Space-O Recognized As ‘Top App Developers of 2017’ by Clutch

Who doesn’t like to be praised and acknowledged for their hard work? Everyone loves to be appraised for their work, and we are no exception.

Recently, Clutch, a Washington, DC-based B2B research firm, has published a new research on the leading Agencies and App Development Companies in India.

We are pleased to announce that Space-O Technologies is topping in one and more categories in the list of Clutch leading agencies and development companies in India. We would also thanks to our clients who share their feedbacks with Clutch which leads us to ‘Top iPhone Developers of 2017’.

Top Developers in India by Clutch

This recognition reminds us our earlier achievements when Clutch declared us as “Top app developers in Russia” and GoodFirms, a research & review company from Washington, ranked us as “Top App Developer in U.S. and India”.Clutch, a research firm, consider agencies and developers in countries across the globe. Their research declares the leaders based on their verified ratings of product quality, timeline, cost, client’s willingness to refer and evidence of an ability to deliver successful and high-quality solutions to clients.

Here is an example of one of our clients’ review & feedback:


Clutch’s recognition is a significant accomplishment for companies as they only shortlist those companies who are delivering high-quality services to clients and leave no stone unturned to achieve their dream product. Here, we would like to share one more stirring feedback.


Recognition comes from consistently high standards, and featuring in the list of the best iPhone developers in India always drives us to produce unmatched and top quality apps like Gallery Guardian that got 4+ ratings on AppStore.

We appreciate our clients’ time and efforts to speak about Space-O and that is the endorsement of us on Clutch. Here is one of the feedbacks:


Client’s review and comments always give us a chance for a new opportunity of improvement to deliver better customer experience.

Space-O Technologies Ranked as “Top App Development Company” in GoodFirms’ Research

It is critical to keep up with the dynamism of the mobile app development landscape.

In this fast-paced world of technology, clients demand continuous innovation and impact that keep them up.

Our innovation and engineering have what made GoodFirms also spots us as one of the leaders in App Development. We have been ranked as a Top App Developer in U.S. and India by GoodFirms – a research & review company from Washington.

GoodFirms with its well-research process aims to serve as a source to easily identify efficient firms that drive successfully on innovation and impact.

Our company has over five years of industry experience and market presence in India, Russia, Siberia, Canada, and the U.S.A, offers services from conceptualization to actualization of apps. We, at Space-O Technologies, excel at iOS, Android, and Web Development, Wearable App development, tvOS app development, UX/UI Designs, CMS Development, and Cloud services. We have a well-thought-out development process that capitalizes on design-led-engineering.

Before putting us on the list of Top App Developers, GoodFirms performed an in-depth assessment on their technical as well as non-technical and ancillary skills & services to quantify their Quality, Reliability, and Ability in app development & design.

GoodFirms also connected with a few of our clients over one-on-one interview call to comprehend more about our approach towards design and engineering. During the review, Space-O’s client stated that the company is highly professional, reliable and accommodating. The company is also praised for their proactive approach and their attitude towards work. Striving on Quality, Ability and Reliability fundamentals, Space-O Technologies successfully delivered on their clients’ expectations.

“Their strength is their attitude toward their product. They get things done on time and that is what makes Space-O Technologies stand out.” – stated a client GoodFirms reviewed for us.

Goodfirms’s Evaluation

As per the GoodFirms’ evaluation of Space-O Technologies, we have attained an overall score of 49 on 60 with an 8.57 on 10 score in Quality, 7.92 on 10 score in Reliability, and 8 on 10 score in terms of Ability of app design & development. The evaluation is based on an in-depth assessment of Space-O Technologies’ market presence, experience, technical know-how, design capabilities, portfolio strength, and client satisfaction rate.

Their agile methodologies and customer-centric products have made them rank as Top App Development Company – U.S., Top App Development Company – India, and Top App Development Company – Russia in GoodFirms Research. View Space-O Technologies’ profile on GoodFirms here.


About GoodFirms: GoodFirms is a research-based firm that offers a transparent and unique platform for mobile app development companies to stand out from mediocrity and magnify their industry-wide credibility and visibility. GoodFirms missions to help thousands of service seekers in their search for identifying the most-suited and efficient development companies to partner with for their next big project.

Space-O Technologies, a new set of IT Services Provider – The Economic Times

Firms like LeewayHertz and Space-O, called offshore product development centres, are seeing a significant chunk of their revenue come from the Indian subcontinent.The Economic Times

Among at least 250 app development companies in India, Space-O Technologies identifies as one of the most promising IT service providers for startups by The Economics Times.

