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A Smart Move in the Android App Development World

At Space-O Technologies, we have been working on the Kotlin language since its inception to develop the most powerful mobile and web applications for Android, JVM, modern browsers and native solutions to craft seamless user experience.

Here, we have dedicated Android developers, who stay abreast of the latest technology trends and interventions to transform your app ideas into smoothly running solutions.

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Gallery Guardian App

(Gallery Guardian: Android app developed by us)

Benefits of Choosing Kotlin Over Java to Develop Your App

Here are some of the main benefits of choosing Kotlin over Java for your next Android app development project.

Rich Performance

Rich Performance

Apps written in Kotlin run faster on Android P than its earlier version because of D8 – Dexer compiler.

High Adoption Rate

High Adoption Rate

There’s a massive growth of Kotlin Android developer community that means more community help available for your any issues or problems.

Safe & Secure Language

Safe & Secure Language

Android apps developed with Kotlin have lesser chances of the crash compared to Java. It is safer because of its null safety.

Highly Productive

Highly Productive Choice

Kotlin is more productive as it needs 20% less coding, which means fewer bugs and errors. Developers do not need to spend extra hours fixing the bugs.

Java Inter-operable


Kotlin is 100% interoperable in Java. So, your existing Java code can be used with Kotlin, and you do not have to develop your existing Java app in Kotlin again.

Official Language

An Official Language

Kotlin is the official language for Android application development by Google, so it would be a good decision to choose Kotlin.


Kotlin Fits Best to Create an Android App for the Following Categories

Here are some of the top mobile app development categories, where Kotlin fits best for the Android platform. Apart from these categories, Kotlin is also a right choice to develop any other type of Android application according to your business requirements.

Logistic and Transportation

Logistic and Transportation Apps

Develop logistic and transportation apps like Uber and Lyft using Kotlin. Both these brands have already started leveraging Kotlin for building internal tools. Using Kotlin, develop transportation apps with top features like nearby departures, and fastest routes.

Education & Learning

Education & Learning Apps

Irrespective of the type of education app that you want to develop on Kotlin, our Android Kotlin developers will develop advanced quality apps with features like video tutoring, personal mentors & guides through live chat option.

Photo & Video

Photo & Video Apps

Our developers are capable of developing all types of photo and video apps, powered by Kotlin. Making use of this advanced language, we can include top features like image adjustment tools, a collection of filters, customizable textures and other useful features.

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness Apps

Health and fitness are divided into three categories, including workout apps, nutrition and diet apps, and fitness activity tracking apps. We build all such types of health and fitness apps with features like video tutorials, tracking progress, making records, and live chat.


Grocery Apps

Like Instacart that is also using Kotlin language, develop your own grocery Android app on Kotlin. Our developers develop a high-end grocery app with your desired features like browsing items, constant track, delivery option, and in-app payment.


On-demand Apps

Grabbing the attention of enormous startups, companies, and enterprises, On-demand solution is the broad category. Here, we have an experience of developing over 40 on-demand app solutions, so get in touch with us for your requirements.


Project-Management Apps

We can make all types of project management apps like Trello and Basecamp using Kotlin. Both these successful apps have already started using Kotlin that result in a huge difference in their work comfort, quality, and speed.

Tours & Traveling

Tours & Traveling Apps

Here, we have experience of developing over 20 traveling apps with different aim and features. We develop a right tour and traveling app with top features like booking, geolocation tracking and maps, and searching option using Kotlin.

Music & Entertainment

Music & Entertainment Apps

Music and Entertainment is the vast category. Streaming, chatting, watching videos, listening to music and other such apps are different types of entertainment apps that developed by our Kotlin developers.


Food Apps

You just name it and our Android experts make it using Kotlin. Whether you want a clone of UberEats or Doordash, we develop all types of food apps with exclusive features like ordering, tracking, in-app payment and delivery option.


Financing Apps

We have expertise in developing business and finance apps from billing, buying, tracking, funds transfer to productivity enhancement apps using Kotlin. To develop a right financing app, let us know your business requirements.


