Want to Develop a Food Delivery App? Don’t. Read This First.

Are you having any raw food delivery app development idea in mind? Do you want to develop it into a successful food app? Wait. You, as a food delivery startup, have to figure out certain aspects like successful app development steps, target audience, comparing your idea with the best food delivery app, validate the app idea with a professional food delivery app development company like us. Herein we have mentioned a complete guide on the steps that you need to take to make a successful food delivery app.

Who had ever thought that a simple idea of door-to-door deliveries can be so popular with the coming years? The best food delivery apps like Seamless, Postmates, GrubHub, and UberEats are the game changers that made things possible in the Uber for the delivery genre.

A flood of capital is dishing over billions of dollars in online food delivery and order business. As a food delivery or food startup, it is a great opportunity for you to dive into the evergreen food apps segment.

  • According to statista, the online food delivery segment amounts to US $107,438m in 2019. It is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 9.9%, resulting in a market volume of US $156,819m by 2023.
  • According to the same report, the large part of this market segment is platform-to-consumer delivery with a market volume of US $53,786m in 2019. 
  • By 2030 the food delivery genre is expected to reach the amount of $300 billion.

online food delivery growth

With such encouraging market size, the investors are also eagerly waiting to grab a bite of this cake. According to Crunchbase, Columbia’s Rappi had the largest venture capital funding among the food delivery companies in 2019, with the startup bringing $1 billion in Series E round. 

Another top food delivery app DoorDash raised $1 billion in venture capital this year through its $400 million Series F in February and $600 million Series G in May.

Thus, there is a lot of room for food apps with unique concepts and services. We, at Space-O Technologies, have helped various food businesses, startups, cafes, and restaurant chains to double their business revenue through food ordering and delivery apps like Postmates and DoorDash. From designing to deploying your app to the App Stores, our mobile experts will take care of everything no matter what type of restaurant mobile app you want for your restaurant business.

Now, if you are already having a food delivery app development idea in mind, go through this blog. Herein there are certain steps that you need to follow to make a successful food app in the market.

Have a Food Delivery App Idea? Follow These Steps for a Successful Food Delivery App Development

#1 Integrate these powerful features in your on demand food app

We have curated a complete list of must-have features that a current food ordering and delivery platform should have for customers, drivers, and restaurant owners. Let’s check out the latest features.

Customer’s App:

develop food delivery app


  • Search filter: Allow your users to explore restaurants, cafes, bars, by location and cuisine. You can also curate your search filters by different restaurants, dishes, favorite cuisines of your online users.
  • Order Placement: Make it easier for users to place their orders with a few simple taps. Provide them with intuitive navigation that leads them directly to the check-out procedure. For instance, let them select and add their favorite dish through an ‘add to order’ functionality. From there lead them towards the final ‘check-out’ and ‘payment’ process. 
  • Real-time tracking: Tracking their order through a geolocation map integration assures them about their package delivery. Users can also check how much time a driver will take to reach. This helps in building trust in the food on demand service.
  • Payment gateway integration: Integrate your app like Zomato or GrubHub with payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, and Braintree. Allow users to pay by credit/debit card. Make sure that you provide your users with multiple payment options.
  • Real-time availability: Allow your users to check the availability of the tables in different restaurants through your food app development. Make sure they are able to book the space in just a few simple steps.
  • Review and ratings: This feedbacks are necessary to know the response of your online food app. Provide your users to rate and review your app so that you can look into the loopholes in time.

Delivery Driver’s App:

food delivery app development

  • Signup or login: Allow your drivers to signup in the app through social media networks like Gmail, and Facebook. Make the login procedure easy by entering personal details so that drivers can register in the app.
  • User profile: Let your drivers maintain a complete profile that includes a photo, name, email address, contact number, photo, and other important information. Drivers can keep their profiles updated.
  • Notification alert for new orders: Drivers must get a push notification for the new orders that are assigned. Even when the food delivery application is closed, they should get a sound notification for the order assigned.
  • Manage multiple deliveries: Drivers can also manage multiple food delivers at a time and respond to all the requests that are nearby to other delivery locations.
  • GPS map integration: For the drivers to make a last-minute delivery and to deliver it on-time he needs to choose the shortest and fastest routes to reach the location. This also helps him in reaching the correct destination.

