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With the increasing demand for the blockchain technology and digital currency, the businesses are trying to get ahead of the innovation curve and develop blockchain projects.

Probably, they believe that there are not many great blockchain developers in the market, but they are wrong. They might not be looking at the right place or don’t have a required value proposition to hire a proficient blockchain developer.

The search for the skilled blockchain app developers and engineers is quite chalu also need to be an expert in the blockchain techlenging that various companies and businesses end-up acquire-hiring, where they purchase a company to hire its talent.

If you are also facing challenges while hiring a blockchain developer for your project, we have compiled essential information that you should know before hiring blockchain experts.

How to Hire a Good Blockchain Developer?

1. Make Sure To Be More Specific

First of all, you need to understand what you are looking for. It is pivotal that you consider the different aspects of your company and the kind of blockchain project you are embarking on.

  • Are you a big corporation or a startup?
  • What is your company culture like?
  • Do you know think that a blockchain engineer would be excited to be part of your project?

There are lots of factors that can affect the kind of developer you will hire like the type of project, its complexity, and length, the number of people you require, whether you are looking to hire experts in the field or just wanted individuals, whose expertise and skills you can develop.

Remember that the individual characteristics will act as a filter for all those people, who want to become part of your project. If your project attracts blockchain developers’ mindset, you will probably find it simpler to look for the right staff.

2. Look at the Right Places

Once you know that what you should be looking for, you need to know where to find a great and proficient blockchain developer. These days, the old and traditional modes of searching and retaining talent is not going to work.

Some of the old portals like LinkedIn and searching on Google are not as effective as you think. Therefore, you should start looking for the developers in the relevant communities such as:

  • Reddit: Reddit is the top discussion website, where you can find some of the experienced blockchain developers, sharing knowledge to daily readers. They discuss different topics of interest and innovation happens on this website.
  • Gitter: It is an open source instant messaging and chat room system for developers and users of GitHub repositories. You can look at this place for blockchain experts as they might be discussing ideas at this platform.
  • Bitcointalk Forum: It is one such place, where new projects get declared. Being the first Bitcoin forum, it has a very big community to look for the experts.
  • Meetups: At local meetups, various developers meet to discuss the innovations and new technologies. You can join a local blockchain meetup and talk to the people there.

3. Hiring Talent

As proficient blockchain developers far in-between, they are extremely in high demand. There will be huge competition from different businesses to hire them for their blockchain development process.


Thus, you make sure to convince them in a right manner to work for your project because they wanted to work on and solve big problems. You provide them with a challenge that they can’t get anywhere else.

To completely engage them, you need to trust that your project is for a greater good, and it will align with their own principles. When you will consider all things, there will be very limited options for you. You might have to choose from hiring a full-time developer or outsource to a specialist blockchain startup or company.

Both the options have its own benefits and drawbacks – full-time employees will be quite difficult to find, so outsourcing can be a good option as they will deeply understand your project, discuss it with you, and ultimately offer a right solution.

4. Know What They Want & Offer Them

After finding talented developers for blockchain app development, you need to know them, their requirements, and offer it to them. There are many developers, who have their own way to work, so you allow them to work according to their convenience.

Blockchain experts are often very different kind of developers with unique skills, lifestyle, and habits, so you must understand them.

  • Opportunities: As Ethereum developers are quite choosy when it comes to working on projects, so if you are fortunate enough, then your project might be something that many blockchain developers want to work on. If this is not the case, you can think of more opportunities to provide them and progress their career.
  • Lifestyle: When you a hire full stack blockchain developer, you can’t expect that he will work as typical 9-5ers. You need to be flexible if you want an experienced full stack blockchain developer to work on your project. They might want to set their own schedule and plans to work on your project. So, you can give them the freedom to work according to their own convenience.

In Short…

You make sure that you do not make a mistake while finding and hiring a great blockchain developer for your project. You also need to be an expert for blockchain solutions, comprehending different cultures related to decentralized technologists.

Moreover, keep above-mentioned points in your mind and visit various local blockchain related meetups, where they share, learn and contribute. Make yourself open to innovative solutions and engage with the most in-demand talent.


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