Uber for Moving App Development: 3 Lessons from Lugg & Dolly

This blog contains information for startups and entrepreneurs who want to create an app like Uber for moving. Herein we’ve compiled three important lessons, which you can learn from moving apps like Lugg and Dolly and consider while Uber for moving app development.

We all are aware of the success of the giant companies like Uber, Lyft, TaskRabbit and Airbnb. However, these companies are based on the same business model i.e. on-demand. These market leaders have already set the standards and every startup tries to replicate their business models because of their unparalleled solutions to customers’ pain points and effective strategies.

The On-Demand Annual Global Deal Share by Stage (2013 to 2017)


There are a growing number of tech companies, which self-identify as the “Uber for X” or “Uber of X”. As you must have seen the Uber for weed, Uber for Beauty and Uber for lawn care, so in a nutshell, we can say that the word “Uber” means “convenience” to everyone.

Furthermore, in this graph image, you can see the growing trend of the keywords “Uber for” and “Uber of” from 2013 to till now.


Uber for Moving

If we are talking about “Uber for moving”, then there are two startup companies named Lugg (total funding amount: $3.9M) and Dolly (total funding amount: $9.7M), which provide on-demand services for moving homes or apartments.

Basically, both moving apps are known as Uber for furniture or Uber for moving stuff, and both moving apps are U.S. based and have already matured in their respective marketplaces. Let’s know more about the Uber for moving apps: Lugg and Dolly.


Founded in 2014, Lugg is based in San Francisco Bay Area, commonly known as ‘Uber for moving stuff’. It is an on-demand platform that helps people with small moves with just push of a button and request service through an Uber-like mobile app for moving things. The on-demand moving app, Lugg, is performing well on the Google Play Store, let’s check out the latest report on Lugg app. It instantly connects app users to truck drivers and two movers.



The on-demand Uber moving app, Dolly, is based in Seattle, which is basically an Uber for furniture and other large items. It helps users to request a truck and helper through a mobile app.

It also helps to keep large items off the roof of users’ vehicles and helps moving things, whether it is big or small. The user can request truck, muscles, and movers through an app and they help them to move furniture between apartments or storage units, pick big purchased items, and move stuff within the apartment.

Now, let us have a look at some pivotal lessons, which moving-related startups can learn from Lugg and Dolly before creating a successful app like Uber for moving.

3 Important Lessons to Learn From Lugg & Dolly Before Developing a Successful App like Uber for Moving

  1. Provide Unique Solutions to Fix Users’ Problems & Their Challenges

    According to the report from Statista, “Approximately 14 billion U.S. dollars, the transportation was among the categories in the on-demand economy, which saw the most growth between 2016 and 2017.”

    To create an app like Uber for furniture and other bulk items, it is essential to provide unique solutions to your users’ problems and challenges that they face while moving small items. However, some of the problems faced by users are the problem in moving furniture items and other stuff during moving.

    In addition, to develop moving apps like Lugg, it is important to realize your customers’ pain points and you need to come up with the solutions to all such problems. In this way, your business model, which is based on the on-demand solutions will surely help you to add value to your consumers’ lives. Moreover, the effective solutions can save the day, time and money of your customers while moving. Being a moving startup, you need to keep an eye on providing unique solutions to fix users’ problems and their challenges.

    Uber-of-Moving-AppImage Source: lugg

  2. One-Stop Solution for all Sort of Moving Stuff

    The on-demand packers and movers app can only useful when it does not make your users look into other service providers over you. Thus, it is vital to offer the one-stop solution to your users’ needs related to moving furniture and other small and bulky items as per their convenience.

    When it comes to the variety of services, then users more preferably choose the service, where they get a number of other services, too. Plus, an ideal mobile app like Uber for moving is one that comes with top features like in-app messaging, GPS tracking, payment gateway integration, online support, the cross-platform ability that make a difference in your moving service.

    To build a successful app like Uber for movers, it is a must to provide an app with some advanced scheduling for on-demand moving services. Moreover, it can also include big and small moves, apartment moves, donation pick up & drop off, labor moves, retail store delivery, small business movers, storage moves, and junk removals.

    Lugg-App-2Image Source: richontech

    Also, being a startup, you can consider these services and include them while creating moving apps like Lugg and Dolly. And, make sure that you can’t forget to add up those solutions in an app, which would provide convenience, safety, and easy-to-use to your consumers.

  3. Give Consumers a More Convenient & Affordable Way of Moving

    Being an on-demand startup, it is important to offer convenience in terms of services as well as features in an app, which lessen their burden of moving. Talking about the on-demand solution, it directly reflects convenience. If convenience and affordability are missing from your app, then the chances are high that people would be less interested in your services.

    Dolly-Moving-App-3Image Source: dolly

    So, being a moving startup, if you are planning to create an app like Uber for moving like Lugg and Dolly, then this important lesson is all about to provide your consumers convenience and affordable services in terms of on-demand moving app, which can ease your consumers’ lives and give seamless experience.

Are You Ready to Validate Your Idea & Turn it into a Successful Uber for Moving App?

As we have already gone through with the important lessons by Lugg and Dolly, which you as a startup can learn. However, the on-demand economy is growing and there are a handful opportunities for you to flourish your business, which is based on Uber for moving.

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