Top 5 Features of Medication Tracking Apps

This blog embraces information for startups and entrepreneurs. We’ve rounded up top features, which are highly recommended and you can rely on during pill reminder and best medication tracker app development.

The niche ‘healthcare’ has now clearly recognized the potential of digital health around the globe. It has emerged as a fast-growing and potentially disruptive segment of the healthcare market. The advent of mobile apps has uplifted the productivity of the healthcare sector. In short, we can say that mHealth or mobile health is a game-changer.

As per the report from NCPIE (National Council on Patient Information and Education), “Seniors use more medicines prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) and supplements than any other age group in the United States.” However, whether it is about taking 1 or 10 pills in a day, it is quite hard to remind the total medicines for a day.

If we’re talking about the pills and medicine reminder thing, then we can’t forget to mention about “Pill reminder-medication tracker app”, which lies under the category mHealth. Such an app helps users to take medicines on time, in general. Apart from this, it can do a lot of things for patients who do not allow themselves to remind for a long time.

The pill reminder and medicine tracker app allow to remind missing doses or easily manage the prescription drugs, a daily pill reminder may be the answer in order to help the user to keep on track. If you already have the business under the medical health category and want to create one of the best apps for medication tracker and pill reminder, then you need to check out how these apps can beneficial for patients/app users?

How Are Medication Tracker Apps Beneficial for Patients?

It is supposed that prescribed medicines or pills should be taken properly without altering doses or taking breaks in order to work best. Therefore, medication tracker and pill reminder apps help users/patients to take pills as per the schedule.

According to research, “Neglection doctor’s orders is called as medication nonadherence. And, it causes approximately 125,000 deaths per year.” So, the patients usually do not follow the instructions of their medication reminder, and they end up skipping the prescribed medicines.

So, if you have made up your mind to build a pill-reminder-medication tracker app to ensure your app users do not forget to take their medicines on time, here we have covered top essential features, which you can consider. Have a look!

5 Features Need to be Integrated Before Pill Reminder & Medicine Tracker App Development

  1. Reminders: Allows to Set Reminders

    As the name implies ‘pill reminder and medication tracker’, the reminder feature is the crux of such app. The reminder feature allows app users or patients to set the reminder for his/her prescribed medicines, including morning, afternoon, and evening doses. Enable app users to view their medication reminder list to see “what is due today?” In this way, through the app, this feature can remind app users a number of ways, and ensure not to miss out a single dose.


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    So, in order to keep track of medicines, this is a core attribute, which is mandatory to integrate before developing a pill reminder and medication tracker app. Moreover, you can also implement a snooze option that lets users remind about medicines later. By letting the user set date and time, app user can make most of it to keep him/her on track.

  2. Informing About The Medicines & Its Information

    One of the core features is to keep users informed regarding details of medicines and their information. It allows users to organize whole pill names in one place by using the auto-complete function and get notifications to take those prescribed medicines, plus the user can keep track of his health, including blood pressure, glucose, body weight, and temperature.


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    And, simply they can arrange such things in one place and share the results further with doctors. Additionally, this feature also offers a platform where the user does not need to visit the doctor. Moreover, allow users to store doctor and pharmacy contact information, create the to-do list, and import medication lists from drugstore accounts.

    Also, users connect with the app to keep track of medications to get notifications about when it is time for their medication, and they can also check whether or not it has been marked as taken.

  3. Alerts

    The next feature, which is timely refill alerts that is all about helping users to ensure that they would not run out of pills. Such a feature also gives advance warning when it is time to order a refill of medicines.

    This core feature is highly recommended to include during pill reminders and medication tracker app development. If you want to build apps for medication tracking and compete among your rivals, then you need to include such handy and useful feature that can add value to users’ lives.

  4. Track History

    This useful feature is also recommended to include, allowing app users to track the history of medicines taken in the past or for the past week. Such a feature is a must, and it can help you to build a unique pill reminder and medication tracker app. It is important to embrace such feature, which provides ease of experience to your users. So, don’t forget to integrate such feature before developing apps for medication tracking.


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  5. Allows to Invite Caregivers and Earn Points & Rewards

    When creating a medication tracking app, it is important to include a feature that allows users to invite their respective caregivers to share what they are up to in their medications. Simply, such feature is worth-to-include, and users’ caregivers can also track them through pill tracker app.

    In fact, you can also consult our experienced app developers to integrate the advanced features in the app based on your requirements. Being a startup consulting firm in the USA, we guide startup companies to execute their plans into action.

    Coming to the next feature, which is all about to earn points and rewards through pill reminder and prescription tracker app. Being a startup, you can also provide a gamified points system to earn points and rewards, and they can even win prizes.


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The Bottom Line

You have just gone through top features, which are highly recommended to build successful medication tracker and pill reminder app. Furthermore, if you have the following questions in mind like:

  • What is the app development cost breakdown?
  • What is the importance of creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of an app?

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