Why Use PhoneGap for Your Mobile App Development Project?



Mobile app development can be a cumbersome and costly affair unless you make the informed choices about the resources to work for your best interests. Choosing a reliable technology for your mobile app development project is one such decision that matters the most in order to meet your goals in the best way possible.

Not known by everyone but PhoneGap can add a great value in your mobile app project. Here is why:

  1. Cross Platform Compatibility: PhoneGap offers the highest level of cross platform compatibility supporting 8 different mobile app development platforms comprised of iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, webOS, Symbian, Bada and Tizen. This means your PhoneGap mobile app development team will have to write a single code curtailing the efforts to program for different platforms separately.
  2. Accessibility to Native APIs: PhoneGap equips your mobile app developers with an access to native APIs so your app can make the most of camera, accelerometer, geolocation, contacts, and other native features. In short, it helps to retain the native mobile app experience which is far more superior compared to web app.
  3. Investment: When you have tight budgets or you want optimum leverage within the lowest investments, PhoneGap is your tool. Not only will it be cost effective to create single PhoneGap mobile app that operates smoothly on all platforms, but you will be free from the cumbersome process of finding the right team or talent for mobile app development across diverse platforms. This ultimately saves your time along with your money.
  4. Ideal for Big Business Models: With the prevalence and implementation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in enterprises, mobility management (or EMM) is certainly a challenge. Here PhoneGap mobile app development can ease the situation to an extent allowing developers to code universal apps (that work on all mobile devices) instead of platform specific apps.

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