Calorie Counter App Development: How Foodvisor (Best Nutrition App) Raised $1.5million With These 4 Important Features

calorie counter app development

With the wave of healthy living, everyone around is obsessed with controlling their weights and figuring out diet plans with their gym routines. To acknowledge such diet and nutrition ideas, the digital world has also contributed in the form of a calorie counter app like Foodvisor. Nutrition tracker app is a perfect blend of technology and trend, so let’s have a look at 4 important features, which you as health expert and fitness startup owner should consider for your calorie counter app development.

In two weeks, you’ll feel it. In four weeks, you’ll see it. In eight weeks, you’ll hear it. 

A fitness freak or a person who wants to reduce weight always need motivation. Maintaining a healthy diet is hard work, and people are getting conscious of everything that goes into the mouth. 

With the weight loss apps and calorie counter apps, they can actually control their cravings and know the exact calorie intake. Such features and functionalities are making the nutrition app genre popular with each passing day. 

According to mhealth industry trends, digital health valued at USD 86.4billion in 2018 and is expected to witness approximately 29.6% CAGR from 2019-2025.

calorie counter app development

With this growing trend of mhealth, we are going to discuss one such app, Foodvisor. This calorie counter app uses deep learning technology and has millions of users recently. As per the news from TechCrunchthe nutrition app has raised $1.5million so far. The food tracking startup is now valued at €1.4million. Let’s dive into the gist about the best nutrition tracker app before heading towards the features.

Foodvisor: Calorie Counter App 

calorie counter app development

Image Credit: Foodvisor

  • The fitness and nutrition tracker app was founded in 2018 by Aurore Tran. The nutrition app recognizes food items through deep learning technology.
  • The diet tracker app has managed to attract 1.8million app downloads. It is available in French, English, German, Spanish.
  • The on demand calorie counter provides its users with a nutritional assessment showing calories, fats, proteins, fibers, and other micronutrients.
  • The calorie tracking app scans barcodes using a built-in camera of the user’s phone and tells exactly what is in the food they find at the supermarket.

Now, let’s move on to the Foodvisor app’s intricate features that will help you to make your calorie app development project successful in the health and fitness genre.

4 Must-Have Features for a Successful Calorie Counter App Development Like Foodvisor Every Health Expert & Fitness Startups Should Consider

#1 Snap a pic and count the calories

Who will not like the idea of a pocket-friendly dietician?

Being a mhealth or fitness startup, when planning your app development, make sure you consider the new technological trends like deep learning to allow your users in getting a complete nutritional breakdown of the diet.

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Through your best nutrition calculator app, you can engage more audience by tracking their calories via clicking photos. You can also offer nutritional assessment from a barcode scan of industrial products or a manual entry of meals by the phone’s built-in camera and tell about the food they are buying at the supermarket.

Expert Tip: Your app can also have a custom meal option. Herein your users can easily save their favorite meals and can set their calorie chart according to their preferred food items.

#2 Set a goal, track diet, and calories burnt through physical activities

If you are planning to develop a calorie counter app, it must-have features like:

  • Calorie tracker: It counts the calorie intake during the whole day and suggests a meal according to it for the next time. Calories burnt by walking, running, exercising, is also counted to identify the weaknesses by highlighting areas that need improvement. 
  • Set goals according to diet:  To track diet, it is very important to set goals (monthly, weekly, daily) as per the user’s preference to see the actual progress made by them.

Such tracking statistics feature will make your app pocket-sized nutrition coach. For instance, if a person wants to know how many steps has he walked and the calorie burnt, he can easily log in to the app and know their current fitness status.

#3 Advice from nutritional experts

With a tight schedule and work all over the place, it is not possible for your user to sit inline or take an appointment over a call and be present on that day. But, with your calorie counter app, you can provide an effective solution by providing an in-app expert advice feature.

Being in the fitness industry and planning for a calorie tracker app, you need to have an authentic source collaborated with your app. A nutritional expert can engage his loyal customers to your app. You can integrate a live chat session, video call, or in-app messaging facility to reach the expert 24*7. 

#4 Motivating and inspiring recipes

calorie counter app development

Image Credit: Foodvisor

Allow your users to customize their own recipes or to look for some new ones through the calorie counter app development. To become the best nutrition app, your app should have curated healthy recipes that can motivate your users to eat healthily and stay fit. As a matter of fact is, healthy food is not tasty. Make sure your app has good videos and recipes that can lure a user’s attention. 

On a Concluding Note

After going through these features, you might have got an idea of calorie counter app development. Without any hesitation, you can cross-verify your features and app idea with us. Our contribution to the health and fitness app industry is Get Fit Buddy, Ryan Spiteri Fitness, Hypervibe, and many more such health apps that are developed by our experienced developer’s team.

In case, if you still have any queries about how to develop a health and fitness app, the cost of developing an app, calorie counter app development, develop an app like MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, develop an Android app, get in touch with us. Fill up a simple contact us form and our sales representatives will address you shortly. The consultation is absolutely free.

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