How Dote (Social Shopping App) Has Secured $12M in Series B Round of Funding With These 4 Powerful Features


This blog includes information for shopping tech startups & entrepreneurs. Rounded up four powerful features of Dote (social shopping app), which you can consider during shopping app development.

Mobile applications facilitate every single thing, which we usually require in our daily lives. From booking taxis to order food, mobile apps have completely changed the way we live as well as need the basics. In the world of social media, shopping has become easier as the socially-based shopping app allows users to browse and buy the looks of influencers and creators. We came across the news about the Dote, which is known as social shopping app.

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “The social shopping app, Dote, has secured $12 million in Series B round of funding, led by Goodwater Capital.” Further, the Dote company introduces live-streamed shopping parties.


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Dote: Social Shopping App

The San Francisco Bay area-based Dote is an app for shopping, enabling users to browse and buy the looks of influencers and creators. The thing, which makes this shopping app unique is that it brings a form of live or real-time shopping to its platform. According to the report from App Annie, “The download rank of Dote is #129 in the shopping category.”


The recommendations from diverse social media influencers have become a major part of the Dote, social shopping app. It also allows its app users to share live video while browsing different products on the app. Plus, it also enables users to chat with fans. Currently, the app rank is #79 in the shopping category, according to the Apple App Store.


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4 Powerful Features by Dote Need to be Considered While Creating One of The Best Social Shopping App

1. Search, Browse & Filters The Products

An ideal shopping app embraces a number of options for shopping. The social shopping app has completely changed the perspective of shopping. This is because the social shopping app like Dote enables users to browse and search the looks of influencers and creators. When the users come to your shopping app, the first thing is they notice is that they will start the search and browse the products. This feature must be seamless as users can easily browse & search the products without a hitch.


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The filter is the critical component to consider when developing an eCommerce app like Dote. The social platform must be embraced a seamless filter option, which makes things easier for consumers. Filters are crucial to consider, due to the fact that it increases sales with the best possible way.

2. Share Live VIdeos While Browsing The Products

The social shopping app, Dote, has totally changed the way people shop as well as interact with social media. The feature called Shopping Party by Dote fill the gap between brands and consumers. Enabling app users to share live videos can provide a number of ways to engage its users while shopping on the app like Dote.

The live streaming shopping experience by social shopping app, Dote, is incredible. In this, influencers or creators do live stream or we can say that users can experience real-time shopping experience through this feature, which is called as ‘shopping party’. However, influencers or creators can communicate with their fans in real-time.


In short, Dote shopping app gives a different way to creators in order to interact and build themselves as a fashion icon. The social shopping app like Dote embraces solutions for both YouTube influencers as well as consumers, too. It gives a platform to app users (influencers) to grow.

Thus, as a shopping startup or entrepreneur, if you are planning to create social shopping app like Dote, then with this online platform, you can take your users’ shopping experience to the next level.

3. Post a Fit That Others Can Shop

After the live interactive shopping experience by Dote, the next feature is also essential to consider. To engage your users, it is important to consider such feature, which takes shopping experience to the next level. Dote shopping app believes that shopping is nothing but a social experience. So, Dote app has enabled users to post the fits, which they want to share with others.


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Source: App Store

Well, it is a better way to showcase the products on the online social shopping platform. However, customers will know the trending outfits. In this way, they can easily shop right from the social shopping app like Dote.

4. Deal Alerts

Deals, coupons, and discounts can help drastically to attract more & more app users. However, the deals are the essence of any shopping app. Shopping discounts and deals feature gives the surefire way to attract more and more consumers to your shopping application.


Image Credits: dote
Source: App Store

If you would like to create a social shopping app like Dote, it would be great to embrace such feature during online shopping app development.


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