A Complete Guide For Entrepreneurs to Understand Cost of Developing a Taxi App Like Uber Bit-By-Bit.

cost to develop Taxi app

Uber’s success story motivated a lot of Entrepreneurs for launching their own taxi hailing apps with similar idea. This is why in this blog, we’re going to dive into the actual process of Uber like taxi app development and analyze the expenses to understand the actual cost of developing a taxi app like Uber.

Uber is a simple and unique startup that got significantly popular among all startups, which have been launched since 2009. In fact, Uber has now seized market in 70 countries and 523 cities.

According to latest reports, Uber value has reached $51 billion.


Due to this Uber’s success, a lot of Entrepreneurs and taxi businesses have started thinking about launching their own taxi app like Uber to get a fair share in the market.

Moreover, even if you don’t make as much as Uber in terms of revenue, developing and starting your own Uber like startup can be a digital foundation of a successful digital business.

And as far as traditional taxi businesses are concerned, they can also develop a taxi app for their brand from scratch and increase their revenues immensely. In this blog, we’ll share the complete analysis for you to understand the exact cost of developing a taxi app like Uber bit-by-bit.

Now, remember, the final cost of Uber-like app development depends upon the number of features you want to include in it. The cost estimation we’re going to share below includes the necessary features that we think each taxi app should include, along with both platforms iOS, Android, and a Website.

The Comprehensive Analysis of Cost to Create a Taxi Booking App Like Uber

DeliverablesDescriptionEstimated Man Hours
DevelopmentGraphics DesignQC/TestingProject ManagementTOTAL
(I) User’s iOS Application1. Business Analysis & Communication304.54.5342
2. Base Code & Architecture81.21.20.811.2
3. User Features:
3.1. Instructions50.750.750.57
3.2. Create a Profile:
3.2.1. Email & Phone81.21.20.811.2
3.2.2. Name60.
3.2.3. Link Payment101.51.5114
3.3. Terms & Condition60.
3.4. Sign In60.
3.5. Sliding Menu81.21.20.811.2
3.6. Main Screen:
3.6.1. Map View162.42.41.622.4
3.6.2. Bottom Car Menu162.42.41.622.4
3.6.3. Pick Up Location81.21.20.811.2
3.7. Set Pick Up Location:
3.7.1. Base View81.21.20.811.2
3.7.2. Choose Locations60.
3.7.3. Fare Quote81.21.20.811.2
3.7.4. Promo Code60.
3.7.5. Select Payment81.21.20.811.2
3.8. Request Screens253.753.752.535
3.9. Rate Driver & Feedback121.
3.10. Profile162.42.41.622.4
3.11. Payment243.63.62.433.6
3.12. Support121.
3.13. Promotions30.450.450.34.2
3.14. Share162.42.41.622.4
3.15. About40.
4. Graphics Design Integration507.57.5570
5. Push Notifications Logic101.51.5114
(II) Drivers’s iOS Application1. Business Analysis & Communication152.252.251.521
2. Base Code & Architecture60.
3. User Features:
3.1. Authorization101.51.5114
3.2. View/Edit Driver’s Profile162.42.41.622.4
3.3. Orders Monitoring182.72.71.825.2
3.4. Accepting an Order101.51.5114
3.5. Navigate to Destination304.54.5342
3.6. Order Completion121.
3.7. Interaction with Supervisor81.21.20.811.2
3.8. Rate Customer10.
4. Graphics Design Integration304.54.5342
5. Push Notifications Logic60.
(III) User’s Android Application1. Business Analysis & Communication304.54.5342
2. Base Code & Architecture101.51.5114
3. User Features:
3.1. Instructions60.
3.2. Create a Profile:
3.2.1. Email & Phone101.51.5114
3.2.2. Name81.21.20.811.2
3.2.3. Link Payment142.12.11.419.6
3.3. Terms & Condition81.21.20.811.2
3.4. Sign In81.21.20.811.2
3.5. Sliding Menu101.51.5114
3.6. Main Screen:
3.6.2. Map View2033228
3.6.2. Bottom Car Menu2033228
3.6.3. Pick Up Location101.51.5114
3.7. Set Pick Up Location:
3.7.1. Base View101.51.5114
3.7.2. Choose Locations81.21.20.811.2
3.7.3. Fare Quote101.51.5114
3.7.4. Promo Code81.21.20.811.2
3.7.5. Select Payment101.51.5114
3.8. Request Screens304.54.5342
3.9. Rate Driver & Feedback152.252.251.521
3.10. Profile2033228
3.11. Payment304.54.5342
3.12. Support152.252.251.521
3.13. Promotions40.
3.14. Share2033228
3.15. About50.750.750.57
4. Graphics Design Integration6099684
5. Push Notifications Logic121.
(IV) Drivers’s Android Application1. Business Analysis & Communication152.252.251.521
2. Base Code & Architecture81.21.20.811.2
3. User Features:
3.1. Authorization121.
3.2. View/Edit Driver’s Profile2033228
3.3. Orders Monitoring243.63.62.433.6
3.4. Accepting an Order121.
3.5. Navigate to Destination355.255.253.549
3.6. Order Completion152.252.251.521
3.7. Interaction with Supervisor101.51.5114
3.8. Rate Customer10.
4. Graphics Design Integration355.255.253.549
5. Push Notifications Logic81.21.20.811.2
(V) Web Services (API), Frontend & Backend Websites
1. Business Analysis & Communication152.252.251.521
2. Base Code & Architecture101.51.5114
3. Web Services (API):
3.1. Authorization121.
3.2. Payment Systems253.753.752.535
3.2.1. Customer-Driver Connection Functionality355.255.253.549
3.2.2. SMS Messaging System Integration162.42.41.622.4
4. Frontend Website:
4.1. Home Page213.
4.2. Help Center162.42.41.622.4
4.3. Careers121.
4.4. Drivers60.
4.5. Cities121.
4.6. About Us50.750.750.57
4.7. Blog101.51.5114
4.8. Member Area:
4.8.1. Dashboard81.21.20.811.2
4.8.2. Promotions50.750.750.57
4.8.3. Payment101.51.5114
4.8.4. Settings121.
4.8.5. Get FREE Rides101.51.5114
4.9. Graphics Design Integration253.753.752.535
5. Backend Website100151510140
Note: If you are providing Graphics / Design for the project, then you can exclude the estimated hours.

