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Mobile Friendly OR Responsive website design is an approach where the web designers and developers adapt the layout of a site to enable small and large screen devices (mobile, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop) to share the same code base and content without any need of a separate website property. In other words, one code makes your responsive mobile website available on any device.Space-O has a team of experienced web developers who can help you to create a responsive WordPress theme from scratch or to build a responsive website with BootStrap 3.

Responsive Mobile Website Features

Having a responsive mobile website is nothing short of necessary in the world we live in. To be without is to lose a significant number of potential customers and clients. Instead, hire responsive web designer from top responsive website design and development company who can help you to develop an effective responsive website design.

Space-O Technologies has the expert capability to set your responsive mobile website up quickly and easily. We make sure your website has:

  • Quick & easy Template set up

  • Easy-to-Navigate attractive site

  • Mobile-Friendly features to enhance your business

  • Anytime, anywhere access to your business

  • Recognizable Domain name for your customers

  • Easy design Option for everyone

  • Map & Direction

  • Social media integration

  • Multi language & multiplatform support

Responsive Website or Mobile Website ?

develop responsive website

Loading speed

Responsive websites may load at a slower speed on some mobile devices, whereas a mobile website specifically designed for mobile devices will load faster (generally speaking).

develop responsive wordpress theme

User Experience

The consistency of a responsive website that is the same no matter what device you use to view the site is something people find reassuring and favorable. It is frustrating to people to have to figure out how to navigate two different sites for the same business.

responsive website feature


A responsive website allows you to retain the features of your website no matter what device is used. On smaller screens, such as phones and tablets, users simply drag the browser to make the screen larger or smaller to access them.

A mobile website will not allow you to do this. Only the basic/most popular features are included in the site, as it is considerably more complex and expensive to build the features into this type of website.

Having full access to the website is something customers value.

responsive website is ideal for SEO

Traffic & SEO

A responsive website is ideal for SEO. Managing one site and one SEO operation is easier than managing two sites and two SEO operations. Google recommends using responsive design when building mobile-friendly websites.

A responsive website also provides consistent brand experience across devices. Your SEO drive will individually hit all users across various devices; optimizing your ranking in a search on all devices.

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