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Over the years, Facial recognition technology has rapidly advanced in superiority and accuracy.

When we are talking about the facial recognition, it means we are talking about the technology that is used in photo-editing software.

Advanced facial recognition recognizes several main features such as the wideness of our eyes & nose, the height of our cheekbones, the depth of our jaw, and the distance between our eyes, etc. Facial recognition software takes facial features and turns them into the numerical code. By comparing these codes or a face print with any database of the photos, one can start making matches and identifications.

The facial recognition technology has been introduced by the federal government along with the collecting travelers’ fingerprints to strengthen border security in major airports across the U.S since 2014.

Nowadays, the facial recognition technology is widely used in the function of “tagging” in online social networks that enable users to recognize their friends in photos. There are many businesses started exploring the potential advantages of the facial recognition to enhance the level of the security in commercial transactions.

One of the best uses of facial recognition technology is that users can authenticate purchase transactions and thus, it removes unnecessary steps for customers at the POS and also streamline billing process.

Smile or Wink for Person’s Identity

Recently, Amazon has implemented a patent method, which is better known as “Image Analysis for User Authentication”, for users to complete a transaction by performing an action like smile and wink in front of the camera. This way, they can confirm themselves their users’ identity.

Upload Picture for Identity “Hands-Free” Solution
“Hands Free,” a mobile payment app by Google, helps users to complete the transaction in the store without using the device. With this application, small businesses can confirm their user’s identity at the time of checkout to complete the transaction by uploading a picture of them by the in-store camera.

Secure Drive Experience by Uber

Uber has also introduced the facial recognition feature that enhances their stringent control systems and offers an additional safeguard for drivers and riders. This technology provides the same or higher level of security to the millions of rides that they facilitate every day in China.

Take a Selfie and Pay

MasterCard is also planning to have facial recognition technology called “Selfie Pay”, as most of the users are using easy-to-remember passwords like “12345678” and “password,” and such thing invites cyber criminals.

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How this technology helps small business?

Let’s take an example of restaurant operators – if they are using facial recognition technology, they can authenticate purchase transactions that ultimately remove needless steps for the customers when they are making payment. It also simplifies the bill-paying experience and saves a lot of time.

There are huge benefits of using facial recognition technology. In fact, many companies are using or planning to use it to recognize and authenticate consumers in commercial transactions face challenges. It also develops the best practices for gathering, using and saving the biometric data.

Let’s See How Would Da Vinci, Picasso, and Matisse Paint Users with their Brushes?

Alibaba’s Alipay has launched a new campaign titled “Who Art You” that displays the cutting-edge face detection technology. This campaign allows users to log into the Alipay app, take a selfie and then, the system identifies three famous paintings out of 2,000 within three seconds.

We are also developing such type of application with facial recognition feature. The application is in the process, however, the specialty is it recognizes sketches and dark photos, apart from clear and brighter.

Undoubtedly, facial recognition technology plays excellent with the people’s daily routine. Its performance lifts facial recognition as an influential enabler of apparently ‘futuristic’ concepts.

Facial recognition provides security for a home with intelligent doorbell and makes it keyless, secure, and individualized. This technology gives happiness to those parents, whose children has lost or kidnapped and found on the street.

One of the best advantages of Facial recognition technology is it organizes the photographic memories. You can remember those adventures that you had on the Caribbean, especially due to the facial recognition.

We have developed a project named Years in Picture (YIP) that enables users to manage photo collection in different ways like sorting and tagging it by custom tags, geolocation, and time. One of the most important features we have added is Face Recognition that works like iPhoto app on Mac.

This application detects faces in the photos and asks user “Who is it?”. Users just have to mark faces as “that is Mark, John or anyone.” Users have to train an application database for specific faces. Once, the app gets trained, it will detect the faces on other photos automatically – “hey, that is John!” or “Hm, probably it’s Mark, can you confirm”? or “I don’t know this guy, please let me know who it’s – I will learn him”. This is the same way Facebook detects the face and user mark people on their few of photos.

Every day developers, startups, and big companies come up with new ideas about how this rapidly-developing technology can be used. We are Mobile App Development Firm, believing that the possibilities are only limited by imagination. Let’s shake the hand to make the best use of this facial recognition feature to make your application unique.

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