3 Reasons Why Online Supermarket Needs A Custom Mobile App Solution

Are you running an online supermarket, but still don’t have a mobile app solution for it? Herein we have curated 3 reasons why your grocery business or online supermarket needs a mobile app for grocery delivery. So, startups can check out 3 reasons to invest in customized grocery shopping app development.

Who does not like to enter one such grocery store, where people receive personal recommendations and offers the moment they step into the store? They would definitely love such grocery stores, where checkouts take seconds and without taking out a wallet to make payment for the purchased groceries?

With the advent of online grocery shopping apps, such on-demand consumer needs can be fulfilled, as the grocery market is an all-time high. In this era of mobility, it has become vital to have a mobile app for reaching more people. Online grocery stores are now an “on the moving thing.” It is quite easy for users to shop on the go. Thus, to avail more engagement and user satisfaction, an online grocery store is today’s timely need.

There are some factors like rapid urbanization and high population density, which make apps like Uber grocery delivery economically viable option, especially when it comes to low labor costs. For more accurate analysis of the online grocery shopping, we have obtained some insights on the overall sales in the USA from statista.com.

Grocery Shopping App

Image Credit: statista.com

These statistics clearly state the increasing scenario of apps for grocery shopping. The online sales generated about 14.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2017, and it is expected the sales will reach 29.7 billion U.S. dollars by 2021.

Now, let’s look at the reasons why your supermarket or grocery delivery business needs a grocery shopping app. So, grocery startups and entrepreneurs can look at these reasons and plan to invest in grocery mobile app development.

3 Reasons Why Supermarkets or Grocery Startups Need to Invest in Grocery App Development

  1. Provides Convenient Search & Catalog of Goods to Your Customers

    A custom app development for groceries will give you and your user convenience of search and catalog management. For you, as the owner of a supermarket or grocery startup, it is very difficult to manage manual stocks and keep a count for storing products.  

    What if we say that this function can be achieved easily through mobile app development. Wondering how? Grocery app development is the one-stop solution for all your listing and stocking worries. The Uber for grocery app has the capacity of managing enormously long product listing with its respective photos and pricing. All the product details have their backups in the mobile app libraries and thus, all the information is stored securely.

    Grocery Shopping App Development

    For users, it is a bliss to find every item under one roof and just a click away to place an online grocery order. Online retailers can do well by fulfilling customer needs, such as the desire for Better-for-you-foods.

  2. To Avail Customizable Product Engagement Insights

    Now, not all grocery mobile apps have such a precise approach to show you product engagements. But, if you are planning to develop an app like Uber for grocery shopping, this is the aptest solution that can be fulfilled. There are some common features integrated into every grocery delivery app:

    • Product menu
    • Add to cart
    • Payment integration system
    • Wishlist

    Apart from these basic features of marketplace app, now we can also have “product engagement insights.” This feature clearly shows the most preferred and used product from the whole online grocery store. It will give you a user-centric idea to stock products accordingly.


    Image Credit: Walmart

    Users can also figure out the most preferred product by others from such insight. It is exactly as if someone else has bought a fan and it has worked for him, I will also buy one for my benefit- weird but this is how consumer psychology works.

  3. Live Tracking of Delivery Drivers, Orders, and Other Administrative Panel  Management

    This solution of “order tracking”  gives the best solution for the user and owner as it exactly tells the location of the delivery guy. For the owner, it is to track the working methodology of his staff and for users, such tracking gives a sense of satisfaction and builds trust in the grocery app brand.

    Administrative panel management is the solution that allows full management of orders, from order generation to delivery of the parcel. Through the administrative panel of the app, one can easily manage the catalog of goods and the app functions seamlessly when the user check’s out after his order placement.

    Being a grocery startup or owner of a supermarket, you can easily go for an on-demand delivery app and invest in grocery mobile app development.  Online grocery apps provide greater product selection in a category that would typically be available in the store. Such mobile automation will cut-down a lot of your costs, it is just a one-time investment and a great return for future prospects.

Looking for Grocery Shopping App Development for your Supermarket Startup?

By keeping these reasons in your mind, you can also achieve your goals of on-demand grocery delivery startup. A customized mobile app can help you to achieve objectives and grow your in such an already flourished niche. Here’re some other intricate elements that can set you apart from your competitors:

  • Reordering Products: This feature can easily help users to directly go and reorder the same things that ordered last month by adding an extra item if needed.
  • In-store online purchase: If a user is passing by your store, but wants to buy from the app to avail special discounts by seeing the product in-person. Make it possible by barcode scanner feature at the store from their respective devices.
  • Shipping charges: If possible, do not add a shipping charge or feature to make products cheaper and first choice for the consumer to avail such monetary facility.

Just to make you understand the scope of such grocery apps, Grofers, an Indian Uber for grocery delivery app, has recently raised $200M, led by Soft Bank’s vision fund. The grocery niche has great opportunities if opted in the best interest of users and traditional supermarkets.

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