Why is it necessary to upgrade your iOS 7/8 apps with iOS 9?

Why is it necessary to upgrade your iOS 7/8 apps with iOS 9?
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iOS 9

iOS 9 has brought with itself a bag full of surprises, involving features that everyone is interested in working with. Apple’s iOS 9 has almost made it impossible for iPhone users to avoid the change. As the news is, even the most upgraded devices will not work without iOS 9. And the app developers have no choice but to make sure that all their existing iOS 7/8 apps need to be updated to iOS 9 or the recently launched 9.0.1.

With multitasking, Spotlight Search, and Quick Reply, apps need to get updated before you can use them. Here we are, sharing with you the most important details on iOS 9 that you need to know, as reasons to update your apps to the latest iOS 9 or iOS 9.0.1.

Deep Linking

Using this feature, your iOS apps can communicate to the rest of the apps and the user can interact and use different apps, even while operating just one app at a single point in time. Deep Linking iOS app, makes it fast and easy for people to travel between apps, making the lengthy process of finding and opening an app, short. This also cuts out the spammy apps and focuses on those which provide real value. This is definitely a good thing for the App Store and for your app marketing, which can then appear as a suggestion, even to those who do not have your app installed in their devices.

Deep LinkingYou search for [potato] in iOS 9 and it shows you content from within the Yummly app. Clicking on any of the recipes listed below will trigger the app to open directly to that page in the app

Let your app talk to other apps as well as to the iOS 9 itself.

3D Touch – A Whole New Dimension to UI

Peek and PopUser Interface (UI) is directly connected to a good User Experience (UX). With the coming of iOS 9, a whole new paradigm has opened up in front of the iOS app developers and users, who can make use of the 3D Touch feature as a part of the all new UI. Using this feature, one can take a “Peek and Pop” look at the app before actually opening the app.

Does your app support a preview before actually opening the app? Not yet? Then it is time for you to enable your app with the latest API UITouch and represent your apps to the users in a whole new way.

Siri Gets Context Aware

SiriSiri has always been highlighted, whenever iOS has been discussed. It has become an integral part of the experience that Apple offers. However, until now, proactive, artificial assistants have been working without the understanding of the context in which these searches are made. However, with the coming of iOS 9, Siri is expected to understand the context, that is the basis of human communication. This process will take place, based on the usage of apps done by the user.

So ultimately your app needs to be Siri integrated too, to get the Siri aware of your app and give the best user experience for your app. Because assistant-as-apps are the next big thing in mobile apps development.

Apps Need To Be Encrypted, By-Default

With the coming of iOS 9, Apple’s focus seems to be encrypting the apps. It is an encouragement for the iOS developers to make encryption the default for the apps they make now, or for the apps they will upgrade. It is an attempt made by Apple so that all the iOS apps created should use HTTPS exclusively. And therefore all the connections will go over HTTPS, ensuring a secure communication. Want to make your app use the new ‘HSTS’ and migrate your app to the latest encryption technology? We can help you.

Thinning Your Apps

App ThinningHuman experience has changed with the smartphones providing them with space. Space is finite, especially the space that we find in our smartphones, and even if we want to store everything that we find interesting, on our smartphones, it is almost impossible. Knowing this, Apple has created a procedure, that can help with this.

Apps, graphics-heavy games in particular, use space a lot, which doesn’t allow one to actually store more than a few apps. A few heavy apps can consume up to a particularly frustrating storage space of 8 to 16GB. However, Apple understands this problem and has attempted to make its apps diet and calorie control its App Store downloadables, using a suite of features referred to as ‘App Thinning‘.

The primary level of App Thinning involves, ‘Slicing.’ This feature makes sure that only that code gets downloaded in your smartphone, that is required, and not others. This was not the case with previous iOS versions. Another thinning feature is ‘On-Demand Resources’, which encourages developers to leave a few parts of the app behind, and make them available to the players, only when demanded. For eg: Graphics for higher levels of a game for example – on the app store until needed.

The result should be more space on your smartphone, for your own things rather than developers’ bloatware.

Here is what our developers want to say about App Thinning:

Here are some other reasons that will help you decide on upgrading your iOS 7/8 apps to iOS 9.

  • iOS 9 is device specific
  • Different process in all iOS devices
  • Deprecated Method Crashes (eg. SizeToFont method in objective-c), iOS 9 now does not support any deprecated methods
  • Compulsory Auto layout if app is made with multi-tasking in iPad

If an app crashes with these reasons mentioned above, then there’s a possibility that iTunes will reject your app.

These are the few of the best iOS apps updated with new iOS 9 features. Obviously there are more apps but these are what we’ve seen (and like) so far:

Apple has made so many changes in iOS 9 only for the app users, making sure your apps remain user-friendly and provide a brilliant user experience. It therefore, becomes important for the benefit of every app, to upgrade old iOS 7/8 apps to iOS 9.


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