Event Planning App Development: Why Event Businesses Need an App


This blog includes information for event planner startups and entrepreneurs. Herein we’ve curated four reasons, which can make you think to build the on-demand mobile app solution for your event planner company.

Event planning is not at all an easy task. But on-demand mobile app solutions can do miracles for event planner individuals or event planner companies, who find managing such tasks hassles. When it comes to staying organized, event planner and management apps are one of the effective solutions, which can actually work for your business.

So, before knowing about the top reasons, why you as an event planner company needs an on-demand mobile app solution, let’s understand what is an event planner app?


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Event Planner App

As the name implies, an event planner app can help to create and manage the whole events to event planners or event planning companies. An event planner app enables app users to create, promote, and sell tickets to events while helping them to discover and share events, which match their interests.

To elaborate more, let’s take an example of Eventbrite, which is a leading event planner company.

For App Users: There is an Eventbrite Discovery app that allows users to discover upcoming events nearby and get customized recommendations. And, this event planner app allows users to stay updated with popular events like concerts, festivals, yoga classes. Plus, the events could be New Year’s Eve or Halloween and Networking events.

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For Event Planner Companies: There is another app, Eventbrite Organizer app, which enables event planners to create, promote, sell tickets of events right from the event planner app.

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Now, let’s check out reasons, why event planner company needs an on-demand mobile app solution.

4 Reasons Why Event Planner Company Needs an On-demand Mobile App Solution

1. A Seamless Booking Experience

If you would have an on-demand mobile solution for event planning company, then you can target the right audience and provide a wide range of solutions to them. Coming to one of the finest reasons to develop an event planner app is to give your app users a seamless booking experience. An event planner app allows users to find events and buy tickets for the same. It also lets your company to organize your own events and enables you to sell your own tickets.

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One of the most important things, which the best event app provides is that a seamless booking experience to your customers and you as an event planner company can manage the whole booking from one platform.

2. Unlimited Business Opportunities

An event planner app does not only provide a seamless experience to your app users, but it embraces unlimited business opportunities for your event planning company. It also makes sense that the total number of registrations is an easy way to see if your efforts are paying off.

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An event planner app provides unlimited business opportunities for your event management business. All you just need to have an on-demand mobile app solution for your event planning business. In addition, through a strong mobile presence, you as an event planner company can make most out of your business by investing in the on-demand mobile app solutions.

3. Push Notifications & Alerts

The next important thing about the event planner app is to make you and your app users updated with pivotal notifications and alerts. These notifications and alerts are to finding out what’s new and hot nearby at a wide variety of venues. Users can stay updated with what’s going on currently, and customized event records for whatever they want to see.

Also, an event planner app allows your users to get alerts for the upcoming events. Along with it, an event calendar app, whether it is integrated or inbuilt, can easily show the participants with different programs that are plotted across different event dates. Even, some event apps allow the users to easily click a particular date or even program on the given calendar to reserve the slot.

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So, being an event planner startup or entrepreneur, if you have ever thought of developing an on-demand mobile app solution, then it is a high time to develop it.

4. Real-time Data Analytics

Another important reason, which is behind to having the on-demand mobile app solution for your event planning company is that it provides you with the one-stop solution to analyze the real-time data analytics and statistics of events. And, you as an owner of event planner company do not need to switch to the desktop or check a pile of papers.


With only one tap, you will be able to check the complete analysis of the events regarding sales of tickets on the daily, weekly and monthly basis. Additionally, you can also make edits of events from anywhere. If you want to make data more accessible from anywhere, it is highly recommended to start thinking to create the on-demand app solutions for your event planner company.


Lastly, there are a few important stats, which you need to check out before making a decision on developing an on-demand solution for event planner company:

  • According to the report from IBIS World, “The total revenue of party and event planners industry is US$5 billion.”
  • As per another report from Event MB, “The amount of event apps has been growing 20% year on year.”

It means that this industry embraces huge opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs to invest in.

In addition, with all these reasons, it is cleared that an on-demand mobile app solution can make a difference for your event planner company. Essentially, if you’re having an idea to develop Android app on event planning or event discovery, which could disrupt the on-demand economy, then you can cross-verify it with us as we are a leading mobile app development company.

We’ve already developed over 3500 apps along with various features and functionalities, including GPS real-time tracking, multi-lingual support, payment gateway integration, cross-platform ability, online support, and image gallery.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding the development cost of apps for event planning or event management applications development, how long does it take to create an app, then you can get in touch with us through our contacts us form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you as soon as possible. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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