The Economics Times is one of the most reputed news listing sites, where news related to Business, Financial, Stock/Share Market, Economy, Loans & Banking, etc. are published. We are proud to share space with other reputed offshore product development centers like LeewayHertz, whose also more than of revenue comes from the Indian subcontinent.

Clutch also identify Space-O Technologies as one of the top software and professional services firms in India. We are providing a myriad of mobile app development service at the most competitive prices for startups and enterprise-level business as well.

Recognition at this level would not be possible without our proficient team, who work so hard to boost startups – A big thanks to Space-O astronauts.

Read full news coverage – Thanks to startup boom, a new set of IT services providers are born in India

Space-O Ranks 5th in AppFutura’s Mobile App Developers Ranking Series

As a part of the Ranking Series, AppFutura published list that concentrated on the Top 10 Mobile App Development Firm, that are based in India, in 2015

AppFutura is a platform where it lists the top and best mobile app development company across the globe. As a part of this experience that AppFutura has, in being the mediator between the developers and the app making firms, they have done their job well of observing what goes on around. Based on client reviews or the completed projects, AppFutura started writing their Ranking Series, which shows the Top 10 of best developers, best apps made and more.

Out of many app development companies that have registered with AppFutura, these 10 companies have been chosen on the basis of the projects that they have taken on hand, completed and on the basis of the reviews of the clients. And Space-O Technologies also was listed as a part of those 10 companies that made their way through to this list.

This was an attempt made by AppFutura to make it easy for the app makers to find good companies that create apps and that can realize the dream app of the companies in concern.

Find the entire coverage of The Top 10 App Developers in India, by AppFutura, here.

Skoch Summit

Smartcity-311 Bags the ‘Skoch SMART Governance Award 2015’

In the Smart Governance Awards, 2015, about 40 projects had taken part, including the ‘Smartcity-311’, the mGovernance app, created by Space-O Technologies. Hosted on 22-23 September, this event declared the Smartcity-311 app as its winner, awarding team Space-O with a certificate.

Skoch Group is a Gurgaon based think tank, that deals with Health, Education, Rural Development/Panchayati Raj, Urban Development, Finance, and Security, since 1997. The Skoch Smart Governance Awards is an initiative to recognise and appreciating the top-notch government organizations and organizations working with the government that help in making the system run smoothly and perfectly.

 41st Skoch Summit, “Transformative Governance”Space-O took part in the 41st Skoch Summit, “Transformative Governance”, with ‘Smartcity-311’ app.

“Smartcity-311″ Mobile app got top #1 position out of 40 projects for “Skoch SMART Governance Award” at Delhi for 2015 in the category of Field works monitoring which mainly deals with mGovernance.

It is a matter of pride for Space-O Technologies to be recognized for the attempt we made to make the work of government officials simpler.


Inc42 Lists Space-O Amongst The Best Startup Hubs

Inc42 Magazine, made an attempt to understand the situation of startups and startup ecosystem in Gujarat. It was a part of the discussion made to understand the Indian startup hub and the builders of these startups that design the hub; especially in Gujarat.

This recognition is a part of the series by Inc42 in the name of ‘Indian Startup Hubs’. They have already covered states like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi & Hyderabad to finally reach the state of Gujarat.

As the article, dated August 28, 2015, itself goes, “In this article, we will be talking about some of the amazing startups from Gujarat, accelerators, incubators, people, and organizations that are boosting the startup ecosystem in the state.

Space-O Technologies was among the accelerators, incubators, people, and organizations, describing the best startups, field no bar, in Gujarat. Creating a culture of mobility and founding the technological ecosystem, Space-O found the right place in the article.

You can read the full post on : Indian Startup Hubs: Startups & Ecosystem Builders In The Gujarat Startup Ecosystem

Insight Success certificate

Space-O Technologies; One Of The 20 Most Valuable Mobile Application Solution Provider

Space-O Technologies, recognized by Insights Success Magazine

Mobility has immeasurable potential and apps are fueling that potential to make sure best services can be provided to the users. Insightssuccess took this issue up and brought into limelight those companies, from India, who were carrying the whole industry on their shoulders.

Applications have become a phenomenon in this smartphone friendly world. But the apps that actually become the life and soul of these smartphones; don’t come out of nowhere. Companies upon companies work hard; day and night, to make their hAPPy venture a success and it is after this sort of a tremendous effort that apps are made.

