How to Build a Taxi App Like Uber in This Competitive Taxi App Industry? Essential Features and Key Factors That Contributed in Uber’s Growth

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If you came across this article, then you’re probably searching for a guide on how to create an app like Uber or Uber app development cost.

You might have already done research about the taxi industry, the mobile app market, how to grow a taxi business, and now all you need is to build a simple app like Uber, right?

Actually no. It’s not that simple. And if it were, everyone would have built their own application like Uber and establish their own billion dollar company.

The fact is, you cannot compete with Uber and other mighty taxi apps by simply building a taxi app similar to Uber or Lyft.

The entire process is a complex system. It involves powerful targeted marketing strategy and a strong backend where your mobile app will play a small part responsible for interacting with your customers.

Moreover, the simpler the app looks, the more hours have been spent on making it look that way, increasing the complexity for the backend.

Point is, building a taxi app like Uber requires a lot of efforts, time, and expertise on various technologies to make it function properly.

Every day, our sales representative hear from many Entrepreneurs that they want to build an app like Uber or ask how much does it cost to build a taxi app.

This idea is actually widespread.

Ever since Uber arrived, it has indeed changed the whole taxi and ground transportation industry.

History of Taxi Industry

app like uber

The Taxi industry has been around since 1600’s when a horse and buggy were used to transport people in Paris. This trend was then carried over to U.S. and many other countries in the 1800’s.

However, the trend really took off when mass development of automobile came into picture. Cabs were invented to provide a transport solution to everyday working people who need a ride without having to driving themselves.

Today, cabs are used in major metropolitan cities around the world. These cabs have now integrated into our culture. In fact, Entrepreneurs of today have revolutionized this industry with a new extension called Ride Sharing through mobile applications.

The concept of such taxi apps is fairly easy. It allows individuals to hail a ride from stranger and save cash at the same time. Such taxi apps came into existence around 2010 when Uber was borned.

Uber Success Story

In this modern day and age, travelling in world’s busy cities has always been a hassle to those who do not own any kind of vehicle. The traditional public transport is also unsuitable for specific times or immediate needs to travel in the city.

Before Uber and Uber like apps, customers had to wait until a free taxi showed up and it wasn’t suitable to many customers. This is the main problem Uber has overcame.

Uber was born when its former CEO Travis Kalanick couldn’t find a taxi in Paris to get to a conference. He realized that this was a problem faced by countless number of people around the world and decided to launch Uber.

Today, Uber is available in many countries across the world including U.S., India, Australia, France, and so on.

Overtime, many Entrepreneurs entered the same market with different taxi app solutions such as Ola and Lyft, and established their own successful taxi app startups.

In fact, many companies are developing apps like Uber, but what really matters is who serves the best services in terms of quality, price, time delivery.

And as far as mobile app development for your taxi app is concerned, remember that there are actually two mobile apps, and not one. Because without a driver app, passengers won’t have anyone to drive them around.

So before you dive into the mobile app development process, make sure that the following features are considered.

5 Essential Features of Taxi App Like Uber

Let’s briefly review the essential features of a taxi app one-by-one.

1: Location and Map:

The technology of map and GPS for location tracking is used to find the current location, find drivers, and track the route. Besides, it is also most useful for fare estimation.

apps like uber

To track the location of the driver and provide driving directions, Google Maps are the best option. While in iOS, Core-location framework is used to locate user’s and driver’s location. The link will take you to Apple’s Corelocation documentation webpage.

2: In-App Payments:

radio taxi solution

Building a taxi app without a payment gateway solution is like having a torch without a battery.

Moreover, the inbuilt payment systems allow customers to pay for their ride right from the mobile app. And if you want to process credit card and debit card payments, you need to use payment gateway services such as BrainTree, Stripe, or PayU that does the job for you.

3: Analytics System

Having a taxi app without analytical data is like driving a car with your eyes closed.

You know what will happen, right?

So, get data, analyze them every day or week or month, and improve your app accordingly.

Having analytics data of how your taxi app is performing will help you see where your app needs improvements and where it is good.

And while you’re at it, make sure that you make a decision based on REAL numbers only!

4: Profile:

The necessity of profile has several reasons. First and most important is for online payments.

Also, it makes the option to review and rating drivers more personalized. This adds up in improving customer loyalty and increases the retention rate.

5: Push Notification:

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Whether you create a taxi app, news app, or photos videos app, Push notifications are a must to inform users about news and campaigns that you have for them.

Push notification helps to set a connection between demand and supply. Moreover, it is also possible to build an in-app messenger so that passenger and driver could chat with each other.

Other Features That Need to be Included in Your Taxi App:

  • Referral Program
  • Trip History
  • Trailer tracking
  • Coupons
  • Fare Calculator
  • Vehicle Selection

So now that you know about the essential features for your taxi app development, let’s talk about the key factors behind Uber’s growth.

3 Key Factors of Uber’s Growth

1: The Early Adopters

Uber started its services first in San Francisco because they knew it would be a smart move. By targeting San Francisco they had access to a highly interactive tech community who would readily take interest as they always look for services which improve the quality of their life.

Uber also got their early adopters by hosting tech events. And apart from these, they offered free rides in the beginning for those who would be most likely to interested in utilizing their services.

2: Benefits for Customers

Uber and all other apps like uber are problem solvers for riders. It is because they provide a ride-hailing service to individuals who need a taxi service at their current location and reasonable price.

There are probably millions of individuals utilize the services of Uber, Lyft, Gett, and other radio taxi solution and they’ve revolutionized the industry in every way. Not only that, but they have also made the experience more passenger-oriented in a way which allows passengers to track their vehicle as it is in route to them. In addition, they’ve also integrated the feature of in-app payments, eliminating the need for carrying cash all the time.

3: Benefits of Uber Drivers

While passengers benefit in a number of ways from Uber, but they aren’t the only ones experiencing benefits of Uber’s service. The company has created jobs for dozens of thousands of drivers who are facing difficulty in finding work in the city.

Disrupted Traditional Taxi Industry, Once and For All!

As you probably know that today Uber is disrupting the taxi industry. The company has indeed changed the face of taxi services. In fact, Uber has made it less of a need to own a personal car by providing taxi services at a reasonable price.

Due to the huge disruption in the taxi industry, many have followed the trend.

Today, Lyft, Ola, Gett, and a lot of other app startups got their inspiration from the Uber business model and have successfully established their own taxi app startups. And if you thinking same, building a taxi app like Uber, the timing is better than ever.

In most parts of different countries, people have started using Uber and some radio taxi software to ride around within the city, which makes the taxi app a perfect place to establish an app startup.

If you’ve any questions regarding taxi app development,  fill out our Contact Us form, and our sales representative shall get back to you within 24 hours.

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