Uber for Towing: Don’t Miss to Consider These 4 Powerful Features Before Developing On-demand Roadside Assistance Apps


If you want to create an app for roadside assistance, then being a startup or the entrepreneur you need to go through with this blog post. Curated top four features, which can be included for developing on-demand road assistance app, Honk- the Uber for towing.

There is a number of people who strand due to a number of obstacles occurred in their ways. In such situation, the road assistance is the real solution for the majority of people on which they rely on. So, what does exactly the road assistance mean? Simply, it means there is something that people generally use in such situations which they encounter rarely. However, this is something more than this. The emergency roadside assistance generally covers towing, tire changes, fuel delivery, winch out, jumpstart lockouts and replacing lost keys of vehicles.

Honk – The Uber for Towing

Whether it is about stuck in a situation with no fuel or having a mechanical issue in the vehicle, there is a mobile app for that, which ensures to assist app users to get out from such roadside situations as anybody rarely encounters on the road.

The Los-Angeles based startup, Honk Technologies provides an app, Honk, the uber for tow trucks services, which allows the user to quickly book or a request an on-demand towing truck or mechanic via the app. According to the report from TechCrunch, “Honk, the Uber for towing app has secured $18 million in Series B round of funding led by Altpoint Ventures.” However, the Honk app shares the same business model as what Uber and Lyft do.

Honk app has over 3500 roadside assistance partners for services like flat tires, towing, lockouts, and Jump to start across the United States.

Apart from this, the roadside assistance app has a huge and fragmented market. As per the market research firm, IBISWorld, “Customers spend roughly $6 billion on the roadside assistance services. However, it is safe to say that the market size of roadside assistance app is huge and flourish.


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Before jumping to the main portion, which will cover the top features, which can be highly recommended to build an app like Uber for towing services, Honk. Let’s us check out the keyword “Uber for towing”, which is in-search according to the Google Trends. So, in the below-given image, you can check the keyword “Uber for towing”, at its peak on search or interest over time.

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4 Powerful Features Need to be Considered Before Developing an App like Uber for Towing

1. Allows to Find Available Professional Service Providers Nearby

When the car breaks down all of sudden during the trip, there is nothing more miserable than this. Being a startup, if you want to assist your users by providing an app like Uber for towing, Honk. Then, there is a must-have feature, which you can’t forget to ensure your users to provide fast and reliable roadside assistance service as Uber and Lyft provide with ride-hailing services.

Talking about the feature, it allows the user to find available professional service provider or tow truck driver nearby by just putting his/her vehicle location and the destination where the user wants to reach using the vehicle. By just one tap, the user will be able to book tow truck at any time anywhere.

So, if you have decided to develop tow truck app like Honk, this is one of those main features, which you can’t afford to miss in your solution.


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2. Schedule and Select The Type of Service

Honk is one of the largest trackable and traceable roadside assistance app in the United States. However, it is worth to check its next nitty-gritty app feature. For developing an app that connects users with drivers for towing services and roadside assistance, it is important to include a feature in which user can schedule and select the type of services, including tire change, out of battery, towing service, no gas, and jumpstart lockouts.

The user must be able to select the service according to his/her requirements with a few taps. Moreover, being a startup, you can also provide the “other roadside assistance” service, which will be customized, and the user can fill up as per the requirement.


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3. Real-time Geo-tracking

Honk is similar to Uber, providing a slew of usable features that make it the Uber for towing services. So, in order to develop roadside assistance app, one of the essential features to include, called as real-time geo-tracking. By using the app, app user can see the real-time location of the truck driver or mechanic. For providing seamless customer experience, the real-time geo-tracking attribute is must to consider.

On the other hand, if we’re talking about driver’s side application, then providing with the real-time geolocation tracking feature, they will know in which location they have to reach. Therefore, providing real-time tracking feature means convenience to both users as well as your driver partners.


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4. In-app Payment

Payment is one of the pillars to build an app like Uber for towing services. In simple words, we can say that this is what which you need to pay attention to it. One of the basic yet important features is to provide in-app payment option to app users.

The fastest payment processing and reliable feature helps significantly enhancing transaction rates and provides convenience to customers. Also, the app must have payment options as the user can pay by using credit card, debit card, and e-wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay. You might be knowing that Uber does also support in-app payments through debit & debit cards and Paypal. Therefore, you can also consider such payment options before developing an app like Honk for towing services.

All top of it, the mobile payment gateway provides the safe and secure way to mobile app users in order to pay via an app. Thus, being a startup, the ‘in-app payment’ feature is must to include before developing an app like Uber for towing services.

Other Recommended Feature:

Call to Driver: There’s another important feature, which you need to consider is to allow users to make calls to tow truck drivers or mechanics within the app. You can also include an in-chat feature for providing seamless customer experience.

What’s Next?

To develop an app for on-demand solutions, all the aforesaid features are highly recommended for building your own app like Uber for towing services.

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