Valuing people and companies who make sure that these apps are made flawlessly and delivered to you is important. Insightssuccess took up the task and to give value to those who add value to others lives. The July, 2015 issue of Insightssuccess brought a pleasant list of 20 companies that provide brilliant mobile app solution; and one of the 20 companies was Space-O Technologies.

Mr. Atit Purani, Co-founder and CTO of Space-O Technologies, had a talk with the reporters telling them what this 5 year old startup is all about. This interview also gave insights about the beliefs that Space-O technologies keeps. It’s core belief in bringing together the best engineers, developers, designers and other professionals on one platform to make sure Space-O can become a one-stop solution provider for anyone who needs the assistance; with hard work and perseverance.
Click To Read the Interview

Space-O’s Runway to Success

India’s biggest SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) stage is back with a bang. #Runwaytosuccess

And this time it has invoked a heavily competitive atmosphere. The Runway To Success is one of the most famous shows of ET Now, showcasing Lufthansa’s commitment to partnering the success of Indian business, and it has taken arms to make sure true talent does not go unnoticed. With 2 seasons gone by, Runway to Success, India’s largest stage for SMEs, is all set to return with Season 3. It is a power packed TV series that provides an opportunity to India’s most unconventional and avant-garde SMEs to metamorphose their business.

As is going to be aired in episode 6 of the Runway to Success show, the three selected candidates are:

  1. Mr.Rakesh Patel Co-Founder & CEO of Space-O Technologies, for Smart City 311 App
  2. Mr. Vaibhav Dayal Founder & CEO, Prim Resorts
  3. Mr. Rohit Khetrapal Co-Founder, Find My Stay

Season 3 is going to be aired in 10 episodes, including the Curtain Raiser, Semi-Finals and Grand Finale. The competition basically takes place between three different contestants, in each of the episodes. Once 1 individual from every group of 3 is selected, the final 7 will go in for the Semi-Finals and the Grand Finale.

Smart City 311 App
Mr. Rakesh Patel, the co-founder of Space-O Technologies has always believed in perfection and punctuality. Innovation is his specialty and Smart City 311 is a proof of the same. It is an app to make matters easy for the Government officers, in Ahmedabad, Dabhoi, Karnali.

This app is helpful for the Senior Officers to keep a track on the field officers’ progress and position, through GPS, while it can also help the field officers to report the process of how and by when they are going to solve the issue mentioned. The field officers can report using text or image to show what the issue was exactly and how much has it been resolved.

The competition between Mr. Rakesh Patel, Mr. Vaibhav Dayal, Mr. Rohit Khetrapal; is going to be aired on 4th July 2015, Saturday on ET Now, 6:30 PM. The Business Icon of this episode is going to be Capgemini India CEO Aruna Jayanthi.

Who will Aruna Jayanthi pick a winner? Who’s your pick?

Watch the episode and vote for the best candidate, to find out. And As they say it, “May the best man win.

Research Firm Clutch Publishes Space-O Technologies As A Top App Developers In Russia

Recently, Clutch published new research on leading mobile application development firms in Russia.

Analysts examined Russia-based firms who have proven their success through projects for domestic and international clients. The research focuses on firms with a strong focus on mobile app development. Clutch published company profiles and conducted reference interviews, all of which can be viewed in the full report.

The Russian Mobile app development market has continued to grow and has emerged as a leader in the world market,” stated Eleonora Israele, Analyst at Clutch.

These firms have shown their ability to deliver quality mobile applications and surpass their client’s expectations

The leading Russian Mobile application development firms are as follows:

  • Redmadrobot
  • e-Legion
  • iD EAST
  • SFCD
  • Crystalnix Limited
  • Space-O Technologies
  • Enterra
  • Unreal Mojo
  • FlatStack
  • Racoons Group

The top firms were selected based on various quantitative and qualitative factors including company experience, client list, industry recognition, client reference interviews, and market presence.

The full reports and reviews can be found at:


GESIA Winners

Proud Winner of 8th GESIA Annual Awards 2015

Space-O, truly believes & follows
“Winning with a Culture of Recognition” – Eric Mosley Derek Irvine

With the winning of the “Best Mobile App Development Company in Gujarat” by the 8th GESIA Annual Awards, held on 13th March, 2015, Space-O, proudly climbs one more step in their success ladder.

Just from a 70K company to 25cr, in span of 4+ years, Space-O has indeed reached its space along with its brilliant astronauts (developers), who the management is proud of and often they trust & believe in “Together Everyone Achieves More”(TEAM effort). Rakesh Patel with Atit Purani, founded Space-O with just 2 employees, which has grown to 140+ employees and its vision is to reach 500 employees by the end of next year.