Is Investing in Uber Clone Really Worth The Money?

Of course it is!

We hear about new taxi app startups and traditional radio taxi business building an app like uber all the time. In fact, we’ve helped at least half-a-dozen of Entrepreneurs and taxi business owners to move their entire business on mobile platform. 2 Placez is one of the example.

2Places is a widely used on-demand transportation service provider app that allows users to book kid and elder friendly transportation. It offers transportation with as little as 90-minute notice. The users of the app can schedule one ride or book reoccurring rides at one time.

But besides our client’s application, there are many taxi startups who earned a fine share in the market.

ApplicationYear of FoundationMarketGoogle Play Installs
Grab2012Southeast Asia100+ Million
Lyft2012USA10+ Million
Hallo2011UK, Ireland, Spain,
Singapore, Japan
1-5 Million
Didi Dache2012China1+ Million

Now, if you plan to come up with your own taxi booking app, the best decision for you is targeting the local market first.

Things will be much easier if giants like Lyft, Uber, Grab, and others don’t operate in your locality yet. In such case, you don’t need to come up with something new as you can just study leaders in the market and apply the same strategy.

But what if there are strong competitors like Uber or Lyft on your local market?

If that is your situation, then you might need to think of a completely unique taxi reservation app, some unique features, or you’ll have to dump your prices in the early stages.

However, there is one more thing you can do in such case. You can overcome the competition by creating a mobile app for different type of vehicle. You can consider the idea of Uber for Helicopters or Uber for Trucking and come up with something unique.

Uber For X is Also Happening!

To succeed in the on-demand market, you can also build Uber-like apps for flowers, gifts, laundry, tutors, alcohol, and many more. Just remember that it needs to be essential to the consumers and competitive among rivals.

Uber business model has given a big opportunity for developing on-demand apps. Entrepreneurs have taken the basic idea of Uber and created applications for different industries. For example, Airbnb is often called Uber for Hotels and Postmates is also known to be Uber for Food.

So, if you’ve such on-demand app idea in mind, then you can just check out our On Demand App Solutions and Services to get more details. If you would like to create Uber clone app for your taxi business or online taxi booking system, then you can share your business requirements with us by filling out below form, and our business analyst will get back to you within 16 hours. The consulation is absolutely free of cost.

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