Uber for Tutor: 5 Features You Need to Include If You Want to Develop a Successful Tutoring App

This blog contains a list of top 5 features that you need to include while developing a successful on-demand tutoring app like Wyzant Tutors. Private coaching centers, institutes, and education classes can develop their own tutoring app, helping students. Let’s have a look into it!

Today, the world is moving with on-demand solutions. No matter whether it is about booking a taxi, ordering food or grocery items, calling a handyman at home, or looking for tutors, on-demand tutoring solutions have made it easy to get things or services at the doorstep.

When it comes to hiring a tutor, the traditional model of finding a tutor and hiring that person to come to your house once a week does not make sense for this generation of students. Today, students often need help on an immediate basis, and that is a big part of what attracted on-demand tutors.

These days, hiring tutors on-demand is not a big deal for parents or students as there are many best tutoring apps available on the web. These tutor finder apps help students to find the best tutors as per their requirements. Students look for the best tutor nearby, book a session for a particular subject, get learning, and share the experience with other students just like Wyzant Tutors.

Increasing Growth of Online Tutoring Service Apps

The annual growth rate of students, who are enrolling in the online tutoring solutions is expected to double in the next couple of years. The global K-12 online tutoring industry is expected to grow rapidly and will post a CAGR of close to 12% during the forecast period. In the year 2016, the online tutoring market of K-12 segment valued at $63.57 billion and it is predicted to be $120.67 billion by 2021.

With the increasing demand for online tutoring app like Uber, several coaching centres and classes have developed their own tutoring app, helping students to get in touch with the best tutor. Using how to find tutor apps like Wyzant and Ace tutors, students connect with various experts, hire the right fit based on qualifications, and schedule the meeting as per the convenience.

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Top On-demand Tutoring Apps

  • Wyzant and Ace tutors both are the most successful on-demand tutoring apps, connecting students with experienced tutors instantly.
  • Both these tutoring apps help students to hire tutors based on qualification, hourly rates, and special skills & expertise.
  • Students book the session anytime and anywhere of their desired course and pay through two different modes online and cash.

If you have also made up your mind to develop Uber for tutors app, here are the top 5 features that you need to include to make your on-demand tutoring app successful like Whzant and Ace tutors:

  1. Allowing Students to Find Nearby Tutors Easily

    To make it easy yet simple to hire tutor on-demand, allow students to find and search for all the nearby tutors with just a few simple taps. Let students search and look for tutors by location, subject or courses, hourly rates, skills & expertise. From a complete list of tutors, covering different subjects and proficiency that require in particular subject, students can hire their desired tutor.


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    To make your tutor app stand out from other obtainable apps, make sure to allow students or parents to compare tutors and check their ratings & feedbacks, backgrounds, and hourly rates. By comparing different tutors, students can get help in hiring the right tutor for their needs and get the best learning experience.

  2. Enable Students to Book On-demand In-person or Video Session

    After selecting the right tutor for their course or subject, enable students to book an on-demand in-person or video session with just a few simple taps on the app. Once they choose their desired tutor, students can send him/her a lesson request to book an at home-session or video session at their preferred time.

    Apart from this, you can also make it easy for students to book a session in advance for a particular date and time, helping them to stay tension-free. No matter at what time and date they want to book a session, an app for tutors must have a calendar so that student can easily make decision and book session in advance.

  3. One-to-one Chat or Messaging Option

    One-to-one chat or messaging feature plays an important role when it comes to developing a successful tutor finder app like Uber. By including a chat option, you can enable students and tutors to message each other when required. Students can directly send a message to tutor when they have doubts, need help with homework, preparing for an exam or answers to their queries.


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    The main benefit of including the chat option is students do not have to wait for tutors to visit home or come on video-call to discuss queries; students can directly drop a message to tutor and get an instant answer irrespective of the time and place.

  4. Safe & Secure Payment Option

    The most essential feature that you need to consider while developing Uber for tutoring app is safe and secure payment option that is by powered by the most secure payment gateway, including PayPal, Stripe and any other gateway. Apart from this, you can also allow parents or students to pay by using wallet money or credit/debit card through the payment gateway.


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    By this way, you will not store any credit/debit card details with you, giving students a secure payment experience. Moreover, you make sure that you don’t charge payments or deposits for the lessons that students have booked. Charge students only for the lessons or courses once it is completed.

  5. Ratings & Reviews

    Ratings and reviews can make your on-demand tutor app stay ahead from other tutoring apps as it will help students to share their reviews and feedbacks and give ratings to different tutors whom they have hired for a particular subject. Even, it will help them to know which tutor is more demanded and getting a higher number of ratings.


    Image Source: Wyzant Tutors

    Apart from this, other students and parents can check the reviews and rating of different tutors while hiring and easily make a decision that whether to hire or not. Allow students to give ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 and share a detailed review so that other students can hire on the basis of star ratings and reviews.

How You Can Make Your Uber for Tutor App Popular

  • To make your tutor finder app popular than other apps, make sure to keep innovating with the latest technology like Artificial Intelligence and provide students with the quality learning experience.
  • Another way is connecting students and tutors in just a matter of a few seconds. Students can have video-call or one-to-one chat within seconds and get instant help related to any subject, course, and topic.
  • In addition, allow students to manage all the lessons that they have requested, upcoming, in-progress, canceled, and successfully completed sessions. It will help them to track their sessions and revised the lessons easily.

On a Concluding Note

You have just gone through the list of top 5 features that you can include in your Uber-like tutoring app or consider while creating on-demand tutors app to make it stand-out. No matter what type of tutoring app you want to make for your education center or institute, it is crucial to give students better learning experience. They must get the easiest way of looking and hiring tutors and get help in the difficult subjects through your app.

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