How to Become an App Developer [A Complete Guide]

Look around you and think like a user – how many apps do you use daily? How many apps do you install? Probably a lot, right? The same is represented in this given graph. In the year 2022, users have downloaded more than 255 billion apps.


Source: Statista

The number is definitely huge, so does the opportunity for the aspiring app developers. But how to become an app developer? The question remains the same.

Not anymore, because we have decided to throw light through this complete guide on becoming an app developer. Find what you must know before becoming a developer and other essential topics that we will cover here. Let’s find out one-by-one.

Why a Mobile App Developer?

Statista has reported that in 2023, mobile apps will generate a revenue of more than $935 billion via paid downloads and in-app advertising. So without any doubt, a mobile app developer is one of the most demanding jobs we have right now in this world.

Whether developing new apps, maintaining them, or implementing exciting features in the apps to keep the audience engaged, being a software developer, you have a high opportunity for specializing in this field.

In order to meet the demands and make life more comfortable, software developers have to exist. So, if you are looking for job security, then this career path has no signs to slow down in the near future. Not only for a great career opportunity, but you also use your app development skills and coding skills to earn a lucrative salary.

According to the report of Payscale, the average mobile application developer salary is $73,404/year in the USA. And if you are an experienced mobile developer, then the average salary is expected to reach $1,12,000/year.


Source: Payscale

This graph clearly represents the market growth for developers based on their experience. It is the right time to grab this opportunity and enter into the world of developing mobile apps.

Want to know what it takes to be a developer? Then refer to the following section to find the essential information on becoming a developer.

What Must You Know Before Becoming an App Developer?

There are certain factors that you need to consider. In this section, we will discuss all those factors to help you reach one more step closer to your goal.

What Must You Know Before Becoming an App Developer

Let’s check all those factors one-by-one:

Education Required for Applications Developer

Many people believe that one doesn’t need a degree to enter into this world. However, the truth is that the paying employers might not allow you without having related educational degrees.

Here are some of the degrees that may help you to become a Software Engineer or app developer.

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science or related field
  • Bachelor’s of Technology in a Computer Science or engineering field preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Management Information Science, or related field

However, you can still choose not to opt for any degrees and learn many things about the practical aspects of mobile development from various courses and boot camps, and start working as a freelance mobile application developer.

Now, let’s see the top software development skills that you need for becoming a mobile developer.

Top Skills Needed for Mobile App Developers

You require both technical skills as well as soft skills for being a good developer. Now, you need to decide whether you wish to be an Android or iOS developer. Based on the type of platform, you will need to learn the essential technical skills.

If you check the report from Statista, then you will get to know that there are more than 3.55 million Android apps and 1.6 million iOS apps that are available for the users to download, making both Google Play Store and App Store lead compared with other app stores.


Source: Statista

This is the prime reason many people opt to learn iOS and Android mobile development processes and want to become an Android or iOS developer. Therefore, we have mentioned the essential technical skills that are required for iOS and Android apps. Let’s start first for the iOS:

Essential Technical Skills for iOS Developers

Essential Technical Skills for iOS Developers

  • Swift and Objective-C: These are the main programming languages to develop iOS apps, and you can easily get started with and learn to develop iOS apps. Therefore, being a successful mobile developer, you must know these languages and their core concepts.
  • UIKit: UIKit is a framework that helps to design user interfaces while developing an iOS app. Using UIKit, you can implement features like gestures, animations, default components, and haptic touch control into various iOS applications.
  • Xcode: Xcode makes it easy for iOS developers to write apps. To learn more about Xcode, download it through the website of Apple Developer and can eventually understand how Xcode functions.

Essential Technical Skills for Android Developers

Essential Technical Skills for Android Developers

  • Java, Kotlin, & XML: These are the main languages that you can use to develop Android apps. Using a programming language, you can convert a software design into a functional Android application. Therefore, you will be required to know how to use all conventional view containers, standard views, and other essential components to develop an Android app.
  • Handle Data and Notifications: While developing an Android app, you will need to store, update, and delete information on an Android device. It is not always possible to rely on an API that is from outside. Therefore, you will need to store information locally on the user’s device. You will also need to implement push notifications for giving a rich user experience to your customers.
  • Know Guidelines of Material Design: In 2014, Google created a Material Design framework to develop mobile applications. In order to work in the context of designing and developing new apps, you must know about the guidelines of Material Design and learn to improve design skills to implement them into your project.