As Rakesh says, “don’t dream with your eyes closed, but dream with your eyes open & you will see your dream coming true”, and today Space-O celebrates its “Diamond Award” in the mid-size category awarded by the Prestigious “GESIA” Annual awards.

GESIA,a not-for-profit,industry-led and industry-managed association, the ICT window of Gujarat to the world, that fosters and nurtures and tracks the ICT industries in Gujarat, held its 8th annual award function that was witnessed by the crème-de-la-crème companies and the top brass of leading companies including Promoters, Directors, CEOs, CFOs, Presidents and Top Executives over 500+ Software, BPO/KPO/ITES, Telecom & Electronics companies of Gujarat State & from other parts of the Country. The awards were acknowledged in various realms of the ICT industry.


Mobile app development firm grows from 70k to 15cr in 4 years

Only stalwart can achieve great heights – so is with Rakesh Patel who stands stalwart for Space-O Technologies.

From 70K company to 15cr, in a span of just 4 years is indeed an adroit task. Rakesh Patel with Atit Purani and Utpal Vaishnav founded Space O Technologies with just 10 employees, which has spread its job opportunity to 140 employees.

As Rakesh Patel says you don’t need to be a scholar to reach new heights, but basic logical thinking and common sense is all that is required to achieve your dreams and goals. Space-O, understanding the talents of the India’s smart young and talented IT person have hired smart techies who have developed more than 550+ mobile apps and continues to develop more apps with their never ending endeavor.

Space-O Technologies has 384 clients from the USA. Scaling new heights every year, they have been able to get their 80% clientele from USA. The company has also developed several applications for civic issues in the USA and has developed an app for 911, the emergency service number in USA.

Companies like Star West Tech LLC, Pro Track Guides LLC, Mob-Gen Inc., The AppHoles Inc, Fins & Skins Worldwide Inc., V-Blox Corporation, Ideas in Digital, LLC, Ayolla, Inc. and various other companies based in USA are some of the important clientele of Space-O.

To mention some of the apps developed by Space-O are Unmuted, Ganga 311, Ahmedabad 311, energy medical service app for USA, Fitness iPhone Apps, etc.

As Rakesh Patel says, there is an amazing spark in the young generation. They exhibit capabilities to think out of the box and have remarkable energy. They just don’t think differently, but they want to do things differently and solve real world problems. All that they need is an ‘Opportunity’ to open their wings. Space-O is right here to give that opportunity

Rakesh Patel’s Contribution Towards the Success of UnMuted

CEO of Space-O Technologies, Rakesh Patel, was a part of the team of Ahmedabad-based entrepreneurs behind the successful “UnMuted” project. The progress of this project was demonstrated in the Times of India, which highlighted the success of the app.The team comprises of Nirmit Parikh, Tanmay Desai, along with Rakesh Patel.

The city of Ahmedabad faces plenty of civic problems, and these entrepreneurs have taken on the responsibility of curbing the issue. Nicknamed “Democracy 2.0,” the UnMuted application enables users to click a picture of civic eyesores and upload them to a website for all to see.

The application will help civic authorities be aware of the nuances in our city, and tackle them within a day or two. Our very own director, Rakesh Patel, has made a huge contribution to help civic authorities manage the welfare of our city.

The application is available for free, and set to release in around 277 cities across the globe.

Rakesh Patel’s expert views on estimated Mobile Internet Usage in 2015

The CEO of Space-O Technologies, Rakesh Patel, was quoted in the Ahmedabad newspaper, Sandesh. The newspaper wrote a feature article on mobile internet usage around the world. The article explains how users will be more inclined towards the use of their mobile devices for using the internet.

In the year 2012, there were an estimated 87.2 million users who used their mobiles to access the internet. The article stated that in the year 2015, that number will rise to 165 million. IT expert and CEO of Space-O, Rakesh Patel, gave his expert views on it.

He explained how people are, and will be more inclined towards the use of smartphones, as opposed to the use of desktops. He described the importance of Android’s operating system, and how it enables users to not just access the internet, but download and give mobile app companies to create apps to simplify the life of people.

He went on to demonstrate that in the age of a tech-savvy audience, smartphone devices are the way to go, as it brings in more flexibility to it’s users.

Space-O Sponsors $10,000 to Young Entrepreneurs of Gujarat

CEO of Space-O, Rakesh Patel was invited to mentor participants of Startup 20/20, a contest organized by Devang Mehta Foundation and MS University at Baroda, Gujarat.

