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Enterprise Mobility

The corporate world is well aware of the latest breakthrough in technology – enterprise mobility. This refers to the various applications that can be launched on multiple or single platforms that help revolutionize organizations. Employees can use their personal devices or mobile phones to stay posted and up to date with everything other employees are doing through these applications. They can also make their own contributions from wherever they are, and the organization no longer needs workers to be physically located at the head office or branch.

Many industries have been making the giant leap towards technology, mobilizing their resources and using mobile enterprise apps. In the finance industry there is ample scope and need for such innovative solutions. According to a study by the Federal Reserve, in the past one year, 21% people have used the mobile banking feature their banks provide them with. This shows how urgent the need for companies to incorporate mobile applications into their business is.

Benefits of Mobility

Increased Productivity

Increased Overall Business Efficiencies

Cost Savings

Benefits to the organizations in the industry

Through applications that are categorized as “Software-as-a-service” (SaaS), banks and other financial corporations have provided their customers with the option to perform all their regular activities remotely. This has brought in additional revenue, and has boosted sales figures, making the industry even more profitable. Furthermore, companies that have employees using mobile enterprise applications integrated on their personal devices or mobile phones have experienced increased productivity and smoother communication. Financial companies are encouraging Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) corporate cultures and using cloud computing to allow quicker, more efficient data sharing.

The financial industry constantly works to integrate the applications that its employees and customers use, bringing the service seekers and providers on the same platform so there are no gaps in the provision of the financial service. Be it legal advice and consultation or the online transfer of funds, financial companies have been able to better serve their customers with these applications.

Benefits to customers

Through “corporate approved applications” are especially designed to cater to the very needs of a customer, the financial industry has made life a lot easier for its customers. You can sit at home and perform all your financial activities, seek help from a financial counselor, track the financial performance of securities, and use every other finance related service you can think of. This is nothing short of a revolution for the industry because it allows the customers to save not only time but a lot of money as well.

Your enterprise mobile software partner should understand the significance of having good security measures and should provide the best protection possible. The finance industry has sensitive customer data and other important documents that need the highest levels of protection. Furthermore, the developer should be able to realize that there are at least five different layers or steps to building enterprise mobile solutions for your company. He should integrate your IT resources with the new, simpler applications and ensure efficient transition.

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FAQs Finance Industry FAQs

I want my financial company to use enterprise mobile apps. What am I to do?

We can develop mobile applications for your company according to the specifications you give us.


What devices are these applications or software compatible with?

Applications can be designed to suit the devices your company uses.


I want my customers to be able to use simpler, user friendly service applications that my company provides them with. What am I to do?

Enterprise mobile applications can be developed to be highly simple or complex depending on the need of the organization and the kind of customers or employees it has.


What software are applications compatible with? Do they support Android systems?

Applications can be custom made, designed to suit the platforms you want.


Is it necessary to shift every mechanism in the company to these application based software all at once?

No enterprise applications can be designed for specific functions or procedures, for example, you could ask us to develop a file sharing application specifically suited to the dynamics of your organization.

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