Essential Soft Skills for Mobile App Developers

Unlike technical skills, soft skills are non-technical skills that relate to how you behave, interact, manage, solve problems, and work. Basically, it defines your personality and positive attitude towards any work.

Let’s check all these soft skills that are essential for mobile developers:

  • Attention to minor details and user behavior
  • Ability of adapting changes in the Agile development environment
  • Strong interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills
  • Experience in project management
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Enthusiasm to learn new concepts and technologies

Roles and Responsibilities of a Mobile App Developer

A developer has many responsibilities on the shoulder. From talking with the clients, identifying new plans or features to finally developing an app, it is a roller coaster ride for a developer.

Let’s dive in to know more about the roles and responsibilities of a mobile app developer. Please note that some of the points are referred from Glassdoor that is a website where employees can share the reviews and their salary details anonymously.

  • You have to talk and consult with the client to know about requirements and app specifications
  • Identify and plan for the new features to implement in the app
  • Develop APIs to support mobile functionalities
  • Programming and connecting apps to other programs and databases
  • You must be up to date with the terminology, concepts, and best practices for coding mobile apps
  • Work closely with the mobile app development team, including the designing and testing team
  • Focus on innovating app functionalities and designs
  • Running a beta program for testing part and writing documentation
  • Use and adapt existing web applications for apps
  • Updating apps with new features and functionalities
  • Write user interface and unit tests to identify malfunctions and fixing bugs

How to Become an Application Developer?

To make this easy for you, we have listed 6 easy steps to become an app developer. Proceed to each step one-by-one to reach near to your goal.

  1. Choose App Development Platform

  2. Choose App Development Platform

    The first hurdle that you need to cross is by deciding the mobile app development platforms. There are various mobile platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, and Blackberry RIM.

    It is quite evident that the iOS and Android markets are leading platforms in the mobile app industry. On the other hand, Windows 10 applications are still growing and still need time to become more profitable in the near future.

    Thus, choosing either iOS or Android will be a win-win situation for you. Please ensure that both the platforms are entirely different from each other, so you better cover one at a time. However, later you can expand your horizons to include other mobile development platforms.

  3. Get the Required Training

  4. Get the required training

    There are several ways to get the required training to accomplish your goals. You can either go for online courses, offline courses, directly learn from developers or choose to learn from the mobile application development books.

    In case you need help, then refer to these blogs to find the best iOS app development courses and Android app development courses for beginners. We have shared a detailed comparison of all the courses, so you know which course will perfectly fit your requirements. Also, the list has free and paid training programs to help you get a comprehensive set of training materials.

  5. Create Your App Development Portfolio

    Create Your App Development Portfolio

    Once you get enough training, try to build your mobile app development portfolio. However, creating a portfolio from scratch is not as easy as you think because a portfolio makes the first impression of your work. A portfolio needs to be attractive as well as engaging to increase your chances of getting selected.

    Here are the things that you need to include in your portfolio:

    • Ensure you make your landing page attractive that easily grabs attention
    • In the about section, provide a brief introduction of your interests, passion, and capabilities that make you stand out from the crowd
    • Next, mention the big projects that you have worked on as a beginner. Don’t include any simple projects that are common and done by a lot of people
    • Now, add your skills to highlight what you bring to the table
    • Mention your contact details as well as provide a link to your LinkedIn and GitHub
    • Moreover, add details like certifications and testimonials
  6. Write Your Technical Resume

  7. Write Your Technical Resume

    A resume helps potential employers to make hiring decisions where you can display your top skills and qualities. Your resume can make or break your application for the job. Thus, ensure you follow all the do’s and don’ts that we have mentioned below.


