How to Build Photo App that Gets 50k Downloads Within Short Time?

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Having trouble in organizing photos?

It’s obvious you want to organize pictures into albums and folders if you have a lot of photos on your device.

Slidebox, a Photo Manager & Album Organizer, helps iOS and Android (soon available) to save photos one-by-one to save to an album created with Slidebox. Users can also clean their photo library by just swiping to delete the unwanted photos.

Having a Tinder-like swiping mindset for managing photos, it also allows users to send photos to the friends/family with just one click. When you install Slidebox and grant it access to your photos, it allows you to start browsing the photos and see the next photo by swiping left, and right to see the previous photo.

What’s The Best Thing About This Photo Management Application for iOS and Android Users?

A remarkable feature of deleting photos is an excellent feature for users, as it helps them to keep their photo library under control with less unwanted duplicates or near duplicate photos. This feature replaces the two taps that required deleting a photo. With Slidebox app, you just have to tap the trash icon and then, tap to confirm your intention with just one swipe.

Users can find deleted photos in Slidebox’s trash that they can then delete by tapping the trash icon, available in the upper-right corner. After clicking the trash, they can choose either Delete Trashed Photos or View Trashed Photos. Users can also restore trashed photos to their library.

Available on iOS, Slidebox completed with an application like Everalbum, PhotoShrinker, Room for More, Ice Cream, InfinityRoll, and many others.

‘Unsorted’ – an amazing photo feed of Slidebox, allows users to see a grid of small thumbnails that enable them to move to another point in their photo library. To visit the Unsorted title, tap on the Unsorted title available at the top of the screen.

Slidebox allows creating an album with a single tap to the downward swipe. Users can categorize their photos according to their requirements. for e.g. If you want to create a folder for Teezr photos, you can and save photos.

Teezr is a photo application that hides the message when users are sending it to their friends. Teezr sends messages with the long lasting effect. It’s very effective – just have to write the message, click on the words you want to hide. The words appear when the time reaches to zero. This app doesn’t consume huge space, as the message is not saved on your device.

What Else You Can Do with This Photo App – Slidebox

The iOS version of Slidebox is available, however, users will get Android version of this application soon. This photo application doesn’t have In-App Purchases and it’s free to download. Some of its excellent features are:

  • No setup/account needed
  • Send an album with an email/text
  • User can compare similar photos by swiping back and forth
  • Add a photo directly to an iOS album in iPhone’s Photo Library
  • Supports photos from iCloud Photo Library
  • Add a photo to existing iOS album

Thinking to Hire Mobile App Developers to Develop Your Own Photo Management App?

No doubt, Slidebox is one of the best applications to manage photos. However, it’s time to keep your personal picture secure with Private Folder App. This application keeps your videos, pictures, notes, contact, history and bookmarks secure. Interestingly, this app works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. There are many other photo and video applications developed by Space-O and appreciated by the users.

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