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For us, developing Scientific Software is not as hard as it sounds

Space-O Technologies offers innovative and advanced custom life science software development solutions for some of the significant Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies globally. With a team of expert scientists and leveraging on our core competency, best practices, reusable elements and rapid implementation frameworks, we aim to offer you a quicker turnaround time. Our aim is to offer software and IT infrastructure that helps you improve the core, and give better results in the world of life sciences.

We offer a range of services combining open source frameworks with scientific software platforms.

Why Scientific Software Development?

Scientific software development is basically software developed by the scientists for the scientists. This software is made up of complex algorithms, and works like scientists would to offer solutions to complex mathematical problems, simulate various situations etc. Unlike regular software development, scientific software development focuses on science before development. The variation of scientific domains and the motivation behind software development impacts the scientific software development methods.

The scientific software output, unlike the business software output, cannot be determined for a traditional scenario. The requirement and specification understanding for the scientific software needs to be treated in a dynamic manner, as they are evolving in nature. As the requirements are volatile and evolving, you will find testing the software in a traditional or regular environment deriving unclear results.

This is why it is unique, and a much-needed practice to increase the agility of the scientific world. Not only does the scientific world require a distinct software development practice but also experts who can understand their domain, and offer solutions that match their unique needs.

Process for Development

We follow a distinct process for scientific software development to achieve best outcomes

Requirement Analysis: We understand the requirements of the scientific community before developing apt solutions. We work towards understanding the complex algorithms needs, and motivation behind software development

Design Consultation: Based on requirement understanding, and thorough analysis of your needs, and consulting with scientists on their software specific needs, we offer design consultation services

Development: Using best practices combined with proven methodologies, we develop solutions meeting your requirement definition and approved design prototypes

Testing: We understand the volatile nature of the requirements, which is why we test for unconventional environment, thus offering results that exceed your expectations from the software solutions

Maintenance: A scientific software solution requires more maintenance as compared to regular solutions, and we offer best-in-class maintenance and support solutions to ensure feedback incorporated into the solutions

Skills Our Scientific Developers Possess

✔ Assist in conducting research for design, development & testing of data processing software solutions
✔ Understand the user’s needs, analyze system capabilities and prepare operating instructions, design & development of software solutions
✔ Team of experts with necessary professional qualifications
✔ Java
✔ C++, C#
✔ Molecular modeling (Computational and GUI)
✔ Computational methods in drug discovery and design, biologics, protein & antibody modeling

Benefits of Working with Us

Space-O Technologies offers complete research and design consultation services to enrich your software solutions with apt design processing as well as logical and mathematical solutions. We assist in understanding the input and output data requirements, techniques and controls for the scientific solutions as well as design and development standards for such solutions.

We design solutions using standard practices, user needs, and design feasibility standards. Using flexible engagement models, we ensure you get the solutions without loss of time. Our budgeting standards help us offer best-in-class cost-effective solutions.An ideal team, proper understanding, and continuous involvement from the start help us offer workable solutions to your needs.

Hire our scientific software developer for advanced critical solutions for your scientific needs.

Recently we worked with Space-O in developing our IOS app for the iPad Dexter and Friends. The project was handled from start to finish with great care, I enjoyed working with Ankit Shah and the rest of the development team. They were very responsive in dealing with minor set backs such as bug fixes. Their quality and assurance team didn’t stop till I was completely satisfied with the final product. They also were proactive in suggesting improvements to the user interface and helped us develop an easy to use parental control which allowed our app to qualify for IOS app store’s new ‘Kids’ section. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a company who will stay within a reasonable budget and deliver a top quality product.Kevin
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