3 Hotel App Development Ideas to Make Money in 2021


Who should read this content:

  • Entrepreneurs – Who wants to build their own niche marketplace for online hotel reservations.
  • Hotel chains like Marriott & Hilton – Who wants to develop a hotel app separately for their own hotel chain to provide more functionalities than just booking.
  • Hotel Business Owners – Who wants to increase their brand awareness and create additional source of income.

How do you think the hotel booking industry should work in the age where Elon Musk announces that he’s going to develop an underground hyperloop that runs at 700 mph speed?

The answer is Quick and Easy.

Nowadays, looking for a hotel to spend the night has become scary stories for the kids. Thanks to mobile apps, travellers can now easily find the nearest and most comfortable hotels.

These hotel apps are actually nothing new for modern travellers. Just take a look at following statistics by Ice Portal:

  • Hotel booking through mobile apps increased with over 33% from Q2 2015 to Q2 2016.
  • Approximately 40% of U.S. travellers and 61% of smartphone travellers book a hotel room on a hotel booking app.
  • 65% tourists reserve a hotel room for the same day via room booking app.

But, do we really need to make best hotel booking apps, even when travel agencies can take care of it all?

The answer is Yes!

Here’s why:


The online travel market grows by more than 10% every year.

What does it mean for Entrepreneurs and hotel business owners?

It means that modern travellers appreciate freedom, so they want to have control over everything they do. And traveling is no exception.

In this modern world, travellers have many options to plan their vacation or holidays the way they want it.

Where to stay? And How to get there?

These are the questions that can be now solved with a mobile app for hotel booking.

It may sound like a big task, but by developing a hotel mobile app, you can easily improve your existing hotel business, or also start a new one.

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To help you get started, here are 3 ideas for hotel booking app development.

3 Ideas For Hotel App Development

There are 3 different approaches to build a hotel booking app. Let’s take a closer look to each of them.

  1. Hotel Booking Aggregators


    This is the most common type of hotel booking mobile app. And if you’re starting a fresh hotel business, you can consider building this type of hotel reservation app.

    The logic of such hotel booking apps is quite simple. This type of apps are usually connected with maximum online hotel booking services. So when a traveller is looking for a hotel to stay, he gets a list of hotels with various price options from different online booking services.

    Once the traveller selects the most appropriate one from the list, he or she is redirected to the corresponding booking platform.

    This type of hotel app is best for Entrepreneurs who are looking for mobile app ideas to develop in travel industry.

    The best example of this kind of apps is Booking.com

  2. Hotel Booking App for Hotel Chains


    This type of booking apps are often developed by well-established hotel chains. For example, Hilton and Marriott have their own hotel apps that unite all their resort brands.

    Now the idea of developing a separate hotel booking application is only reasonable if you own a hotel chain which is popular and big enough. In addition, this type of hotel apps usually have many functionalities other than just booking.

    For instance, they let their guests make special requests during their stay in their hotel apps.

  3. Hotel Room Booking Apps With Hybrid Approach

    Hotel Room Booking Apps With Hybrid Approach

    We can also create a hotel booking app with a hybrid approach.

    What’s the hybrid approach?

    The hybrid approach means the app combines both approaches mentioned above.

    In simple words, you can allow travellers to choose from a list of top online hotel booking services along with adding offers of your own hotels.

    This type of online hotel booking app development is the best solution for the hotel business owners who own at least one hotel or more.

    In fact, the benefits are good as well. On one hand, you’ll attract many new travellers that can be your additional source of revenue. While on the other hand, developing a hotel app with a hybrid approach will also increase your brand awareness by offering extra deals of your hotels.

    Now, whether you’re an Entrepreneur or a hotel business owner, it’s critical to know how to generate revenue from these hotel reservation apps.

5 Business Models for Hotel Booking Mobile Apps

So far, we’ve only discussed the latest business ideas for hotel app development, but what about the incomes?

How to generate revenue from a hotel reservation app?

To answer this question, we’ve explained 5 different ways to make money out of hotel apps.

  1. Paid Downloads

    It’s the most difficult way to generate revenue. And to be honest, most of the times it scares people off.

    There is a very slight chance that a person will download a paid hotel app. Therefore, you should definitely avoid this business model.

  2. Commission Based

    Unlike the paid option, the commission-based business model is the most effective and profitable. Generally, app owners charge a commission from a hotel for each guest that booked a room through your hotel app.

  3. Advertisements

    People never spend money so willingly as they do when they’re on vacation. Thus, they’re the ideal audience for advertisements. And by displaying partners advertisements in your hotel app, you can benefit too.

    Not only that, but advertisements are also useful for your app users to be informed about nearby offers, ongoing events, etc. However, if you’re considering this business model, remember that you don’t overflow your app with excessive ads.

  4. Subscription Based App

    Subscription is like the freemium model, but for a longer period of time. This model basically includes a fixed amount of fee paid by users every month to get benefits in return.

    These benefits can be either removing all the ads or receiving special deals and biggest sales earlier than normal users.

  5. App As a Platform

    This model doesn’t charge any regular fee from any party. In this business model, the hotel pays either to place their offer in the listing or for some extra features such as permission to post more photos or be at the top of the list for a fixed amount of time.

    At this point, we’ve discussed enough theory, now there is only one thing remaining to discuss – Benefits.

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Benefits of Hotel App Development

For App Owners:

  • Option to offer easy booking facility.
  • Provide quicker accessibility to information to your guests.
  • Collect a large amount of user data and insights on their behaviours.
  • Boost hotel staff productivity.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Strengthen brand loyalty.
  • Create a strong bond between you and your customers.

For Users (Guests):

  • Facility to book a hotel room from anywhere.
  • Option to check the availability of hotel rooms.
  • Facility to search hotels by city, country, date, and number of persons.
  • Option to get directions to a reserved hotel with geolocation functionality.
  • Option to read reviews from past customers.
  • Easy login via Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail.
  • Option to get detailed description and photos on the selected hotel.

We Develop Hotel Apps That Increase ROI and Improve Everyone’s Lives!

Adaption of hotel app development is significantly increased in the recent time, which helps to boost customer base and enhance the user experience of the guests, and it will continue to do so in the times to come.

We believe that these 3 Android app development ideas for Hotel business mentioned here will give you best insights on how develop a hotel app that will be competitive in the market.

Our business mobile app development services will help you reach out to the millions of travelers looking for best deals on hotel rooms.

Overall, developing a mobile app for hotel booking is a good idea to develop in 2017. You should start from choosing your app concept, and then move further to the development part. And if you’ve any questions for building a mobile app for your hotel business, we’re happy to clear all your doubts about your hotel app development.

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