Admin Panel (Dashboard Panel):

food delivery app development

  • Monitoring performance: Drivers, deliveries, scheduled/canceled orders, and data related to drivers can be easily monitored through the admin panel. 
  • Manage orders: Manage every activity from pickups, to dispatch, and scheduled orders. In this way, you will easily streamline orders and deliver them on a timely basis to the customers.
  • Real-time Updates: Get real-time updates and notifications about the drivers and restaurant owners when they update their profile, restaurant information, and made changes in the availability.
  • Payment and commission management: Allow owners to set payment and commission rates and manage it directly from the panel with every single partner and make payments.

#2 Where you want to target? 

Defining your target audience for a successful mobile app has to be a strategic task. You need to precisely know and understand your target audience.

The easy way out is to understand your own product. You need to have a clear idea of – for whom have you made this food delivery app or Uber for delivery online platform. 

This will not only help you in revenue generation but also during the marketing of your food app. To find the best way to market or promote your online delivery business model, you need to know about your potential customers including demographics, location, interests, and lifestyles. This will help you in creating your buyer’s persona, which is a picture of the targeted audience you want to reach.

Such food apps are used mostly by people having a busy schedule, a working-class lifestyle, or students who spent more time amongst others. They are going to be your primary target.

Now, to lessen your burden, our expert food app developers have researched well in advance on the regions which are actually interested in the idea of such food delivery apps development.

  • The US, Germany, China, Europe, UAE, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Korea are the countries with the highest online user penetration for food apps.
  • The top five countries that are leading in ‘food delivery’ service are Singapore, the US, Malaysia, the Philippines, and New Zealand.

food delivery app development

Thus, if you are planning for an online food ordering or delivery app, you should have a close look at these countries and regions. Study the online user trends and their buying patterns for a successful food app development.

#3 Find the best food delivery app 

Keep your enemies close to you than your friends.

To stand out from the leading market giants like DoorDash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats, you need to research and analyze their market strategy and get an insight into the features. You can enhance your feature integration by studying your existing competitor’s apps.

Some of the most popular food delivery apps from which you can get a clue for your own food apps.

1. DoorDash

food delivery app development

Image Credit: DoorDash

This is an on demand restaurant app that delivers breakfast, lunch, and dinner from online user’s preferred restaurants. They also have an alcohol delivery service facility from restaurants, stores, breweries.

2. GrubHub

food delivery app development

Image Credit: GrubHub

This Uber for delivery is considered to be the most seamless food ordering service. It allows users to search for their desired cuisines or browse through the list of local restaurants which are nearby through its “food near me” functionality.

As you are planning for a food apps development, you can implement a feature “favorite list” where users can personalize their search and can find or reorder the food items just in a tap, rather than roaming through the menu.

3. Uber Eats

food delivery app development

Image Credit: Uber Eats

This app provides users with an easy payment gateway and simple ordering functionality. Thus while you plan your on demand delivery app, make sure you cross-check your app’s check-out features. 

For more in-depth knowledge of the estimated cost of on demand delivery app, the technical part of delivery app development, how to monetize your food app, you should dive in to read the guide of how to make on demand delivery app.

#4 Why you must validate it with food delivery app developers?

There are many things you need to do before you start building an app, the first and foremost is to cross-verify the food delivery app idea with a professional and experienced mobile app development company like us.

A developer can actually guide you through the technical aspects and market app trends. You will get an insight into your app development cost, and an expert designing and deploying app knowledge.

It is viable to know about the success ratio of the idea rather than investing and going through business loses. Thus validate your app like Zomato idea with an app development firm who have already worked on the same projects already.

#5 Final decision

The market is saturated with these food app ideas, you will have to be prepared for cutthroat competition. After discussing your app’s scope, features and functionalities, if you believe in your idea, then with the right technique and strategy, you can create a food delivery app as rich in features and navigation as Uber Eats. After clearing all these things, take a final decision and move ahead along with a professional iOS and Android app development company to develop your food delivery app. 

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