Would It Make Sense to Create a Photo Sharing App Like Instagram? (Some Important Considerations Before Getting Started)

Would It Make Sense to Create a Photo Sharing App Like Instagram? (Some Important Considerations Before Getting Started)
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Who should read this content:

  • Everyone – who thinks creating a photo sharing app like Instagram won’t make any sense.
  • Individuals – Who have creative ideas to develop photo sharing apps like Instagram or Flickr.
  • App Entrepreneurs – Who wants to build Instagram Clone or a photo sharing app better than Instagram and gain huge following.

700 Million people use Instagram!

When you see this huge number, you probably think “No thanks, I’m not going to even try to create a photo sharing app like Instagram, because everybody already loves and uses Instagram”.

While it’s true that people love Instagram, but at the same time people always like new things. So, don’t be afraid of developing an Instagram Clone, because just like Instagram, your photo sharing app will also find its users eventually.

Here’s an example:

WhatsApp and Viber.

Both are instant messaging apps with similar features and functionalities, but the main point is: both are popular.

While Viber and WhatsApp is developed for the same purpose – to provide instant messaging solution, but Viber has some features that WhatsApp doesn’t and vice-versa.

For example, with Viber you can share your screen with another user during a chat. And in WhatsApp, you can send documents upto 100 MB.

Now we all know that Viber was developed as a competitive alternative to other services available such as WhatsApp, WeChat, and Skype. In fact, when it was started, there was a serious competition going on.

But according to Talmon Marco, Founder of Viber, the competition only helped them. He said that “I think competition drives innovation. We wouldn’t be able to innovate, if it weren’t for competition.”

Similarly, all you need to do is to innovate.

And while you’re doing that, there are certain important considerations that you need to keep in mind before you start developing your photo sharing app.

Important Considerations Before Getting Started!

When we talk about mobile app development, the first thought that comes in our minds is – the cost.

1 – How Much Does It Cost To Develop Photo Sharing App Like Instagram?

When it’s the matter about cost, most people think of it as an expense which is wrong. The cost is not an expense, but an investment to earn more money out of it. And don’t worry, we’ll give you some tips on how to start getting a ROI as you read on.

For now, let’s talk about the cost first. The cost to build a photo sharing app like Instagram isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t have to be overly expensive either. Here are some things to know:

  • Each platform for which you want to make your app is available raises the price of development.
  • Developers charge between $15-$150 per hour.
  • Each photo sharing app development requires approximately 1500-2000 hours.

At Space-O Technologies, the cost of photo sharing app like Instagram for iOS would cost around 1420.5 hours, on an average. And for the Android platform, it will cost you around 1704 hours. However, the cost can vary based on the type of customization. You can visit our Instagram Clone page to get detailed information.

Now if you’re trying to cut down your initial cost by developing for only one platform (Android or iOS), then it’s a big mistake.

How would you know that your target audience is only on iOS? Or Android for that matter?

To increase your chances of success, you’ll have to invest for both platforms. It’s a risk you have to take.

Because after all, Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks, right?


Therefore, it is wise to create a photo sharing app like Instagram for both Android and iOS platform.

And once you get your budget squared away, you need to consider the must-have features of your photo sharing app.

2 – Features Every Photo Sharing App Must Have

A photo sharing app needs a certain number of features to hold itself up in the competition. Some might say that it’s not necessary to include filters or social pushes, but the fact is, your photo sharing app wouldn’t be successful without such features.

So, here are the must-have features for every photo sharing app:

  • Registration – creating a new account and signing into an account via existing social networks.
  • Edit Profile – adding, modifying, and removing personal data.
  • User Posts – uploading pictures taken into the app or sharing existing pictures from gallery, and also allowing to mention / tag people.
  • Feed – Subscribing, following, seeing, and commenting on other users’ posts.
  • Social Features – sharing to other social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and inviting friends from those networks as well.
  • Photo Editing – cropping, editing, rotating, and applying filters to the uploaded pictures.
  • Notifications – notifications of new comments, likes, and followers.
  • Search – search friends and family by username, tags, or email address.

Without above features, your app has a very little chance of gaining traction in the competition. As you know, your app will need to compete against all other photo sharing apps out there, even top apps like Instagram or Flickr.

However, this shouldn’t concern you or stop you from developing a photo sharing app. After all, there are 2.08 billion smartphone users out there who are always trying out new things. So, there is a plenty of room left for your photo sharing app to gain a following.

Although, if they don’t get a good user experience out of your app, then you need to start worrying.

3 – Do Not Follow Every Step Instagram Makes!

Instagram might have plenty of features and functionalities covered, but there is always white space for new photo sharing app ideas on the market. These spaces could easily be filled with some new functions or features that your application will provide.

For example, for family and memorable events to be captured, or for people who have same professions or hobbies.

Point is, you need to dig deeper into the waters of market analysis and go an extra mile to make your photo sharing app successful.

4 – Create Your Unique Spin

You want to create a photo sharing app like Instagram, but you shouldn’t make just another Instagram clone. Reason is, 700 million people already have Instagram and your app idea should have something new to bring in the market.

So, once you’ve got the basic features built, it’s time to think of your spin.

For example, ask yourself these questions:

Will this be a private photo sharing app like Snapchat?

Or do you want to create a photo sharing app for sharing across multiple available platforms?

Will my app support GIF images?

How my app will differ from the existing photo sharing apps?

Once you find and develop your own unique spin, you’re ready to enter the market.

Remember that the most important thing in order to succeed is Originality.

So once you’ve developed your unique spin or unique features, you need to market those features to increase your user base, engagement, and retention. And if you keep those things on track, you might also gain an insane amount of following as Viber did.

5 – Monetize Your App

The main purpose of developing a mobile app is to make money. So it’s important to monetize your app in order to make money. If you don’t monetize your app, you won’t see a ROI. Therefore, here we’re few monetization tips as we promised.

  • Sponsorship and Advertising – businesses create profiles or show their advertisement and pay you to show their ads to your users.
  • In-App Purchases – for photo sharing app, think: premium filter packs, stickers, advanced editing tools.
  • Paid / Premium Version – developing paid services.

Monetization isn’t hard if you play your cards right. Take Viber for example. When it was launched, Viber was totally free (and still is), nobody pays anything to use it. And the founders didn’t wanted to change this. So, they came up with different ways of monetizing it. They developed some paid services such as Viber Out and Sticker Store, and Viber started generating profits.

Same way, you could also opt for this option if you do not want to show advertisements or offer in-app purchases. So with your amazing idea and quality developers, it’s possible that your app also achieve success as Viber did.