Stop Wasting Your Time! Look for These 5 Must-have Features for Grocery Shopping List Apps


This article embraces must-have features of grocery list app for those startups and entrepreneurs who want to develop grocery list app. Let’s check out which are those top features?

There is a lot of technological growth, which is driven by the individual’s ever-growing need to save time and money, plus to organize their everyday regimes. For a majority of people, managing day-to-day household work efficiently can be unpleasant and stressful at the same time.

If we’re talking about making a grocery shopping list and some purchases, it is always an important part to get done. However, it is not at all surprising that mobile apps are not lessening this part of urban households. Thanks to grocery shopping list apps!

Suppose, if you are going to develop grocery delivery app, then where do you start from? The answer lies in to find out the most successful approach, which you need to understand how app users use mobile apps while shopping. Right? Simultaneously, before developing grocery shopping list app, you need to do deep research and know the most-desired features of users.

Taking a deeper look at how to make grocery list app successful, we’ve curated a list of must-have features, which are the most expected in the grocery list app.

5 Must-Have Features That Startups Can Consider Before Developing Grocery List App

  1. Grocery Shopping List Reminders

    An ideal grocery shopping app reminds app users to buy essential groceries for daily use, which they are most likely to run out of by the end of the week such as milk, bread, and eggs. The grocery list app helps users to create the best grocery list app iPhone each week with minimal efforts or typing. Also, it makes sure that the users never forget the basics for daily use again. Such feature also shows users the groceries that are most likely to require, based on the history of past grocery shopping. So, you need to consider built-in reminders in the app and keep reminding users to know when they are about to run out of groceries.


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  2. Enables Users to Track Spending

    Everyone wants to look for the solutions where they can take an overview of their current spendings. Therefore, enabling app users to track spending is listed among one of the must-have features in grocery shopping apps. A grocery shopping list app must provide a personalized experience to users. So, if you have made up your mind to create a mobile app for grocery list app, then the eventual purpose is to give shoppers an effortless shopping experience and to make it happen, you need to include such feature in grocery shopping app.

    Furthermore, you can also provide tips on how to cut down expenditures on shopping. By providing this, you can stand out from your rivals. Such a feature also lets users inform the main areas of spending and recommend the tips or strategy on how to cut down the expenses on grocery shopping. It is important to curate every feature, which gives a personalized experience to users.

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  3. Grocery Coupons and Loyalty Programs

    Nobody is in the world who are not equally enthusiastic about coupons in order to save huge bucks on shopping. So, the next feature is all about grocery coupons as it provides users with a simple way to turn virtual coupons into savings. Users always appreciate personalized coupons, which are based on a current shopping list. Well, grocery coupons come in different forms as both digital and paper, and representing different discount programs, which can be seasonal, weekly and daily.

    The online grocery apps, which generate or find relevant coupons based on the previous history of shopping or user’s location that can help them in family budgeting. When users add something to the grocery list app, then the app alerts them if there are any grocery coupons available to print or load to grocery store loyalty card. The app should automatically load coupons and keep up with ever-changing sales and discounts.

  4. Barcode Scanner

    The feature, barcode scanner helps users to find out as much as possible about the products in a minimal amount of time and efforts. To scan their groceries, users put their phone camera at the barcode of a grocery item and check the prices of the items on their phone screens. They can add grocery items to an electronic shopping basket or cart. The barcode scanner feature provides information about the nutritional value of a specific item or any dietary recommendations also.


    The barcode scanner feature helps users eat healthier food and achieve their goals to remain healthy. This useful feature helps users to manage weight and conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and Celiac disease. It also facilitates maintaining a vegan or vegetarian diet. Now, users will be no longer to surf multiple websites to check the calorific value to know about the particular grocery item.

  5. Quick & Easy Sharing


    The sharing feature is must-have in a shared grocery list app, which you need in order to ease grocery shopping of users. If one person curates the required grocery items, he/she can share the list with the person who is in the supermarket. So, the quick and sharing feature lets users do it in one tap. And, those required items will automatically add another person’s device. Also, there could be an option for sharing a grocery list with multiple platforms like quick and easy sharing.


Above, you have just gone through with must-have features that are highly demanded by users in Grocery list app. Therefore, if you have decided to develop a grocery shopping list app, then there are a few takeaways:

  • Users want to minimize their time at the shopping store. So, you need to plan features accordingly.
  • App users want to cut down on impulsive buys and plan their family budget in a more efficient way.
  • Users always want to use new coupons and discount programs at their favorite grocery stores.

Therefore, a grocery shopping app or best shopping list app that includes these features and functions with a user-friendly interface has a good chance of competing with rivals, who are already in the marketplace.

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