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Bot - A Future of Messaging Industry

A bot is a software that designed to automate different tasks that users would do by their own like booking hotel’s room, adding an appointment to the calendar, fetching information and many more things. The most popular form of bots is chatbot that simulate conversation.

We, at Space-O Technologies, have an expertise in developing bots with Python, JavaScript or PHP. Our Chatbot development team are highly-experienced that makes sure the developed bots are highly trained to provide an excellent outcome.


The Rise of Bot

Bots have been around for 50+ years.

However, with an inception of messaging applications, they are seen increasingly. The first bot started rolling out in 2006 on Twitter. Bot installation takes seconds and switching between bots doesn’t include tapping between two app icon.

Communicating with Bots are more appealing than dealing with customer-support agents. Thus, every business is thinking to have their own bot like TechCrunch, Digg and so on. If you are also thinking then let us share you that bots won’t kill apps, but it could replace some part of an application, especially where there is some difficult transaction taken place. We are developing bots for different messaging platforms like:

SlackBot Development

Slack is used for collaborating team members at a single place through chat, messages, and file sharing. We are developing bots for Slack platform. Our developers use pre-exist libraries for development, which is a node-stack-client or can write the entire library from scratch. We are also employing Botkit to simplify the complications that raised from the APIs and focused on the bot’s functionalities.


Facebook Messenger Chatbot Development

Space-O Technologies uses quality models and agile methodologies to develop chatbot for Facebook. We are also developing custom Facebook Messenger bots for different business fields on different technological platforms that allow us to make sure acquiescence with the commitments made ​​to the customer. Our full-stack developer offers automated services through the messaging interface, according to the business needs.

Telegram Bot Development Service Provider

Our Telegram bot developers are using agile methodology while developing Telegram Chatbots for your business. As we all know that Telegram has its own bot development API, which is an HTTP-based interface for developers. We are generating a token, once the bot is developed. A unique code is served by the token to recognize a specific bot.


Found interesting? Hire Us to Build Bots AI (Artificial Intelligence) for Facebook Messenger, Slack OR Telegram

Dozens of Startups have launched to develop bots for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram. Increasing in demand of mobile messaging applications like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Slack, etc. Established companies like Space-O also started to develop bots for messaging platforms. We are developing bots that users find smoother to use. We are developing bots for different industries like:

eCommerce bots

Chat bots

news bots

Utility bots

Games bots

Social Bots

How Our AI Bot Developers Add Natural Language Recognition and Response to Bots?

We have the ability to add natural language recognition and response to bots. Messaging platforms allow developers plug-in into its simple AI platform and dashboard through Our bot developer login to and use the console to create a good conversation. console is easy to use and its API sends the text conversation back to the bots. Being the most sophisticated artificial intelligence, looks a lot like a natural language engine that developed on the top of an API search and management solution like

The best thing about is it enables ongoing bots training by using sample conversation. It helps to develop conversational bots that can chat with users. The Bot Engine enables natural language into structured data to drive conversations and content based on the app’s goal.

Bots are the foundation of cognitive computing and it surely brings revenue opportunities around advertisement, commerce, and subscriptions. So, let’s have Your own bots now.

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