How Enterprise Mobility Solutions Can Increase Productivity in Manufacturing Industry?


If service sector can implement enterprise mobility solutions to strengthen their business, can manufacturing sector be far behind?

With sincere apologies to the great romanticist Shelley, the point being made is quite clear.

Almost over 80% manufacturing institutions think that enterprise mobility solutions for manufacturing do give a considerable boost to their business. In the same way, over 70% of employees believe that such solutions incredibly increase their productivity while helping them maintain work-life balance.

Businesses can get mobility solutions for manufacturing in a variety of manufacturing ranging from digital manufacturing to distribution ecosystem.

BlackBerry conducted a study to note the actual effect of BlackBerry mobility solutions. As per that study, an employee who used a smart phone has been able to increase her productivity by one hour that was a benefit of $12,500 per user on the average annual salary of $100,000.

The same study also noted that workflow efficiency increased by 38% which directly resulted into company’s gain of $33,630 per employee annually.  In terms of immediate communication, mobility solutions for manufacturing deployed by BlackBerry enabled employees to send and receive 24 e-mails per day among which 9 were time-sensitive. Considering the traditional value of $5 of each time-sensitive e-mail, the company benefited $4,400 per user annually. Overall, the mobility solutions enabled the company to gain $50,000 per employee annually.

Inspite of all these visible benefits, implementation of enterprise mobility solutions in manufacturing sector is not easy. It is fraught with lot of challenges. Following are some such challenges:

  • How to choose the perfect technology
  • What area of manufacturing can be the first one to go mobile?
  • What should be the ideal road-map?
  • Can mobility solutions for manufacturing be controlled by single-point of control?
  • How to integrate mobility solutions with the rest of the business?

While all these challenges are genuine, they can be easily overcome if you collaborate with a technology firm such as Space-O. Space-O, apart from offering enterprise mobility solutions for manufacturing industry also offers consultations.

In this consultation, we can listen to your requirements, business and functions patiently. Based on that, we can come up with:

  • complete strategy
  • infrastructure sustainability analysis
  • evaluation of the product and vendor
  • analysis of device sustainability

Based on these considerations, if you implement mobility solutions for your manufacturing business, you can reap higher returns on investment. Following are some major benefits of enterprise mobility solutions for manufacturing sector:

  • Gives real-time updates to field service executive thereby making responding system faster, better and more effective
  • The faster responding time reduces overall turnaround time and increases customer satisfaction
  • Integration with existing systems such as CRM, ERP helps reduce overall operational cost of the manufacturing
  • Helps an executive access the data at crucial time and facilitate faster decision making process based on accurate data

It also empowers business to capture and track crucial information about inventory, customers and business operations

If you are into any type of manufacturing business, Contact Space-O right now and know how enterprise mobility solutions for manufacturing industry can change the way you do business.


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