Pet Sitter App Development: 4 Influential Lessons To Learn From Pawshake & PetBackers

If you are interested in creating pet sitter app development for your pet care startup, in this blog, we have figured out booming lessons from Pawshake and PetBacker with an actual business opportunity for your pet tech or pet caring startup.

Until now we were having babysitters for kids, but now as the trend is taking a turn, the people are having nannies for their dogs too. With the emergence of apps, on-demand pet sitting apps is a niche that is providing business opportunity. Such dog apps are a powerful and practical manifestation of on-demand app services.

Since 1994 to 2018, the USA pet industry expenditure market has seen an acceleration of approximately USD 72.56 billion that are spent on pet care. The forecast for 2021 is approximately USD 110 billion as per Statista. It is quite evident that the pet business is booming.

Let’s dive into the best dog boarding, dog sitting apps like Pawshake and PetBackers.

Pawshake: Best Pet App for Pet Sitter

  • The app provides trusted “pet sitters or cat sitter near you” service through its feature.
  • It offers different services such as dog walkers jobs, pet sitters at home or dog boarding.
  • The dog app provides convenience by direct payment through the Pawshake app after the customer is fully satisfied by the selected pet sitters and dog walkers.
  • The babysitting dogs and cats app has something for every pet owner and has offered mental peace to the users in the form of safety for the dogs.

PetBacker: Pet Sitting, Dog Walking and Dog Boarding App

  • This app connects the local pet boarding, grooming, and pet walking services instantly.
  • PetBacker provides special taxi service for the fury babies to get transport with comfort.
  • A special vacation can be planned by the pet owners for their pets through spa and grooming services.
  • The app development has managed to make extra income by providing trainers who teach and play with pets. A trustworthy babysitter like dogbuddy and doghero on a part-time basis makes the app a convenient option for pet owners.

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Now, let’s go through 4 amazing lessons that a startup can’t miss to consider while developing on-demand pet sitting apps for iPhone and Android. Go through all the essential lessons one by one to develop your own app like Pawshake and Rover.

4 Lessons That Startups Need To Consider During Pet Sitting App Development

  1. Hire The Right Pet Sitter And Care Provider

    The app development is all about arranging a professional and right sitters for dogs or cats. Nowadays, people are more into animal care and welfare. Through the dog app like Rover app and Pawshake, they can leave their pets at home or at the located service centers for their daytime care.


    Firstly, if you want to provide a “dog boarding near me” service through the mobile application development, make sure you opt for tie-ups with professional animal trainers. In addition, the Uber for dog walkers also facilitates house sitting, dropping, daycare, and spa services. A full pet grooming package, which makes user engagement and brand recall ratio very high.

    With such apps, they will give good exposure to the expertise of pet tech startups. Therefore, convenience and variety of services should go hand-in-hand to meet the requirement of your target audience. So, ensure you know their requirements before hiring the right app development company.

  2. Security At Par Excellence

    The dog apps have left no stone unturned when it comes to security for your dogs. While an on-demand pet sitters app development, the most important aspect is the safety of your user’s dog or cat. This is the most crucial aspect that your audiences will look for in a pet care application.

    Pawshake and PetBacker apps like Uber for pet walking ensure that they send a photo or notification alert about their dog’s activities. After the advent of these on-demand apps, people are no longer searching in classifieds for dog walking or boarding, dog sitting and cat sitting.

  3. At The User’s Disposal

    What if a user has to go for a vacation and is stuck only because of his pet? Your dog walking apps like Rover and Pawshake can be his emergency exit. Such apps are well accepted in the market as they are easy to approach as and when required.

    Being a pet caring startup, you should work with Veterinarians for emergency situations. When a pet owner is not around and you are left as a minder to take care or feed a pet, the dog’s health is your look after. Every small requirement has to be fulfilled at the client’s convenience.  


    Through these apps the users do not have to keep an all-time nanny for the pet. They can easily pay for the appointed time period-half-days, full-day, a month, or a week. Thus, the pet owners along with their pets get satisfactory service and the pet tech business startups earn their share of the revenue.

  4. Compare The Pet Sitting App Services

    If you generally look at the human mentality, we tend to compare pricing for the smallest item like hair pins or a pencil. Here, the app development allows the users to compare the prices with the yellow pages and classifieds.

    Through these apps, the providers offer the best quotes immediately through private chats. Each application includes an estimated price, previous customer reviews, and ratings. When you are planning to make an app, to be more specific in knowing your client, you can add a question format to know more about the pet and serve it better.


    Being a startup, if you ever consider creating an app like Rover or a pet sitting app like Pawshake & PetBacker, these are the 4 lessons you need to keep in mind for better business opportunities.

Curious To Know More About The Pet Sitter Application Development?

In a short span of time, this industry has got great attraction and response. With Hollywood celebs roaming with their little furry munchkins, have set a benchmark of fashion. The industry has opened genres for grooming, fashion clothes, accessories, spa, and dog walking jobs through app development.

The industry has been experiencing explosive growth. With the emerging adoption rate of dogs & cats by the millennials over children, it has widened the scope of all pet-related services. We are not just bragging, we have proven facts supporting the pet sitters app development.


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The stats are an estimation from 2014 to 2025, showing the pet caring market size and a tremendous increase of $202.6Billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 4.9%.

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In case you still have a doubt or want to know how much time it takes to create a pet care app, then read the next FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best pet care apps?

  • Rover
  • Pawshake
  • PetBackers

How much time it takes to create a pet sitting app?

Generally, it takes 2-4 months to develop a pet sitting app. However, it would also depend on the complexity of the app, location of the app developers, features, and functionalities.


Being a pet tech startup, you must be having some more queries or confusions like:

  • How much does it cost to create an app like Uber for dog walking and pet sitters?
  • How long does it take to create an app for pet sitters or Uber for dog walking?
  • Should I need to develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of the app?
  • How can an app grow my dog walking business?
  • App development cost India
  • Want to develop a pet care product?
  • Want to develop a dog walking app like Wag?

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