Rakesh mentored over 8 teams and worked with them to solve there problems about their idea or business plans and motivated them to think differently and see a bigger picture of the game, later in afternoon he worked with the teams to review their Mock presentations and suggested necessary improvements.

In the words of Rakesh:

“I saw an amazing spark in the young generation. They exhibited capabilities to think out of the box and had remarkable energy. They did not just think differently, they wanted to do the things differently and solve real world problems.  This reminded me of the days of my studies. All that was required was a push, to work with the next generation to make their ideas come true.

“Even Eagles need a push,” says David McNally. (Watch this video if you don’t know what that means). I believe in that and wanted to assume responsibility to ensure that they’re successful as chief executive of Space-O, whose mission is to make a difference in all what they do.

At first, I was thinking about sponsoring one team, but I found it so difficult to decide which team to choose as both the teams were so good that I convinced myself to sponsor both the teams.

I felt so happy to see that one of the team that I mentored won first price”

On behalf of Space-O, I’d like to thank Prof. Yash Saxena of GTU for inviting us to Startup 20/20 event and be a part of it.

We also want to thank Ibad Khatib, CEO of Dewang Mehta Foundation Trust and all members of MSU for organizing and making this event a success.

The team that won the first price came up with an idea called “Park : On the Go” to solve parking problems in the cities.

About the Projects that Space-O will sponsor:

1 – Park: On the Go

Parking problems are faced by all of us and everyone would want to contribute to solve that problem if given a platform.

On-the-Go will employ crowd-sourcing model (like Wikipedia) to gather the data and build a database of parking and no parking zones.

For the end users, access to this data will be made available free through various mobile and web apps.

Name of the winning team members are Juie Talavia, Bhargav Mehta , Hardik Bagdi, Himanshu Chetwani, Smit shah, Hardik Patel and Rishabh Shah.

2 – Radius:

The idea called “Radius” did not win the price but Space-O will still sponsor this project as it looks more promising to us as this team is after building a platform that will do all the data mining and analysis about an individual for building there credibility.

The problem this project will solve is enable individuals mostly employees to build there Credibility Score. For example, if an employee has got a recommendation from a client or she has been rewarded for outstanding work, her credibility score would increase and if and employee messes up with some legal issues or violates a confidentiality agreements it will indicate negatives on his score.

The score will be available as a “Badge” that you can put on your resume or profiles that communicates various characteristics about him.

In today’s world where people are changing jobs faster than ever, employees with high credibility score are going to be preferred by the companies.

Name of the team members are: Naeem G Shaikh, Ronak Gohil, Dhrumil Pathak, Amit Anand, Ankit Agrawal.

On a broader scale this sponsorship means:

  • The team will have access to infrastructure of Space-O India and Space-O Russia.
  • They can work with Senior Project Managers, Business Analysts, Delivery Heads  and Technical Architects to convert this idea / prototype project into a live working model.
  • During pre and post development, these students will get  access to different Project Management & planning tools, have access to different hardware & server devices like iPhones, iPod’s, Android devices  that they will need to test and build these systems which otherwise would be difficult for them to purchase on there own.
  • Later, Space-O will also help them to introduce these projects to investors and Venture Capitalists if they need funding and make these projects into enterprise solutions.

Space-O Team conquers all in Hackathon, AppFest 2013, held at IIM Ahmedabad

Do you know what happened at the AppFest 2013?

The AppFest 2013, held at IIM Ahmedabad between the 26th to the 28th of July saw over 50 teams from our country participate in the Hackathon event. With nearly 300 programmers in the house, our very own Space-O-Team won the first prize.

All the contestants were given the task to develop their application within 24 hours, with Space-O Team bagging the winning prize with our Book Barter App. The team of five programmers created a revolutionary Book Barter concept, which is a book exchange platform for readers to manage and share their books with ease.

The Times of India, covered the Hackathon, App Fest 2013, and our very own Space-O Team were up to the challenge. The IIM Ahmedabad AppFest 2013 also grabbed the attention of the Sandesh. The Space-O Team shot to fame in the Hackathon event in the AppFest 2013, making our city proud. Our developers bagged the first prize in the event, claiming Rs. 75,000 in prize money. The win proves that there is a drastic improvement in the mobile app development scenario in Apnu Amdavad. DNA Ahmedabad also covered the second edition of this event. AppFest 2013 had participants from all over the country, with Space-O Team triumphing over all.

Thank you team, at Space O that is making our dream a reality. There is no way Bryan, Brandon, and I can thank you guys enough. We are very pleased with the work thus far and can not wait to see OUR final product. Cheers mates.Ashton
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