement in the project.

    Everything is set; you can start working on your apps. Now, you know the steps to hire app developers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a freelancer charge for app development?

The charge of app development depends upon several factors, such as platform, features, complexity, location of the app developer, and working experience.

app development cost

However, most of the freelance developers are charging on hourly rates or project base. Generally, the per rates start from $20 to $80, depending upon the developer’s experience and expertise.

What do you need to know before hiring app developers?

  1. Business Requirements: Whether you wish to hire them for a short period or long period, you must check all the requirements, including the budget, features you want to integrate, and more.
  2. Decide the Scope of Project: A startup business can choose an MVP and later add other features, depending on the requirements.
  3. Choose a Tech Stack: Narrow down your search by determining the platform and technologies that you want to implement.

What to ask before hiring app developers?

  1. Ask them to show you the list of their clients, portfolio, work experience, and previous projects
  2. Get to know about their project and payment terms
  3. Will they include documentation in the project?

Which skills must you check before hiring app developers?

  1. Analytical Skills: A freelance app developer must understand the requirements of its clients and the ideas to create an app. Hire someone to build an app that has the ability to analyze your project idea and the way people will use the services. Find someone who has this quality for your project requirements.
  2. Programming Languages: This is an essential skill for a freelance app developer to have. Generally, iOS developers use Objective-C. On the other hand, Android developers use Java. However, an app developer should know multiple programming languages to get various work opportunities. This will also help clients to get multiple software development services from a single app developer.
  3. Creativity: An app developer should know how an app can justify the requirements of users, or how the app can become a part of their lives. The app should be user-friendly. Only an experienced app developer can handle this task. This will not only include the tech skills but also an open mind to perform various app development tasks. The developer can suggest you and also bring out innovations into the app.
  4. Problem Solving Attitude: An app developer will face many challenges or troubleshoot issues during app development. However, they must recognize those technical errors and focus on resolving them instead of giving up. They must have a problem-solving attitude to work fast and achieve high-quality performance and also strong communication skills.

Does the developer help to publish the app on the App Store?

Generally, the developers publish the apps on their respective app platforms. However, you must ensure the same before hiring an app developer and include it in your deal. This way, you can ensure that the developer will publish the app on the App Store.

How much does it cost to build mobile apps?

Multiple factors decide the cost of app development. It could range anything from $2000-$300000 because of the factors, such as platform, complexity, location of the app developers, design, features, and functionalities.


It would cost less for a simple app and cost more for a complex app depending on its features. Check this app development cost by region.

app development cost by regions


We have listed out the 13 best platforms with the hope that you find and hire the right iOS and Android app developers. You can refer to these job sites, where you can find a range of developers with different skills, expertise, and experience.

However, you can also get in touch with us if you are planning to hire app developers with special expertise and on hourly rates. Space-O Technologies is a leading mobile app development company that has received a good amount of ratings and reviews on many platforms, like Clutch and Upwork. Here are the reason why you must hire Space-O Technologies for Android and iOS based mobile app development.

why Space-O Technologies for app development

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