How to Build Interactive iMessage Sticker App in iOS 10 (Tutorial Demo)

Build Interactive iMessage Sticker App in iOS

With the release of iOS 10, Apple has now created new opportunities for iOS developers and iPhone app development companies to develop various types of iMessage applications, from simple sticker apps to completely interactive iMessage apps.

The main benefit the app developers will have, is the ecosystem of iMessage. The iMessage app store will be completely separate from the regular iOS app store and it will show the only iMessage related apps. This means, only a handful of developers are working on this presently, thus your iMessage app is more likely to reach on the top chart right now.

So, we’re going to help you grab this opportunity and show you how to develop iMessage app with one demo.

Now, in order to make an iMessage app, you’ll need XCode 8 on OS X EI Capitan (10.11.1) or later version. Xcode provides a template to create quick and easy iMessage sticker pack without having to write any code at all. Therefore, you’ll not need to look for any xcode app tutorial to learn to code for an iMessage app development.

Usng xcode , we’re going to make a simple iMessage sticker app tutorial in which, you can integrate & send emoji sticker messages to your contacts. You’ll also learn how to create sticker packs for different sticker sizes by providing the largest image size for the sticker pack.

Building The iMessage Sticker App

Create a new project under the file menu and select “Sticker Pack Application” and click on next button.

Sticker Pack App Screenshot

Now find Stickers.xcstickers in the project that contains “Sticker Pack” folder.

SOMessageSticker iMessage App Integration


Sticker Pack iMessage App Integration

Next, download the sticker images that you want to include in your iMessage sticker app and add them to “Sticker Pack” folder.

StickerPack App Development

Once you add the sticker images, it’s time to run the project. As you run it, you’ll see a dropdown list like shown below.

Here, you can select ‘Messages’ and press ‘Run’. it will open the Messages with the sticker app installed.


Else, you can also choose ‘Today’ and press ‘Run’. it will install the sticker app which you can find in the Messages app.

How to Develop iMessage Screenshot

Once the app is loaded, you’ll see stickers in Messages keyboard area.

Sticker App for iMessage App Store

To send these stickers, just click on any sticker that you wish to send and it will be in the textbox.

Sticker App Send Message Screenshot

Lastly, just click on the send button.

iMessage Sticker App Screenshot

That’s it! Wasn’t it hard right? However, this was just a simple demo. You can develop even more interactive and engaging iMessage app development and integrate existing app with iMessage app extension.

For instance, check out Stickers & Emojis Stock for iMessage, developed by Space-O Technologies iOS developers and getting 1000+ downloads daily, 

iMessage App Downloads

So, if you have an iMessage app idea and looking for iPhone app development company, you can contact us. We’re an award winning app development company in India and we’ve worked with 25+ successful startups and developed over 2000+ mobile applications which mean, not only we know how to develop apps, but we also know the professional approaches for making a mobile app successful.

You can also download a copy of this source code from GitHub here.

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