Uber for Food Delivery: 4 Ingredients to Make a Successful Food Delivery App Like Doordash That Raised Another $100M in Funding

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‘You cook, we deliver’ is now overheard in every house. The online food delivery segment has amounted to US $107,438m in 2019. Today, more and more people want the convenience of delivery. So, if you are a food delivery startup, with an idea to create a restaurant management platform for business in the foodservice and hospitality space, we as a leading mobile app company have curated important ingredients for you. Dive into 4 important ingredients to consider during food delivery app development like Doordash that recently raised another $100M in funding.

If we look back, diners used to have just Pizza and Chinese to choose from. But now, with the advent of food delivery players like JustEat, GrubHub, Deliveroo, there are more options like fast food, food carts, virtual restaurants that serve commissaries to fuel delivery orders rather than sit-down customers. 

In the era of online food apps, as more millennials jump of the online ordering bandwagon the food delivery market size continues to evolve at a steady pace. We at Space-O Technologies have helped various food businesses, startups, cafes, and restaurant chains to double their business revenue through food ordering and delivery platforms like Postmates & DoorDash. 

From designing to deploying your app to the App Stores, our mobile experts will take care of your requirements no matter what type of restaurant solution you want for your restaurant and hotel business. We have made many food delivery apps that have a remarkable presence in the app world and are doing good business for the firms. 

Talking about the most popular food delivery app of the current time,  Doordash, San-Francisco based food delivery app, has raised another $100million from investors including T. Rowe Price, according to Bloomberg, to fuel growth, according to the latest news from Crunchbase. The online food giant has reached a valuation close to $13 billion with its current fund increase.

Now, you might think about the scope of your food startup among these giants. Let us quickly run through some of the consumer penetration of online food delivery statistics.

Online Food Delivery Statistics

  • Consumer Delivery is expected to be 18% in 2023 from 12.5% in 2017. These statistics clearly state more online delivery trends in the coming years.

consumer penetration of the online food delivery

  • The global on demand food delivery market will grow at a rapid pace, registering a CAGR of nearly 32% by 2021. The accessibility and convenience of the food market is the major factor behind Uber for delivery market growth.
  • 60% of the U.S. consumers order delivery or takeaway once a week.
  • Digital ordering and delivery have grown 300 percent faster than dine-in traffic since 2014.

Now, after looking at these statistics, let’s have a look at the most important ingredients that you can consider during food delivery app development and make an app like Doordash.

4 Ingredients to Consider During a Successful Food Delivery App Development

#1 Easy ordering with scheduled deliveries

Everyone wants to have ready food after a long day at work or when they are having a house party. ‘Food online’ is the term that crosses our mind when we talk about such instant food ordering. 

Before playing hunger games, we make sure that the food is delivered on time at its assigned place. So, being a food startup, your food delivery app development should have the quickest and intuitive ‘order placement’ functionality.

food delivery app development

Image Credit: Doordash

Being in this ever-growing online food industry, as a perk, you can allow your users to schedule their deliveries in advance. This will give your app users extra leverage to order the food well in advance and get a hold on other preparations. 

Expert Tip: You can also add an ingredient in the form of ‘order cancelation’ at no charges or reorder the same without filtering the restaurants to give them more in-app convenience.

#2  Real-time tracking and fleet management solution

For the record, as humans, we all are restless.

Thus, when you look at your on demand delivery app, your online users will demand a real-time tracker to have a glance at their order. So, a map integration or geolocation will make it easy for the users and you as the owner to spot the orders.  

food delivery app development

Image Credit: Doordash

As a food management startup, you will easily manage your drivers through fleet management solution which will give you real-time information about each driver with his delivery status. You can also provide your users with a pickup order or delivery at home option. This option makes it easy for the firm and customers to process. If the customer is on his way to someplace, he can use the food app to order the food. He can pick the order from the restaurant which saves the time and energy of both the parties.

If he wants the delivery of food beforehand, he can easily order or schedule the food from the app. Thus, such flexible features in a food delivery app make it stand out different from other food delivering apps. 

#3 Convenient online payment service

To create an app like Zomato, or to compete among the current market players, you need to strengthen your payment methods. The Uber for delivery platform must have trusted payment gateway integration in the form of PayPal, Apple Pay, Stripe, Braintree. 

People want a secured and known name when it comes to online money transfer or making a transaction. So, to win their trust and to never have an accounting issue, choose a sound mobile payment integration for your food delivery app development.

#4 Allow group ordering

Everyone has different taste buds. Instead of a hassled communication or a miscommunication among the members, it is easy to provide an in-app group order functionality. Your food delivery app development should allow group ordering through group chats.

This will increase your user engagement and your app will also be organically marketed via word-of-mouth. Thus, your app will become a one-stop solution for every big fat family dinner or party. 

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