    1. Customize your resume whenever you apply for an internship to match your skills with the specific job requirements.

    1. Misinterpret your qualifications and skill sets. Even a slight fabrication can be grounds for termination. Stay honest with your work.

    2. Show your technical skills with their proficiency level and how long you have used each one.

    2. Don’t experiment on your resume with a weird format. Stick to a clean and easy-to-read format.

    3. Include a list of projects that you have worked on with the complete description, technologies, and methodologies that you have used.

    3. Do not get too personal by adding your photo, height, or marital status to your resume.

    4. Highlight your achievements and accomplishments by including a list of any special recognition and awards you have received.

    4. Do not make any typing errors. Proofread again and again. Otherwise, it gives a wrong impression to the employer that you are not detail-oriented.

  8. Apply for Internship

  9. Apply for Internship

    Once you create your portfolio and resume, you are good to go for applying for an internship. Find out about all the companies that are currently hiring interns and also fit their job description based on your qualifications and skill sets.

    After applying for the internship, get ready for your scheduled interviews. The best way to do it is by finding the most asked interview questions and overview the company details to get a clear insight into the job description.

  10. Convert Internship Into a Job

  11. Convert Internship Into a Job

    Your positive attitude towards work and soft skills will help you convert an internship into a full-time job. Here are some other ways that you can follow to be offered the opportunity to return to a full-time role.

    • Do hard work because employers want to hire someone who is hardworking and takes the initiative.
    • Be professional with your work and adhere to all the policies of the company.
    • Know your colleagues and learn from your seniors because this is your moment to explore and expand your knowledge.
    • Always appear enthusiastic to learn and strive to be helpful to your co-workers.

Do You Have an App Idea?

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Now, don’t you want to check how much an iOS and Android app developers earn? Why are we waiting then? Let’s go!

Mobile App Developer Salaries – How Much Money do Mobile App Developers Make?

We have already shared one report from Payscale to check the average salary of mobile app developers. Now, we will check the individual salary reports for iOS and Android app developers.

  1. iOS Developers

    According to Payscale, it has been reported that iOS developers earn an average of $98,480/year in the USA. This report has been made based on 746 salary profiles.


    Source: Payscale

  2. Android Developers

    Now again, according to the report of Payscale, Android app developers earn an average of $96,111/year in the USA. Please know that based on 522 salary profiles, this report has been generated.


    Source: Payscale

    However, the salary varies based on the company size, location, and coding experience. You also must know that some mobile developers prefer to work as a freelance app developer and web developer, and their work can pay them hundreds of dollars an hour.

Still, have some queries in your mind? Don’t worry; we have also answered some of the most asked questions on becoming a mobile app developer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to become an Android developer?

  1. Learn the fundamentals of Java, which is an object-oriented programming language
  2. Understand the Android application lifecycle
  3. Learn how Android API, Android SDK, and Eclipse functions
  4. Get the required training from courses or books
  5. Start developing Android applications
  6. Distribute or publish your app on the Google Play Store

How to become an iOS developer?

  1. Learn the coding basics of Swift and Objective-C and know how programming works
  2. Learn how to use iOS app development tools, like Xcode and Mockplus
  3. Understand the iOS application development lifecycle
  4. Get the required training if you need help from experts
  5. Start to develop iOS applications from scratch
  6. Upload your app to GitHub.
  7. Publish your app on the App Store

How long does it take to become an app developer?

The duration to become a developer will depend on the path that you will choose to take. The first is the traditional route that may take up to 6 years. This involves getting a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering.

Another route that you may take degree programs or opt for online courses. This way, you can learn core concepts of the software development process within two or three years, or even less.

How can I learn mobile app development?

First, pick any most popular mobile development platform and start to check app stores to find what apps are lacking and how you can improve those lacking areas.

Work on design guidelines and think of new app ideas to make money. Mobile app development is all about the creativity that you have to develop a mobile app.

Then start with the basics of programming and API that are required to develop apps. You can also learn through various courses or books on software development. This is how you build an app and keep learning.


Your Journey Starts From Here

We have covered almost all the essential information that you need to know to become a mobile app developer. We hope this information will help you to make the right decision for your bright career ahead.

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