Lifestyle Apps

Being an expert in this category, our developers are capable of developing all types of lifestyle apps from shopping to fashion app and virtual fitting room app with a wide range of features like searching, browsing, buying, and paying.

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Custom Android Apps Developed By Us

Glovo App

Glovo: Delivery from any store

Glovo is the most successful Android on-demand delivery app developed by Space-O Technologies. Covered by top website like TechCrunch, Glovo picks up and deliveries anything in your city within minutes. Available in a number of countries, including Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, and Peru, the app offers following top features:

  • Order from the best restaurants, supermarkets, and shops in your city and get it delivered to doorstep.
  • Keep track of the order in real-time.
  • Get any product from food, pharmacy, flowers, games, groceries, and anything in just minutes.
  • The app offers 24*7 customer support for any query.

Google Play Store

Gallery Guardian

Gallery Guardian

Covered by top sites like BBC and Huffington, Gallery Guardian is another successful Android App developed by Space-O Android team. The developed app alerts parents when a child takes or receives sexually explicit photographs. Using an image recognition algorithm, the detects if the image includes nudity or not. Here are some of the top features of the app:

  • Sends alerts to parents if any sexually explicit photos are being created or received to your child’s smartphone.
  • It uses image recognition algorithm to detect sexually explicit images and notifies parents in real time.
  • Allows parents to know where their child is at all times with quick view child locator.
  • Access resources to learn the best way to initiate a conversation with your child about smartphone usage.
Counting in Japanese

Counting in Japanese

Counting in Japanese is an Android-based educational app developed by our Android Developers. This educational app is developed for students, helping them in counting objects in the Japanese language. This learning app teaches over 27 common ways of counting various objects that exist in Japanese like days, people, and animals. Here’re some top features of the app:

  • Language selection from three different languages like Romaji, Hiragana or Kanji.
  • 27 common ways of counting various objects that exist in Japanese like people, days, and animal.
  • The study module offers quick revision of the lessons and attend online tests to check the progress.
  • Get results for all the units studied so far at one single glance.

Google Play Store

Shaka Guide

Shaka Guide

Developed by our Android developers Shaka Guide is a collection of GPS driving tour apps for Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and Big Island of Hawaii. These tour guiding apps are the perfect choice for self-guided travelers, who are traveling to Hawaii’s Islands. The apps give users a sightseeing trip to explore the entire islands through voice-based guidance. Here’re some top features of the app:

  • GPS Navigation System, guiding and suggesting interesting places and spots for travelers.
  • An offline feature, so users do not need data to access the app.
  • Audio-based Tour Narration.
  • 24*7 live chat support for travelers, allowing them to communicate with the support team.
  • Search the places by categories like beaches, hikes, kids special, restaurants, and things to do and see.

Google Play Store


Our Android App Development Process Using Kotlin Language

  • 1
    Analysis of Requirements

    Analysis of Requirements
    • Get to know our client
    • Comprehending client’s requirement
    • Proposing solution
  • 2
    Wireframing & Designing

    Wireframing & Designing
    • Blueprint structure
    • Wireframing each screen
    • Designing the app
  • 3

    • Coding the app
    • Layout main sections
    • Client’s feedback
  • 4

    • Testing the app
    • 100% bug-free
    • Get final approval from client
  • 5

    • Deploy to App Stores
    • Deploy to client’s server
    • App available for users

Why Hire Kotlin Developers From Space-O Technologies?

We, at Space-O Technologies, have a dedicated team of Kotlin developers. Our Kotlin developers are leveraging a proven app development process and delivering end-to-end Android development with Kotlin that cover the complete range of Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, and Android TVs.

Hiring Kotlin developers from Space-O Technologies benefits your business in many ways like:

  • Highly skilled & experienced Kotlin developers
  • Dedicated Kotlin team
  • Flexibility to choose hourly or fixed-cost engagement
  • Seamless communication
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • On-time delivery of the project
  • Technical support


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