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Space-O Technologies is always ready to make your business as tech-savvy as possible. One way we can do that is to develop an offline survey/poll mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices.
Surveys or polls have proven to be valuable business tools over the years, yet we all know the planning, execution, and analysis of these surveys can be time-consuming and costly in regards to man hours spent getting the job done. Thankfully, that is no longer the case—or at least it doesn’t have to be.
A team of experts at Space-O can help you create an app to do all those things—an app that can be used with iPhone, iPad or Android systems.

The Use Cases of such an offline survey app may include the following:

  • General Market Research: For mystery shopper evaluations, face-to-face interviews, field research.
  • Client or Customer Surveys: For Point of Sale (PoS) consumer satisfaction feedback.
  • Health Assessments: Real-time Patient feedback – inpatient, outpatient.
  • Education Surveys: Classroom evaluations – student services surveys.
  • Event Surveys: Trade show exhibitors can go for attendees’ opinion poll.
  • Employee Surveys: HR departments can measure employee satisfaction, engagement and know about the reviews of workers
    (including those working in field).

When it comes to implementing an app of this nature, the primary question clients ask is how an offline survey mobile app can improve your existing data collection processes and meet or exceed your business expectations.

The answers to that question are:

  • There is no mandate of internet connection for the survey—allowing you conduct it anywhere
  • You can take feedback spontaneously which means you are obtaining reliable information in “Real Time”
  • The app allows you to record open-ended audio comments in the customer’s own voice
  • You can add pictures or videos with survey responses
  • Survey layouts can be customized with your business brand and logo
  • You can conduct multiple surveys from the same device
  • You have response options: Single response, Select all that apply, Open-ended, Ranking, and six different Matrix question formats
  • You can forward your reports and responses to anyone in a number of different formats (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PDF or Web)
  • You can identify individual response locations with GPS and Map integration

Now, another important question is who can be the beneficiaries?

Any industry that cares about customer approval can benefit from a survey app. Those that are already relying on this form of technology to boost their ratings and profit margins include the hospitality industry, the retail industry and those in the business of education.

Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry

Restaurants often need customers' opinions about their service, food, menu selections, etc. With such a survey mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Android or other handheld devices, restaurants can easily conduct customer satisfaction surveys since everyone carries a smartphone today.

Comments for both good and bad customer experiences can benefit such businesses. For example good experiences (with customer photos and names) can be shared with other patrons while bad reviews will help them to improve service areas that are lacking.

Moreover, everyone likes a little extra or special attention. Here in case of restaurants, customers may feel like an expert whose advice and feedback matters thus, enhancing their overall experience.

Education Industry

Education Industry

Rapid students’ polls to determine the level of understanding for a topic, faculty surveys and other student opinion surveys to assess students’ satisfaction with programs, services, and other aspects of their college experience.

The biggest benefit here is that it saves time and effort behind detailed pre-planning as such an app will serve as a turnkey solution.

Retail Industry

Retail Industry

Buyer insights matter a lot in retail industry. Customers who are so much immersed in their smartphones today would love to share their views and opinions that can help you augment their experience. You can be informed about their choices and preferences related to particular brands, products, etc.

Retailers can mobilize customer surveying without setting up a separate kiosk.

Is your surveying process easy, effortless and economic? Talk to us if not by requesting our free initial consultation.

Overall, a successful project! Definitely had its challenges and delays, but in the end, got it done.Jim Shoe
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