3 Reasons Why Your Airport Shuttle Service Needs an App like Uber

Airport shuttle service

This blog is for those startups, who are providing airport shuttle service to travelers. Herein, we’ve curated top three reasons why you as a startup need to develop an app like Uber airport shuttle. Let’s check them out.

Gazillions of people visit airports around the world. And, airport management authorities usually get busier to look at different ways in order to handle such huge traffic. While expanding the airport’s capacity and building better infrastructure may sound like the logical thing to do; however, it may not be immediately achievable.

So, adding another runway and opening a new terminal are such things that are not only time-consuming but are also likely to cause disruption. So, airport shuttle services are the hope, which can lessen out traffic congestion. Let’s know more about the airport shuttle service.

What Do We Mean By Airport Shuttle Service?

Airport shuttle means to and from the rider’s departure and destination place. Undoubtedly, an airport shuttle service business can be very profitable to own and operate. In order to grow an airport shuttle service, it is best accomplished by building alliances and partnerships with the companies and local businesses, which can supply you with the customers such as hotels, tour operators, travel agents, and large corporations.

On a fundamental level, airport shuttles transport people between the airport and either their homes, hotels or where they have parked their vehicles. Airport shuttles are used by businesses, travelers, groups, families, and riders. The driver picks travelers up at a predetermined location and drops off whenever necessary, specifically with no more than two stops on each route. Generally, vehicles are spacious with ample room for riders to store their luggage.

In the past times, if we look back to the tough time, then there were no such things like ride-sharing apps. If anyone wanted to travel to the airport or travel back home, hotel or any other place from the airport, they did not have a ride. They had very few options, including expensive taxi, cramped shuttle service or a slow public transit. Thanks to airport shuttle services because these services have created an affordable and hassle-free alternative.

Today, mobile apps based on airport shuttle services have changed the way people look at the taxis that allows people to book a ride to the airport or from the airport to any place. If you are running an airport shuttle service, so let us talk about owning a taxi app like Uber for shuttle service, which is always a smart choice for the entrepreneurs.

When it comes to talking about Uber’s Airport shuttle service, the company is piloting a new PIN feature at the Portland International Airport, providing riders with a one-time six-digit numeric code to speed up pickup times and reduce traffic congestion. However, Lyft has launched a similar feature at the Portland Airport and it uses a four-digit code.

uber airport shuttle service

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Airport Shuttle Business Needs an App like Uber

1. Offers a Convenient Way to Airport Riders to Book a Ride

Any business can get success only if it provides solutions to their customers. So, this solution is customers centric. Through a mobile app, the airport riders can request a ride when they have a lot of bags in their hands. The Uber-like apps for airport shuttle service provides fast and convenient way to book a ride with just a few simple taps.

Furthermore, through a mobile app, you can provide convenience to airport riders to book a ride within a fraction of minutes. By doing so, people can skip the rental car lines and ride with your business’s app to the hotel or destined places. In simple terms, we can say that it offers a convenient way to airport riders to book a ride through the app that serves airport shuttle services.

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So, if you are running airport shuttle business, and still do not have a mobile application, it is a high time to create an app like Uber for your airport shuttle business.

2. Gives Peace of Mind to Maintain Your Airport Shuttle Business

Who doesn’t want to be relaxed and maintain their business easily? The answer is everyone. So, another reason to develop Uber-like app for your airport shuttle service is peace of mind. A mobile app simply gives you a peace of mind to manage your airport shuttle business easily. So, let us check out what are those pivotal things, which can lessen hassles of your work as a business runner and how you can ease it.

• Keep track of your fleet using the app

The taxi booking apps like Uber will give you full freedom to systemize everything as you own a number of taxis to run your business. And, it is very difficult to manage all the taxis and drivers. However, with an app, you can definitely make it easier. There is a GPS facility, which has made it easier to ensure the safety of the vehicles, reducing the chances of accidents on a large scale.

• Increase booking frequency

A perfectly scripted taxi booking app for your airport shuttle service can be effective. Airport shuttle app with the advanced fleet management system provides updates about the taxis that are available through the GPS location map. It will also impact on increasing the number of bookings. With such apps, one can easily increase the booking frequency.

• Standardized Rates

In a taxi booking app, the rates of the user’s side are always fixed. There is no need for bargaining. It is important to save the time for your riders. Because people like to use those services where there are fewer hassles in terms of bargaining. Usage of taxi apps paves way for cashless payments. It is important to provide your customers or riders an easy transaction, so online payment is much easier as compared to handing cash over.

• Offer Quality Services

If the quality is not above decent, then there is no way to achieve unexpected results in taxi booking app niche. With the increasing competition, only the outstanding app with complete features can make it. Nevertheless, it’s being said that technology seems to be improving with every day, and an app that launches now will have all the technologies and better versions of it on the mobile app. In order to serve your customers quickly and efficiently, you need to build loyalty. Better the services are, the better ratings you’ll receive from the passengers which will further solidify your brand name.

3. Efficient & Safe Model for Your Business

Hard cash is always a risky thing to be carrying around. And, especially when it is late at night out in different areas. It is important to install a wallet payment option that will increase the security for both the drivers and the users. For the entrepreneurs, who are pissed of managing numerous cars without an app, so taxi booking app is a perfect solution that will surely work for their business and help them in managing taxis along with drivers.

It has separate functionality and features for drivers, users, and admin. While drivers can accept, pickup and drop the customers, app users can book, ride, and pay in the most secure way.

Furthermore, once the app user has requested a cab and pinned their location on the map. The closest driver will be notified. The driver is set to arrive that is not more than 5 minutes. The minimum waiting time is no time basically. So, developing an airport shuttle service app like Uber is an efficient model for your business.


Over the past few years, the mobile app industry has developed largely. If you still do not have a mobile app like Uber for your airport shuttle services, then it is a high time to develop taxi booking apps.

To get success, you just need to analyze the market and construct a business plan or a model accordingly to make sure that it will work. Also, all you need to cross-verify your app idea with the trusted mobile app development company as it will help you to develop your own airport shuttle app like Uber.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding Uber airport shuttle service app or taxi app development, you can get in touch with us through below-given form. Our sales representative will right back to you within 48hrs.

This blog is updated to include the recent PIN feature of Uber that cut wait times at US airports.

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