How Paris-based Doctolib (Doctor Appointment Booking App) Has Raised $170M in Series E Round of Funding With These 3 Effective Solutions


Planning to start a business based on telemedicine services or already have a mHealth app idea business that you want to grow? Rounded up three effective solutions, which you can consider during doctor appointment booking app development.

Technology has made healthcare services more accessible in real-time. Thanks to mobile applications for booking doctors’ appointments. In this fast-paced digital healthcare industry, there is a French-based startup, Doctolib, which has emerged as a unicorn.

As per the latest report from Techcrunch, “Doctolib is now a Unicorn with new $170 million (€150 million) in Series E round of funding, led by General Atlantic.” Moreover, this healthcare startup hits $1.13B valuation. Before moving ahead and talking about the effective solutions, let’s know more about this doctor app, Doctolib.


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Doctolib: Doctor Appointment Booking App

The giant of e-health, Doctolib, is a European Union based startup company, which was launched back in 2013. On a fundamental level, Doctolib app allows users to book healthcare specialists or doctors nearby. And, Doctolib app allows its users (patients) to make the appointments.

Moreover, it provides an online booking platform and management software provider for doctors in Europe working with 65000 health practitioners. This digital health startup company claims to have 25 million patients visit in its mobile app every month.

Doctolib App for Patients: This French doctor booking app allows users to find nearby health practitioners and book appointments for doctors and dentists with the help of doctor booking app like Doctolib.

Doctolib App for Doctors: It allows doctors to improve booking management, and bring new patients to their offices.


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Shedding some light on the performance of the app in the App Stores, Doctolib (an app for booking doctors’ appointments) has ranked #1 in medical app category, as per the report from App Annie.


What Are Those 3 Effective Solutions by Doctolib, Which Can Be Included Before Developing Doctor Appointment Booking App?

1. Replace Calendar with Doctor Appointment Booking App in Order to Take Care of Health

Initially, Doctolib started with scheduling services for health practitioners. This digital health startup company begins with a small step at its initial level. One of the important solutions by Doctolib, which can be considered is that it allows app users to find the health professionals to check availability and make an appointment directly through an app to book doctors’ appointments.


Well, the key point, which you as a startup can pick from this Europe-based largest health service provider is to be the replacement of other things, which are done manually by patients, who seek medical services through mHealth (mobile health) applications. Patients or app users can book appointments like creating the events in Google Calendar.

If we’re taking an example of Doctolib, an app for booking doctor’s’ appointments, then it provides the solution, which replaces calendar with an app like creating an event in Google Calendar. In a similar manner, you also need to provide the easiest solutions to your users that can actually lessen the burden of users (patients) in terms of remembering a number of things. All you just need to provide an easier way to book appointments.


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Source: Google Play

Whether it is about to book appointments within a few minutes or scheduling services in advance, you just need to provide an online platform for healthcare solutions, which is more accessible in real-time.

2. Video Consultation & Digital Prescription

Talking about telemedicine services, which are the remote delivery of healthcare services. And, telemedicine apps cannot be completed without video conferencing thing in order to consult doctors

In order to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients using technology, telemedicine apps allow healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients with the help of common technology. So, the heart of any doctor appointment booking app is video consultations to treat well to remote patients. As a digital health startup, if you are going to target remote areas too, then this is one of the effective solutions, which you need to own whilst creating a successful doctor appointment booking app like Doctolib.


Not only this, Doctolib has provided a very powerful solution and let users (patients) digital prescriptions when one is done with video conferencing services. By including such a solution, your app users (patients) is not going to face hassle in terms of interacting with digital health services. Users will no longer to pick up the phone and constantly say if doctors are available or not.

3. Provide Solutions to Both Doctors and Patients

Doctolib has become the largest healthcare service provider in Europe. Plus, this digital healthcare startup company has also become a unicorn due to providing powerful solutions to its end users. Doctolib has not only provided solutions to its patients but it also takes care of doctors, physicians, and practitioners. This e-health startup company has realized the pain points of both patients and doctors in terms of interaction between them.


Doctolib has also expanded beyond patient-to-doctor relationships. And, it works on fostering the relationship between doctors and patients. And, it also facilitates doctor-to-doctor collaboration. In the same way, if you are planning to create a doctor appointment booking app like Doctolib, then you need to provide a seamless experience for everyone involved.


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Source: App Store

To conclude, the doctor appointment scheduler app like Doctolib has taken telemedicine services to the next level. The patients of remote areas can book appointments without a hassle through the mHealth app.

As a digital healthcare startup, if you are all set to create an app like Doctolib, then it would be better to embrace such effective solutions.


Undeniably, the healthcare market has been continually growing for the past few years. If you have planned to develop the mHealth app, you’ll find the following stats useful:

  • According to the report from R2G (Research 2 Guidance), “Since 2016, 78,000 new health apps have been added to major app stores, and showing strong growth of 25%.”
  • The market for mobile health still attracts new entrants. And, there were 84,000 mHealth app publishers in the year i.e. 2017, according to the report from R2G.


Well, all we can say that the mHealth industry is going to flourish in the near future. And, there is always a place for an ideal product in terms of the mHealth app. While reading this blog, if there is an idea popped up in your mind, then you can cross-verify it with us as we’re a leading mobile app development company. And, we’ve already developed over 3500 mobile applications in diverse app categories along with unique features and functionalities.

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