“Airbnb-for-Doctors” On-demand Appointment App For Patients and Doctors

Who should read this content:

  • Doctors – Who wants to build their own online appointment booking app to help their patients with appointment scheduling and to check availability.
  • Entrepreneurs – Who wants to build a successful community like Airbnb by developing a doctor appointment app that connects the patient with doctors.
  • Hospitals & Nursing Homes – Who wants to simplify the process of doctor appointment booking with a mobile app for their organization.

There were about 259,000 mHealth apps published in app stores in 2016!

By looking at such huge number, it’s common to drop the idea of building a doctor appointment mobile app.

But before making such decision, just look at this:

The global healthcare IT market is going to reach $280 Billion by 2021, and the share of mobile sector is at $26 Billion as of 2017.

And this:

doctor appointment app

Now what should you do?

Build it or not?

You absolutely should!

When you’re considering to create a mobile app, remember that mobile technologies are not only about entertainment purpose. While it’s cool to experience a new level of gaming with Pokemon Go or watch your favorite series on Netflix mobile app, but there is one more thing which is also important: Healthcare mobile apps!

Lucky for you, we’ve prepared a complete guide that will dispel all your doubts about doctor appointment booking app development.

Quick Development Tips to Keep in Mind During the Development

  • Solve a specific problem. Many apps try to provide users with an as wide range of services as possible but eventually any service is provided at the proper level. In this blogpost, we’ll pay attention to important things for doctor appointment app development.
  • Put usability in the center. Today, users do not want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to use an app. Even if you promise them the lowest price and best professionals, you can’t hold them for long time without the user-centered interface and an appealing UX part.
  • Healthcare is pretty intimate sector, so make sure that your doctor appointment application meets all security and privacy standards.

Doctor Appointment Mobile App Features

According to Steelkiwi, only 11% of healthcare apps offer users desireable and necessary features. That’s why you should think carefully about user’s flow of your doctor app for android before starting the development.

In simple words, imagine what features will be essential for a typical patient?

Here, we’ve already created a list of essential features with details for any medical appointment app.

1 – Profile

Image credit: Zaynab Soulaiman

Image credit: Zaynab Soulaiman

Let’s admit it. Nobody likes to create profiles and spend time filling out registration forms. But, healthcare is a very personalized services sector, so your users can’t avoid making their own profiles. It’s for their own good.

So what information should your app ask to users?

  • Name & Surname – So that doctors can know how they can call you and make a record of your name.
  • Address – which is necessary to form a list of doctors located nearby from you.
  • Age, Sex, and other data – which may be important or necessary for the treatment process.

2 – Search

Image credit: Book Doctor Appointment App

Image credit: Book Doctor Appointment App

To help you understand this feature thoroughly, we’ve divided it into two parts. Let’s review both of them.


Once you’re done with the profile feature, move your focus to the central feature – booking.

The first step in booking an appointment is choosing an appropriate date. It’s nothing rocket-science, just provide your users with an interactive calendar where they can see availability of doctor to set an appointment.

For more convenience, you should provide users to book appointment up of 3-4 days, but no more.

Other Searching Tools

there are a number of tools that can make the searching more precise such as filters and sorting. This way, your users can find an appropriate doctor by criterias like speciality, proximity, price range, and others.

3 – Doctors’ Profiles

Image credit: Book Doctor Appointment App

Image credit: Book Doctor Appointment App

Once a user selects the date, the app will show the list of available doctors. But how should that user make the right choice out of list?

Doctors’ profiles!

In your on-demand doctor app, you must include this feature. And in doctors’ profiles, you may include the following details:

  • Location – it should give the exact location of doctor. Even much better if you add a distance counter.
  • Competence – It should include doctor’s specialty, professional certificates, experience, and so on.
  • Reviews – reviews from their past patients would be a greater advantage for new users.
  • Pictures – you may also include the pictures of doctor’s clinic or workplace, for example.

4 – Booking an Appointment

Image credit: Doctor On Demand

Image credit: Doctor On Demand

When a user find the right doctor, user should be able to send request for appointment. And you may also add built-in chat so that users can discuss additional questions or issues.

Once everything is discussed, the doctor confirms the request and the appointment is considered to be assigned. This means, now there is only one step left.

5 – Payment Option

Image credit: Designmodo

Image credit: Designmodo

The last necessary feature is payment option. Since your app will not going to only help people but bring you profits as well, a monetization model should be considered with in-app payment feature.

Also, if you do not want to lose patients at this stage, make your payment process meet the following criterias:

  • It should be easy – so that users have to make very little actions as possible.
  • It should be fast – try to lower the processing time as minimum as possible.
  • It should be secure – pay extra attention to the protection against frauds.

3 More Features Recommended By Us

You can achieve even better UX by implementing following features which were not in the above list. Let’s review them one-by-one.

1 – Telemedicine

Image credit: Doctor On Demand

Image credit: Doctor On Demand

We all know that a visit to a doctor can take about an hour or more, and it is fair toll if the patient needs a detailed personal examination. But what if a patient just wants to consult with a doctor and have no actual need to be with him in the same room?

By providing a facility to make a video call, you can save a lot of time of both, patients and doctors, which ultimately will attract more users to your online doctor appointment app.

2 – Driving Directions

Image credit: grace saraswati

Image credit: grace saraswati

Another feature we recommend is the in-app guide to the doctor’s clinic or office. We know that it’s not a big problem to use Google Maps to find the directions, but having the same capability in your app will add a great advantage in the eyes of your users.

3 – Emergency Services

Sudden injuries such as broken bones or burns requires emergency care. Therefore, it would be really helpful to check the list of available emergency rooms in nearby area with information on waiting time.

Finally, we’ve reviewed all necessary features and few more features that we recommend. So now anything else missing?

There is just one more thing we want you to consider.

In this short subsection, we want you to consider wearables to maximize effectiveness of your doctor appointment booking app.



To stand among your competitors, it’s always important to follow the trends.

According to IDC report, the number of shipped wearables increased by 20.4% during 2016-17 years, reaching the critical mark of 125.5 million devices. And by 2021, this number will double and reach to 240 million units.

While it’s not something to start with, but keeping this in mind can help you get more active users for your app in future.

What About The Development Cost?

The exact cost of doctor appointment app development depends on the number of hours required to build the app. So, only by knowing the complexity of app, number of platforms, and contract type, we can give you a fair estimate.

However, we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions regarding doctor appointment app, and also about our mobile app development services. And don’t forget to Contact Us to get the accurate estimation for your doctor appointment app project.


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