How Doctor on Demand, a San-Francisco-based App, Raised $74M in Series C Funding With These 4 Powerful Features


This post is for those startups who belong to medical sectors and want to develop an on-demand doctor app. Herein, we’ve compiled top features of the Doctor on Demand, a San-Francisco-based app. Let’s have a look!

The time has completely changed. We tap the button and get into the new world in a fraction of seconds. It surely sounds revolutionary. Right? That is what’s being promised by arising on-demand platforms in different verticals today. The on-demand economy is built on the top of a technology infrastructure, which brings the offline and online world together.

Now, Uber for doctors is trying to disrupt the on demand healthcare industry by providing the on-demand services app. A telemedicine startup that serves Doctor on Demand service has already joined the competition in the niche of mHealth. The mobile app for healthcare is the fastest and easiest way to see an urgent care by doctor or psychologist on computer, tablet, or phone from the comfort of home. A San Francisco-based, Doctor on Demand app service is specially introduced for non-emergency services like cold & flu, skin & eye issue, allergies, depression, and anxiety.

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “A Doctor on Demand that is a telemedicine app to facilitates quick video consultations with physicians has raised $74M in Series C funding led by Goldman Sachs and Princeville Global”. The app users of Doctor on Demand can get an assistant under three minutes from a physician through a smartphone or a desktop.

Glossary Term:

Telemedicine: It defines as the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients through telecommunications technology.

Well, in the previous times, telemedicine providers use phone-based callbacks to treat patients, and charge subscription fees to provide access to doctors. However, this approach has failed to achieve widespread consumer adoption and cost savings. However, the apps like Doctor on Demand has completely changed the telemedicine space because of introducing live video feature, which is quick and easy.

The Market Size of mHealth Care and Telemedicine Sectors

  • According to the report from Statista, “One of the most attractive sectors for mHealth app companies in 2017 was “connection to doctors”. It was one of the leading healthcare sectors for doing mHealth connected business.
  • Mental health is one of the growing areas. According to the report, “There is a $50 billion addressable market in the U.S. alone”.
  • The Global Telemedicine Market Size: According to the report from Statista, “The global telemedicine market was valued around 18 billion U.S. dollars. It is expected to increase to over 40 billion dollars by 2021”.


  • The digital health market is expected to reach over 200 billion U.S. dollars by 2020 driven particularly by the digital health technology.

The Growth of the Doctor On Demand App

  • “In 2015, the total number of app users were 25 million, who were Americans”, according to the report.
  • As per the report from App Annie, the app ranks on #2 in Apple App Store. In the below image, you can see the recent downloads of app, which is on the top and it has been constant for the past time.


  • Furthermore, according to the report from SimilarWeb, the app is performing well in terms of ranking. As in the below image, you can see the Google Play rank is number 11.


Apart from the plethora of data, let us move towards the powerful features of the app like Uber for doctors, which you can consider as a physician. Let’s have a look!

4 Powerful Features That Tech Startups Need To Consider Before Developing Telemedicine App Like Doctor on Demand

1. Enable Users to Consult With Board-Certified Doctors Through Live Videos

For telemedicine startup, one of the vital features is to enable app users to do live video sessions or one-to-one sessions with physicians through employer partnerships, an individual account, or through partnerships like Comcast Corporation. It also provides users with the national health plans such as United Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. As they claim to provide in-network or subsidized access to over 25 million Americans.

To create an app like telemedicine, video is vital to delivering high-quality care. In this feature, the quality of video must be high. As it all depends upon smooth connection and clear image in order to provide a proper diagnosis and accurate treatment.

If you are a physician by profession who needs to create an app like doctor on demand, then you need to consider the following points before providing on-demand solutions to your users:

  • Through the on-demand mobile app, patients or app users can connect with a Board-certified physician at anytime of the day and anywhere they have an internet connection.
  • While video technology is the backbone for doctor on demand businesses, so this is the most vital feature that tech startups need to take extra care during Doctor on demand app development.


2. Allows Users to Access High-Quality, Medical and Mental Healthcare in Minutes

The best thing about this feature is there is a customized solution in terms of features to patients according to their illness. This feature simply provides an easy and personalized solution to patients or app users. So, patients can get a solution or guidance according to their illness. However, there’s not one physician or doctor for every kind of disease as patients will have choices to select one according to their needs.

3. See The Doctor Right Away and Schedule a Time That is Convenient for Users

Undoubtedly, Doctor on demand app is one of the top-rated services, and it has an unique business model that is changing the world of telemedicine. So, one of the important features, which you need to consider while developing apps like Uber for Doctors is to schedule the appointment with the doctor as per the user’s requirement. This feature provides two options to users to book or schedule an appointment with doctor or physician as per his or her convenience.


However, this is a unique feature, which is worth to consider if you as a tech startup have decided to create an app like Doctor on demand. Talking about Doctor on Demand app, It is No Subscription Fee Business Model (PEPM), which has made Doctor on Demand the telemedicine partner of choice for an increasing number of companies. In this app, patients or app users only need to pay when members have a video visit.

4. Available With and Without Insurance

To develop telemedicine app, it is important to add a feature which helps app users to get treatment by adding their already existing insurance plans or without it. If we’re talking about Doctor on demand, it is available to everyone in the U.S., and accept many insurance plans. There is a feature to free to join, and price for a doctor visit may be significantly less than the user would pay for an urgent care in any pharmacy clinic. It is exactly what patient’s visit will cost by signing up in the app.



Telemedicine services are a sensible alternative to in-person appointments for people who live dozens or even hundreds of miles away from their healthcare providers.

  • Basically, telemedicine app for doctors are based on video and reliable connections where doctors depend on visual and other cues from patients to diagnose their symptoms.
  • The connections can create a better connection between a doctor and patient and ultimately, better and quality care service.
  • You need to provide secure and reliable platform, which is compatible with all the browsers and works on both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • It provides the cloud infrastructure and powerful SDKs, so businesses need to add real-time video to their mobile apps.

Being a physician, if you are planning for telemedicine app development, then it is must to hire one of the proficient Android/iPhone developers for on-demand app development.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to Uber for doctors app, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form and our sales representative will right back to you within 48hrs.

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