Uber App Development Cost (for Android+iOS+Web)

How Much to Develop an App Like Uber

Author Bio: This blog is written with the help of Bhaval Patel, who is the vice president at Space-O Technologies. He has expertise in the taxi booking app solution and guided to develop over 50 taxi apps with unique features and the latest technologies.

Summary: This blog will clear all your doubts. It gives you an insight into how to get an estimation to build a taxi booking app.

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  • Want to start your taxi business or Uber-like business and want to know how much does it cost to develop an app like Uber
  • Own a taxi business and want to automate the entire operations using a simple mobile application like Uber
  • Want to start your own taxi booking company, and want to get the basic Uber-like app development cost

How much does it cost to build an app like Uber? When you intend to create an app like Uber, the very first question that crosses your mind is to calculate Uber app development cost. In this raging app development race, the most outshining service is “on-demand taxi booking app.” A taxi service app is a boon for taxi startups and entrepreneurs who are aiming to have an app similar to Uber taxi app.

Our dedicated Uber app development team has already developed over 50 taxi booking apps with unique features and functionalities, sufficing our clients’ needs. Satisfied with our Uber like app services, one of our clients recently shared his experience with us. Here are some of the words that he shared with us:

Client Testimonial

On the basis of extensive experience, our developers have studied required features of a taxi app. By close analysis, they have obtained estimated hours of developing those features. In this table, you will get a detailed analysis of the important features to develop an app like Uber and how much time does it take to develop an Uber clone app. Such a bifurcation will give a real-time calculation of developing a ride sharing app.

Want to know the exact cost of developing Uber-like app of your own?

At Space-O Technologies, we have managed to break down the Uber-like app estimation with specified features. And estimated time consumed to develop that particular app on different platforms (iOS and Android). The table has user’s iOS application, driver’s iOS application, user’s Android application, driver’s Android application, web service(API), Frontend and backend website time management.

Uber App Development Cost for Android

Are you wondering about how to exactly calculate the Uber-like app development cost?

Not to worry. We are here at your rescue.

Apply this simple formula

Estimated Development Hours * Developer’s Hourly Cost = Total Mobile App Development Cost

Let’s take a quick example which will explain how to calculate the mentioned hours in the table.

Development hours for User’s Android App: 411
Development hours for Driver’s Android App: 195

Total hours spend to make the taxi app: 606

Now, for professional mobile app development, of course, you will hire a professional Uber app development agency like us. Normally, we do charge approximately $30 for an hour.

Taking this cost into consideration let’s apply the formula, the result will be.

Estimated hours = 606

Hourly charge = $30

Total android app development cost = $18,180 and €16090.85 for European countries.

Uber App Development Cost for iOS

Let’s repeat the same process to develop an app like Uber for the iOS platform.

Apply the formula.

Estimated Development Hours * Developer’s Hourly Cost = Total Mobile App Development Cost

Want to know the exact Uber-like app development cost? Here are the calculations.

Development hours for User’s iOS Application: 335
Development hours for Driver’s iOS Application: 162

Total hours spend to make the taxi app: 497 hours


Estimated hours = 497

Hourly charge = $30

Total iPhone app development cost = $14,910 and €13,194.46 for European countries.

Have a look at the table and calculate for yourself.

Uber App Development Cost Breakdown

Cost to Build an App like Uber

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Have a taxi booking app project in mind? Let’s buckle up! The right creative mind needs to collaborate with the right technical mind to innovate user-friendly mobile app development. To be precise, this table represents the number of manpower hours that a developer takes to develop a taxi app.

Being a mobile app development company, we offer scalable taxi booking app solution with a detailed framework to make your business stand out in the middle of this high competition. Get a free consultation with our developers. Discuss your features and get the exact cost to build an app similar to Uber.  


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